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Myths and Mythconceptions

#1 Myth or Misconception

"There's No Way To GUARANTEE I Will Love My Portraits, Headshots, or Other Images."

WRONG! Depending on who creates your portrait, that is. Just suppose you had a portrait created, and you didn’t look natural in it. The photograph was "okay," but it didn't turn out spectacular. Should you have to pay for it? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I believe strongly that no one should ever have to pay for a photograph that isn't PERFECT. That's why you get my unbelievable Guarantee, which you probably won't find with any other photographer in the area.

#2 Myth or Misconception:

"All Portraits Are Created Equal."

NOT TRUE.  Nothing could be further from the truth. If you're at all like most people, you've probably had this thought going through your mind: "How do I choose the right photographer?" In fact, you may even have considered someone in your family - a brother, a grandson, or even a friend - who is a bit of an amateur photographer. Why not have that person create the photograph?

Question: "Suppose Someone Was To Create The Perfect Portrait - One Where You Looked Better, and Happier, Than Ever - A Portrait That Meant Everything To You - What Would That Be Worth?"

No price tag can be put on your memories. They are and always will be priceless. So, why would you ever want to gamble with those memories? It's just a question of whether you believe a portrait of you could really mean that much.

If you were sick, and had to go to a doctor, would you want the "cheapest" doctor, or the best one? Well, there's really no question. It's the same thing with your memories. You can certainly find a cheaper photographer in town. But there are other things to consider than just price...

The Photographer You Choose Should Care About YOU AND YOUR MEMORIES, Not Just About "Making A Buck" Off You.

I didn't get into photography to get rich. Believe me, there are better (and easier) ways to make a fast buck. I actually went to college and got my B.A. degree to become a psychologist. I could be making a WHOLE lot of money if I'd stayed in that line of work.

But I CHOSE to become a professional photographer. Why did I make that choice? Because I finally realized that all the money in the world meant nothing if I didn't feel like I was making a difference.

I Realized That Memories Were Priceless - That There Was No More Noble Or Wonderful Profession Than To Become A "Memory Giver."

Memories - Two boys in Hopalong Cassidy T-shirts and a Boxer dog - circa early 1950s. 

I became a photographer not only because I liked to take pictures, but also because of the memories.  And I like the "art" of photography, too. That's NOT the reason I first picked up a camera (at age 7) - it was a gift.

Time is the one thing that none of us have enough of. It's the one thing that money can't buy. It's the one thing that we all would give just about anything for. Through photography, we can hold on to the moments in our lives that we wish could last forever. And, if it's done correctly, these same photographs can become almost like works of art that we display in our homes for everyone to see and share.

There's no cost, and no obligation to just chat with me, and it will make the whole difference as to how great your portraits will look. Simply call me by phone, just to chat.

Don't worry. I'm not going to try to "sell you" on working with me. I'll just talk to you about your pictures, and help you discover what your photographs could be like.

Don't Make The Decision As To Who Will Photograph You Until You Chat With Me. There Are Things You'll Want To Ask The Photographers...

If you decide to have me create your pictures - great. If not, no problem.

#3 Myth Or Misconception:

"Portraits Have To Be Created In A Professional Studio - And They Have To Look Boring."

If you're like most people, when you think of a PROFESSIONAL photo session, you may think of yourself gathered in front of a "painted background" in a photography studio, posed unnaturally, and all saying "cheese" as the photographer snaps the picture. Now, is that something you will cherish for a lifetime? I think not. Yes, it may capture you, but it will never capture your personality.

Picture instead: you in your favorite room in your home. Or outside at your favorite park. Or in your backyard.  Or at the beach.  You are dressed in clothes the photographer helped you choose - clothing that conveys your individual personality.

Well, that's what makes all the difference, and that's what I will do for you.

And This is SO Important: That You Feel Totally Comfortable In Front Of The Camera!

Do you know ANYONE who feels totally comfortable in front of a camera? I'll bet you don't. I don't. Nearly everyone I've ever met tells me the same thing: "I never look natural in pictures." The last thing you want is a photograph where you have that fake "posed" look on your face.

That's why it's so important that you feel very natural and comfortable with your photographer. Just think of how great you would look if your best friend was a photographer and was photographing you. You would look so happy and natural! I take pride in developing close relationships with all my clients.

