One of the best ways to evaluate someone or something that you are unfamiliar with is to hear from an objective third party or participant. Below are evaluations voluntarily provided by some of our seminar attendees.



“I loved it. Paul has a wonderful ability to draw all participants into the discussion and validates each comment made. Thank you Paul.”

Tawn H. 
Houston, TX 


“Paul made the session fun and enjoyable. It was nice to see Paul play the game without words. To see this process work during the day was great. I was shocked...Paul kept me interested throughout the program. GREAT JOB!”

Michael D. 
Santa Anna, CA


“Paul was wonderfully funny! He used humor to keep us involved." 


Gayle B. 
Concord, NH


“I have attended many seminars. Without a doubt, this was the most beneficial and best presentation by a leader. My compliments to Paul.”

Anna T. 
Richmond, VA

“The session with Paul Sutherland was wonderful! The last seminar like this that I attended was terrible. My entire office attended and we left at lunch. I came with a friend today and enjoyed Paul's presentation. I plan to tell my broker and fellow agents at our next meeting that we should attend Paul's next seminar in our area.”

Katrina C. 
Reston, VA


“This has been the best, most organized and effective seminar I have ever attended. Paul is by far the best presenter I have experienced in many years.”

James B. 
Jacksonville, FL 

“Mr. Sutherland is very people friendly. Also, he has a great sense of humor - no chance of dozing in this informative session.”

Lori K. 
Hickory, NC

“Mr. Sutherland was just wonderful! I wish I could go home with him for a month - and learn more!”

Sirena G. 
Valdosta, GA

“Great. Paul used excellent examples of applications. His humor and style made the seminar easy and fun.”
Shelly B.
Wheeling, WV

“Paul Sutherland is a great speaker. A good mixture of communication, education, and entertainment! Very enjoyable.”
Laura H.
Greensboro, NC

“Paul Sutherland is excellent. I actually couldn't wait to go back to work to use what I learned.”
Tammy L.
Albany, NY

“Every aspect of the program received an excellent mark as far as I'm concerned. Paul gave us everything we need to become successful.”
David A.
Washington, DC

“Paul made the class entertaining and fun.”
Edward G.
Fairfax, SC

“I have attended similar seminars in the past—usually at the lunch break I'm gone. Paul Sutherland was funny, interesting and knowledgeable. He kept my attention throughout!”
Nancy B.
Boston, MA

“Paul is very energetic and professional. He kept your attention and made learning fun and easy.”
Debbie K.
Ashville, NC

“Paul was a most effective speaker. He managed to keep to a fine time table and to keep the course interesting and entertaining.”
Shirley B.
Manchester, England

“Paul Sutherland is an excellent communicator. The information I obtained will speed up my work so that I can focus on other aspects of my job. I would like to take another class with him. Thank you so much.”
Gloria N.
Schenectady, NY

“Paul Sutherland did the best job of any leader in any other seminar I have attended!”
Bob M.
Avon, MA

“Paul is the best seminar leader I've experienced in years! Exceeded my expectations.”
Susan R.
Macon, GA

“An excellent presenter - Actually, better than the curriculum - Paul makes it better than it is!”
Nelson P.
Tallahassee, FL

“Paul Sutherland is an entertaining presenter, as well as a skilled teacher.”
Nancy C.
Burlington, VT

“Mr. Sutherland is a very good presenter. I suggest that he be allowed to come back to the Virgin Islands for more programs.”
Caroline G.
St. Thomas, VI

“Paul is a great people person. He made learning fun and exciting. He made us common folk feel comfortable.”
Dawn D.
Burlington, VT

“Paul is an excellent presenter. Combines excellent knowledge and humor! I enjoyed his presentation and can't wait to try out some of his suggestions.”
Valerie H.
Green Bay, WI

“Paul is a dynamic presenter. This is my second session with him. They don't come any better.”
Kevin D.
Wyomissing, PA

“Paul Sutherland is an excellent instructor using humor throughout his illustrations.”
Carol K.
Milwaukee, WI

“Very professional, concise - keeps you interested, maintaining focus . . . Paul is an EXCELLENT instructor!”
Sonia O.
San Juan, PR

“Paul Sutherland has style - energy - cares if we comprehend. He is great and I will tell anyone and everyone about this seminar.”
Pipper L.
Pikesville, MD

“Paul was an excellent seminar leader. He is bright, energetic and knows what he is talking about. I look forward to future programs at our company taught by Paul.”
Ilene H.
Princeton, NJ

“Paul has a wonderful personality and was able to keep us focused and motivated.”
Renee O.
Winston-Salem, NC

“Paul was a wonderful, enlightening, and humorous instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and came away with many useful tools. Thank you!”
Cris C.
Lansing, MI

“I found Mr. Sutherland to be very professional, amusing, and knowledgeable. I would enjoy any seminar conducted by this man.”
Jeanne T.
Braintree, MA

“Paul does a great job. - He has a marvelous energy level, good use of humor. The day went very quickly.”
Judy J.
Eau Claire, WI

“I thought the standard of the presenter was excellent—just the right blend of information, delivered in an interesting, informative and humorous way. In twenty plus years I have only once before encountered a similar standard of professionalism.”
Andy M.
Edinburgh, Scotland

“Paul was very enjoyable. He certainly kept my attention. His humor and analogies were very relative. One of the best seminar leaders I've heard.”
Melissa R.
Ft. Wayne, IN

“Mr. Sutherland is a most educated man in his field. A very enjoyable and educational day. It was the best seminar I've ever attended.”
Pat M.
Portland, OR

“I have attended many seminars for various types of training…This has been the best seminar I have ever attended.”
Jill C.
Gettysburg, PA


Oh, I know what you’re thinking; he’s just showing us the good stuff. YOU’RE RIGHT. Actually though, this represents the overwhelming majority of the comments we receive, and I want you to have a balanced view.



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