Sadly Tornado af Knabstrup was sold to Germany in April 2016 - He will no longer be available at stud here in UK, this site will now be used soley to follow the progress of his offspring.



***Sire of BEF Elite Eventing Foal***

**Ranked No. 1 Sports Pony Stallion for Eventing in the

BEF 'All Time Sire' Rankings since 2014**

**Sired the leading Eventing Sports Pony in the BEF 

Futurities in 2014 & 2015**

  By kind permission of Rui Pedro Godinho of RPG Photography

Tornado was born in Denmark on 30th May 2005.  He was imported to the
UK in July 2007 as a 2 year old by Miss K Clack. 

In October 2007 he attended the UK Knabstrupper grading day at Kingswood Equestrian Centre where he was graded as a classic type Knabstrupper.  He gained his KNN breeding licence for 2007 and was best stallion born 2005.
In 2010 he was also granted a years breeding licence with the Sports Pony Studbook Society and started his competitive career, qualifying for many dressage championships in his first year.  

In August 2011 Tornado attended the Zfdp grading day and KNN grading day where he gained his life approval in both studbooks and passed his performance test, he was granted life approval with Sports Pony Studbook Society and was the KNN Performance Champion for 2011.  

Since 2011 Tornado has had offspring presented at the BEF Futurities for all disciplines and gaining first premiums for showjumping foals, higher first premiums for dressage foals and an Elite for Eventing foals!  He is the first Knabstrupper stallion to have offspring awarded an Elite at the BEF Futurities.

He has gone on to become the No. 1 Sports Pony stallion for Eventing in the BEF 'All time Sire' rankings since 2014 and even without having any foals presented in 2016, he still holds this title.  

In 2014 & 2015 he sired the highest scoring Sports Pony for Eventing throughout the BEF Futurities in those years.

He has had foals presented at the UK Knabstrupper gradings each year and every foal has been awarded a first premium, the highest premium that can be awarded at the Knabstrupper gradings.

Tornado stands at 15.1hh and has 8 inches of bone.  He is one of the very few pure bred Knabstruppers in the world.  He has exceptional Knabstrupper breeding, being one of the very few Knabstruppers with 100% purebred status in 4th generation.  He has a wonderful kind, willing temperament and is easily trainable.  He has excellent conformation and movement, being baroque in type he is ideal for classical dressage.

Tornado was backed in 2010 where he was lightly shown, becoming reserve showing champion at his very first show.

In 2011 he started competing British Dressage, qualifying for many championships including BD Regional Championships, Hickstead Dressage Masters, Trailblazer Championships, Badminton Dressage Championships, Championships of Great Britain and the British Riding Clubs National Championships.  

I myself have always competed Tornado and being just a riding club level rider he was then aimed at being the fun all rounder for myself.  We did continue to qualify for the British Riding Clubs National Championships every year where we were always placed in the top 10 at every championship, just narrowly missing out on the National Champion title.

He did all riding club activities from shared rallies, area teams and fun rides.