Diplomacy Variants

..by Tom Reinecker


Another popular Diplomacy variant, this MONSTER game now supports 50 players.
While the game balance is anything but fair (some nations start large while some start small) the endgame conditions make victory possible for all. The game eventually gets wild with nukes flying all over the globe, but while it gets crazy and out of hand, it does do a good job mirroring many of todays issues.
This game would make an excellent teaching tool in countless ways, but it's just plain FUN.

I always strive to make all my games even balanced where all have an equal chance to win. This game does give all a chance to win, but it is hardly fair or balanced. Most of the small nations will be pummeled out of existence within a few short turns. If they can survive the initial stages of the game, they still have a tough go of things when the nukes start to fly and they don't have any themselves. For this reason, the game is not for all and some players will hate the game while others count it as their all time favorite. Who is right?

NWO Rules:

New World Order

New World Order is a large Mega-Variant current world domination game. The game is NOT balanced, far from it, while this game heavily favors some it does try and balance this out with favorable end game conditions for those smaller nations. These rules and victory conditions do help these smaller powers but by in large, the help is not enough to even things out enough to call the game balanced The game represents the world as it is today (or at least closely resembles it, some things are purposely altered for better game play) Several powers start with nuclear technology while others do not. Some powers are HUGE; others have one single center to start. It is your job to work through these difficulties and gain your power a share of world domination.

50 powers start the game

Only 3 will find themselves sharing a spot in the winners circle at the end. (That's a measly 6% chance of winning!)

This game is loosely based around the WW4 variants run several times already, that game was then modified by Ted Cohen introducing us to the original New World Order That first game while fun was terribly unbalanced where smaller powers had almost no chance of winning, it had terrible flaws in the map, it was a great starting point but needed an overhaul. Further massive changes were put into effect to attempt a better-balanced and more enjoyable game for all. This game has developed multiple different units and rules from the basic game, they are discussed as follows. These rules are fairly simple but there are so many new rules to familiarize yourself with, they DO need to be understood. Please read up and understand the rules, ignorance is no excuse for playing poorly. Some will find nukes not to their liking, they are quite destructive and unfair since some have them and others do not. In this game we could probably have nukes better balanced, we could attempt to reflect the real world opinions of the use of nuclear weaponry and we could add all sorts of new rules, but in this game nukes are part of the game. Nukes can and will be used, this will certainly not reflect the real world but in this game they are acceptable and can be thought of as reflective of a nations power. In this game nukes are a useful tool that some will enjoy while others will HATE them ...sorry, the world is an evil place. The victory conditions are certainly going to be complained about. The game COULD stop rather abruptly (and often does) if you don't watch yourself and your neighbors carefully. The victory conditions are a result of many games tweaked and played with, they are designed to give the smaller power more say in the games outcome than their slight stature might dictate. This reflects the world's UN where smaller countries have an equal say in matters regardless of size (although I have done away with the veto power of some nations). It can not be stressed enough, PAY ATTENTION TO THE POLITICAL ASPECT OF THIS GAME! While this is in many ways a standard Diplomacy game (with more "toys" to play with) it does evolve into a tense political game of negotiation, the term "Diplomacy" might fit the standard game quite well, it fit's THIS game even better!


Standard Diplomacy rules apply except for the obvious map alterations and following rules changes.


The Map

The map is a wrap around world map. Arrows indicate those areas that are split and straddle both the east and west sides of the map. Units in these areas will be placed on one or the other side while a second unit will be placed in the arrow symbol on the other side of the map, this makes for easier reading of the units on the map and where they are but please do not take this as having two units in the one space!

There are several double coasted areas, several land bridges and several canals in this game, many more than the few found in the standard game. It also has many "centers at sea".

