TorqueScript for Beginners

What's TorqueScript?

TorqueScript (I'll be calling it 'TS' for short) is a coding language designed specifically for the Torque Game Engine (TGE). It's similar to javascript, so if you're familiar with that, this should be very easy.

It's a really simple language, not designed to do complex coding, but very useful if you're looking into either creating, modding, or simply fooling around with a TGE game.

So... you wanna learn TS

This site is designed to help you code in TS (although, many other coding languages are similar to it). Even if you're comfortable with TS, this site should be able to give you some help and refreshers on just about all there is to the language of TS.

Here's a quick Table of Contents as to what this site provides for you:
Getting Setup for TS Click Here
GUI Click Here
The Basics & Operators Click Here
Variables & Functions Click Here
Objects & Methods Click Here
Packages & DataBlocks Click Here
Server-Client Communciation Click Here
Networking Click Here

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