Plus, I understand the "psychology" of photography. Learning the technical aspects - what lenses to use, what lighting looks best, how clothing adds and subtracts weight - all of those things were only the tip of the iceberg. Without being able to make you look and feel comfortable (and natural), all those technical things would amount to nothing.

A great photographer knows that in order to get a great expression from a subject, you need to get to know that subject a bit - to know what will make them smile naturally. That's what I do, and I love it! I will get to know you well, and you will feel comfortable with me, so that your expressions will be perfect every time.

#4 Myth Or Misconception:

"There's No One To Help Me Make Choices About Clothing, Hair, Makeup, Location, etc..."

Okay, normally you would be right thinking that. However, I pride myself in being different. I'm going to help you with all of those things, WHETHER I'M YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER OR NOT!


Pick up the phone, and call me - 424-644-6243.

Even if it's after business hours, still call right now. I've got an answering machine that is just waiting to cheerfully take your message, and I'll personally call you back so we can chat. Just let me know when is a good time to call you back. Don't worry, I'm not going to try to "pressure" you at all into working with me. Plus, there's no cost at all for us just to chat.

When you call, we'll chat briefly about the things you need to know. I'll tell you a bit about me. I'll answer all your questions about how to prepare for your pictures. It won't be a long call, but it will be one of the most important calls you make.

#5 Myth Or Misconception:

"There's No Rush To Have A Portrait Created Right Now."

You know how things are. If you don't pick up the phone now, and call me to chat about your portrait, you will probably get swamped with other things, and forget all about it. Then, before you know it, a year - two years - five years have gone by. How different will things be then?

You see, time is ticking.... and it's never going to stop. This moment never has to slip from your fingers. Don't put this off. You know how life is. We put things off, and before we know it, we’ve missed an opportunity and everything has changed. If your life is half as crazy as mine is, year after year you find yourself frustrated at the things you wanted to do, and never got done. Great pictures are something you deserve.

What Should You Do Right Now?

Now, while it's fresh in your mind, pick up the phone, and call me so we can chat on the phone. No charge. No obligation. No sales pitch. I’m not that kind of studio. Just dial 424-644-6243. We'll just chat. You can ask us any questions you may have. If you'd like to, we can set up a time for you when we can meet and we can chat a bit. There's still no charge or obligation. You do not need to have made a decision to hire us before we meet  and chat! No way!

Then, after we meet and chat, if you feel you'd like to have us create your pictures, fine. If not, fine also. We are here to help you in any way we can. But I’m not here to pressure you into doing anything you don't want to do. The decisions are completely up to you.

However, I do want to urge you to act immediately as my schedule changes all the time and I may become booked up. Why? We spend so much time with each one of the people we photograph, we can't photograph as many people as other photographers who have more of an "assembly line" arrangement!

So if anything I have said here sounded the least bit interesting to you, CALL NOW!        424-644-6243    DO NOT WAIT EVEN ONE DAY ON THIS!

I Have A Very Special Offer For You...FREE!

(But ONLY if you're one of the first 12 people to call me!)

As long as you are one of the first 12 people to call me - just to chat - I will make you a FANTASTIC OFFER! You can save 33 1/3% off the creation of your portraits! That saves you money! But you'll need to act quickly! Also, click here to see my Referral Program and save even more.


Tony Belmont

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PS. Call now. I have an excellent reputation and will take really good care of you. So call me today. We'll just chat. No charge, no obligation, no sales talk. But don't put it off. I know that at this moment, you aren't sure about your portraits or headshots. That's fine. But, please understand that because we spend so much time with each one of our people, we only have 12 session times remaining for this special offer. Once they are gone, you will not be able to get the additional 33 1/3% discount off the creation of the images. So call right now. 


PPS. One last thing. Having your portrait taken is such a personal thing, that you want to be sure you select a photographer who is not only really driven to help you look fantastic, but who you also like and trust. That's why I urge you to call me and chat on the phone. This will give you an immediate feeling as to the type of person I am, so you can decide now, while I hopefully still have some session times available, whether or not you'd like to at least meet with me and chat. So call right now. I will enjoy hearing from you!

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