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About Tony

About Tony Belmont, Photographer

I received my first camera at age 7 (while living in NY) as a gift from a relative returning from Germany - a little metal box camera (which I still have), and have been taking photos ever since.  Dfuring my third year in the Air Force, I upgraded from that camera to a new Nikon SLR and enrolled in an adult education course to learn how to develop and print my film to have more creative control over my results.  I started photographing everything - I loved the suspense in the darkroom, waiting to see the results of what I had shot.  After the Air Force and back at college, I became the photography editor of the yearbook and took thousands of photos for it.  After graduating, I moved to Santa Barbara, California, and then to Los Angeles.  I was a photographer for the Jockey Club in Marina Del Rey and at a Beverly Hills talent agency. I have taken (and continue to take) many courses and webinars in photography, studying lighting, posing, and composition.

With over 25 years experience, I have the background, knowledge, and the passion to insure you get the best images possible.  Of course, you will want to know who it is that you will be trusting to record your memories.  So let me introduce myself to you and tell you a little about why I love photography.

Tony Belmont's Photography Philosophy

My photography philosophy is actually pretty simple - to provide you with beautiful images that will show your personality, to provide you with the absolute best service, and to make sure we have a fun and enjoyable experience while doing this.  I would love to hear you say, "THAT'S ME???  I never knew I looked so great.  I absolutely love these photographs."   I want them to bring you tears of happiness.  I would love my images to be able to do that.  To accomplish this, we do need to get prepared for the photo session.  So before we schedule the actual photography session, we should meet so that we can get to know each other and discuss any ideas you may have, and you can tell me what you would like the images to show.  That's the best way to start.  But if that is not possible, or you have to have images immediately, then we can talk briefly before the session, in person or by phone.  If you've seen some images on my web site, some other site, maybe in a magazine, and you would like something similar, let me know and we can go for that look.

Photographs are visual memories of ourselves and those we know, of our special times in life, and of those people who mean so much to us.  This is what I love about photography and why I am so glad I got that first camera when I was 7.  I am glad that some photographer many years ago was hired by my great great grandparents to take their photos, so that I am able to see who they were.  Technology has changed, but the essence of photography is still the same - to capture the person, to show who they are and what they were feeling at the time - the memories that give meaning to our lives.  I hope this helps you to know me a little better.

Meet Tony in Photos and Words

By viewing the photos on this site and reading about me, you will have more information to help you decide if I am the right photographer for you.  The next step would be to call or e-mail me so we can set up a no obligation time to discuss your needs - we will take as much time with this as you feel is necessary to discover exactly what you want in your images.

A little more about me:  I start each day with a smoothie for breakfast.  Very healthy and tastes great.  Really.  I love the outdoors, playing racquet sports, bicycling, hiking, and of course, photography.  Exploring new places.  Taking a drive up the coast (Santa Barbara and Solvang especially).  I live a very healthy lifestyle - the older we get, the more important that is ("He who has health, has hope, and who has hope, has everything.")

Movies I like - comedies, action adventure, some foreign.  Enjoy riding motorcycles.  In the hills above Malibu.

Love to have fun at photography sessions.  Easy going.  Will direct when needed to insure great results.