My Metallica Collection

A growing Metallica Collection

A growing collection

Collection Count: 440 Items  (CD, LP, DVD, VHS)

Check out News Archive and follow my progress   (Latest Update: April 27, 2016)

Feb, 03/2017 - New Item: Master of puppets Promo with warning sticker & Gold stamp on back. US 86.

Dec, 31/2016 - 6 new items. One 7" Promo (METDJ 5). Hardwired vinyls: Red, Green and Black vinyls added to collection. Plus the Deluxe vinyl Box. Hardwired deluxe CD.

June, 2/2016 - Delightful item today: "Black Album" US Elektra press with complete with sticker NM condition.

June, 1/2016 - A quite rare item just arrived. Harvester of sorrow 7" UK promo in unique white sleeve

May, 21/2016 - Yet another quite heavy item: One 12" Promo in unique white custom sleeve (METDJ 512)

May, 19/2016 - New boot 12": Horsemen of the apocalypse

May, 16/2016 - Today I finally got my all-time favourite item back, and its in kickass condition. Fade To Black Glow In The Dark Promo ED 5042

May, 14/2016 - Three new items (not that rare).
Jump in the fire (First press, France) (Label: Music for nat ions) Jump in the fire (Red Vinyl, first press) (Label: Music for nations) Creeping death (First press, France) (Music for nations)

May, 04/2016 - Another Sealed record in Mint condition added to collection. Whiplash Megaforce 84.

April, 30/2016 - Today I got ... And justice for all 2X12" Elektra US first press with green hype sticker (still in shrink).

April, 27/2016 - New item: Ride the Lightning green Missprint (Bernett). More items to follow.

May, 29/2015 - A couple of days ago I received the Kill Em All Elektra longbox. Unfortunately I will not update this site for quite a while because I will be heading abroad to work for some months.

May, 8/2015 - Three new Vinyl Bootlegs added to collection. No Remorse Picture disc, No Life Til Power Picture Disc & Masters Of Evil 2 Picture Disc Set.

May, 4/2015 - One new item today. Ride the lightning Argentina 12" 1990 Promo Sealed - Very interesting and Scarce copy. All text on the back cover is in Spanish. More info & more pictures on "Official Vinyls" page. Also forgot to mention in my last update that I got a new Bootleg 12" - Cee four.

April, 22/2015 - Ok, as promised, here is a list of my newest aquired items (For full info, go to "Official vinyls").

April, 15/2015 - Back from the dead you could say? My last update on this site was in 2008. But now the interest is back again! During the time I did not collect I unfortunately sold quite a lot of my rarities.. So my mission right now is to get them back, and I have been hard at it.. I will list all of my recently aquired items on this first page soon, but they are all listed on the "Official vinyls" section as of now. So check it out. Good to be back!!

Sept, 10/2008 - A short update here. Just want to tell you guys that i have not died or something, im still here=) Will probably get my collecting going again now when DM is out. Today i will go to Berlin and watch Metallica on the 12th. Really looking forward to it!

May, 10/2008 - There havent been much activity on my site lately. Simply because i havent really bought any new Metallica stuff, but the interest is still here, iv`e just taken a break since there are some other stuff in my life right now i need to focus on. All you freaks out there, take care and be sure to check out my site now and then, when i start collecting again i will update my site regularly again.

Sept, 28/2007 - 2 official CDs today. 2006 Japanese mini LP-design editions of Kill em all and Ride the lightning. Iv also updated "My top items"- page & "Pics of me".

Sept, 14/2007 - Bootleg CD: Master Of Reality

Sept, 6/2007 - Wherever i may roam CD (Australia) Update 7 Sep: Reload USA CD

Sept, 4/2007 - In this update i have some big items. The super rare bootleg Frankfurt 84 on red vinyl - 2004 Elektra/Rhino boxset (6 re-issues, limited 5000 copies, mine nr 301) - Kill em all Megaforce numbered picture discMaster of puppets Elektra promo W. sticker & gold promo stamp and the boot CD The heaviest nights of their life.

Aug, 28/2007 - BIG update with BIG items soon!

Aug, 21/2007 - Added the two newest So what! magazines & a new pick i caught on the SOTS-tour. Scans later.

Aug, 3/2007 - I have now added pictures for Roskilde 2003 cd, Live birmingham cd, Stand up and shout cd, Best ballads cd, Garage days & more cd, Kill em all Ukraine cd, Master of puppets Ukraine cd, Black album Ukraine cd and Load Ukraine cd. Sorry for the delay!

This site has been up since 04-July-2005

Hey there! My name is Johan and i live in Sweden, in a town called Linkoping. I may not have the biggest collection in the world, but thats not my maim (right now anyway). I really enjoy collecting Metallica items, its really fun. I guess i started for about 10 years ago, with more serious collecting. Feel free to contact me regarding Metallica items, trading, or whatever you feel. I do a little trading here and there but mostly im just trying to make my collection bigger, and that means buying items, not exchange items where you have to give/trade away things yourself. Some items i do have two copies of, and of course i would be interested in trading then.

My collection is divided in official releases (Cds & Lps) and bootegs (Cds & Lps). Also DVDs & VHSs, Magazines & Books. I have been pretty fond of bootlegs since the day i started with met-collecting. For pictures, click the link on the items name. If youre interested in this kind of stuff i suggest you to check out Hectors collection at: I hope you enjoy my site.

Collection May 13 - 2006 (A long time ago, now its a lot bigger=)

A growing collection