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is a great city to enjoy long walks. It has beautiful architecture, wide spacious streets and many green cozy parks.
The city is divided by the Dnepr River into 2 parts: on the right bank is the Old Kiev combined with the modern city center, the left bank is mostly a residential area with industrialized neighborhoods.
We kept to the right part and visited numerous churches and monasteries the most famous of which are: The Cathedral of St. Sophia, Baroque church of St. Andrew, Cathedral of St. Volodymyr and The Pecherska Lavra, the Monastery of the Caves. To watch a video of Lavra Monestary Click Here.  Since there are a lot of churches and cathedrals in Kiev, the panoramic view of the Old Kiev is sprinkled with sunlit golden church domes.
Walk up Volodymyrskaya Street, the main street of Old Kiev (Staryj Kiev) that ends by Adreevskii Spusk.  This is a street built on a hill, where you'll see lots of artists selling their wares, many souvenirs stands and kiosks with a wide selection of Ukrainian pottery, embroidery, and handicrafts.
The center of Kiev (also on the right bank) is modern, beautiful and vibrant. There are many restaurants, cafes and
monuments. The main
street, Kreshatik is not to be missed. The center of Kreshatik, Independence Square is a mix of Old Communist USSR and modern Ukraine. On the top of one of the buildings, you can see the cycle and hammer, the symbol of the USSR. But in stark contrast, there is the expensive, modern shopping mall, Globus, which stands as a symbol of a free market economy. To see a video of Independance
square Click Here

A Few Kiev Area Hotels

Hotel Rus  
This is a huge renovated hotel built in the USSR days. The rooms are basic, small but satisfactory for the rates. They are comfortable but not special. The main advantage to the Hotel Rus is that it is about 10 minute walk from Independence Square. To see the website Click Here

Hotel Kreschatik
Telephone:+380-44- 229-7193.
Hotel Kreschatik is VERY centrally located, right next to Independence Square, the perfect location. The rooms are clean though the furniture is quite old. The Kreschatik is slightly less expensive than the Rus. Kreschatik did not respond to emails sent to their published email address and does not have a website.

Sherborne Guest House
Less expensive than the Rus and Kreshatik, however, this is REAL luxury! Their apartments are large, well decorated, and very comfortable. The main disadvantages are: The flat we stayed at was a little further out than the Rus or Kreshatik (about 20-30 minute walk to independence square). There is no breakfast served. Finally, you must go to the central office to pay and then the driver brings you to the apartment. While it sounds complicated, it is not. It is very professional and of the three alternatives described, this is where we would go if we return to Kiev. It is recommended that you arrange for their driver to meet you at the airport or train station. Their fares are competitive or less than you will pay of regular taxis. Their vehicles are modern and comfortable; the drivers speak excellent English and are very professional. Click Here