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Upcoming new site

Webs has been incredibly glitchy, so I've moved a large portion of the site over to . Now, I don't want to have to leave Webs but if it continues to cause me problems, it'll be a permanent move. 

Kindest regards,
The Lilac Pilgrim

Welcome To The TSF

Welcome one and all to the TSF. I'm The Lilac Pilgrim, your host for today. In case you hadn't noticed, TSF stands for Tony Slattery Fanbase.

 Feel free to have a look around, sign the guestbook if you like, and tell me how I can improve the site. It is just a baby after all.


I finally got the drive to create a forum for the site. It can be found at the following url ==>

If interested, please join. Tell your friends! At least those interested...


The all important disclaimer; I do not know and am not otherwise affiliated with Tony Slattery or his family. I am not his agent, I do not know his agent, I do not work with or for his agent. I do not work with the BBC, Channel 4 or any other network that has broadcast shows that Mr Slattery has appeared in. Furthermore, I am not Tony Slattery, either. I have no contact, direct or otherwise, with Tony Slattery. That last bit is important because I don't want anyone emailing me asking for email addresses or phone numbers, because I don't have them, and if I did I wouldn't give them out to strangers.

This is just a fansite, made by a fan for the fans with the sole purpose of putting forth our appreciation of Mr Tony Slattery. That is all.

-The Lilac Pilgrim, disclaimer last updated 11th December 2007