Link to the map abbreviations: http://www.freewebs.com/tomahaha/nwoabbreviations.htm

Areas with Multiple coasts:

Quebec, New Brunswick, Costa Rica, Korea, Isthmus of Kra


Land Bridges:

Land Bridges allow armies to pass from one space to another, crossing a body of water without the need to convoy,

Anchorage - Siberia, Goose Bay - Newfoundland, Miami - Santa Clara, Guantanamo - Hispaniola, Hispaniola - Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico - Antilles, Antilles - Trinidad, Trinidad - Amacuro, Dar es Salamm - Zanzibar, Tanzania - Zanzibar, Gibralter - Morocco, Naples - Sicily, Denmark - Malmo, Khabarovsk - Sakhalinsk, Sakhalinsk - Sapporo, Sapporo - Akita, Osaka - Fukuoka, Madras - Sri Lanka, Kua Lumpur - Singapore, Riau - Singapore, Palembang - Singapore, Kuala Lumpur - Riau, Palaembang - Jakarta, Surabaya - Timor, Aukland - Christchurch, Manila - Samar, Samar - Mindanao, Manila - Samar, Samar - Mindanao, Mindanao - Cebu, Cebu - Manila, Samar - Cebu

added to the Simplified game:

Fukuoka - Ryukyu Island, Ryulyu Islands - Guam



Canals allow for passage of fleets through the province and exit the province via either coastline. In order to pass through the canal, a fleet must first be ordered into the province, and may then move through to one of the adjoining water or land provinces along either coastline in the following province. Convoys may NOT pass through a canal

Our canals are as follows: Panama, Hamburg, Istanbul, Sinai, Kyoto


Other Oddities:

Supply Centers at Sea,

There are several supply centers at sea, many of these have been enlarged to more easily identify ownership and make easier reading of the map. (While most of these centers are pretty near useless in the real world, they help balance the game a bit more than if they were absent) These areas are indicated by Dark Blue print, not the lighter, medium Blue print all bodies of water are written in. Due to the overwhelming amount of water in these centers, convoys may pass through (unlike the canals in standard Diplomacy). These "centers at sea" have water around the center please do not confuse these areas that allow convoys through them with islands that do not (such as Jamaica, Sicily and Cebu for examples ...there are more).

These areas are: Hawaii, Tahiti, Galapagos, Falklands, St Helena, Cape Verde, Azores, Diego Garcia, Reunion, Samoa, Guam, Okinawa, Zanzibar, Singapore, New Caledonia, Andaman Islands, (Maldives, Seychelles)

The Lesser Antilles is similar, less the supply center designation.

...Again, several islands also look similar less the body of water around the island, not allowing convoys THROUGH that island.


The Poles,

The Polar areas are not passable by either fleet or army, wings may pass through only (and airlift where possible). The poles are marked in Gray and state they are restricted areas, nuclear missiles may pass through these polar areas, counting as any other space would.

Swiss Garrison:

At the start of the game, Switzerland starts with a "garrison" This unit behaves as would an army in civil disorder in a standard game. It requires support to dislodge, it may receive support and if dislodged, it retreats Off the Board (OTB)


Builds may be made on any owned (and unoccupied) centers, this procedure is sometimes referred to as "Chaos Builds"

End Game Procedures:

The game will end based on the following UN voting procedures:

(there will be no "solo" wins, three power coalitions ONLY)


The United Nations (end game voting): 

Each power begins the game with one designated capital city (designated by the gold star). This capital city holds a vote in the UN. This vote is used for end game procedures only. This vote is passed only upon the elimination of that capital's original player. If, for example, Mexico has lost all of its centers except for one in Galapagos, the Mexican player STILL retains their vote. The power that controls Mexico City does not get an extra vote in the UN until after Mexico is eliminated from the game.


There are also voting centers that are unowned at the beginning of the game. They are designated by red stars. If these centers are owned by any power at the end of a fall turn, that power gains an extra vote in the UN.

Each power is assigned a "power classification" from "A" to "F"

The larger the starting power (power classification "A" being highest," F" being lowest) the more votes required to reach the end game conditions stated in the voting chart located on the game map.

Each Spring, after year 6 each PLAYER (not each UN vote) may nominate one trio of powers, These "coalition nominations" will be made in secret and who nominated what trio will never be made public. All coalitions will be posted and voted upon before the fall moves are due. (due to the extra work involved with adjustments, votes will never be held in the Autumn season turns)

When a coalition meets it's victory requirements, the game is over and that trio splits the win evenly.

Should more than one trio have enough votes to end the game the following tie breaker will be used:

1.     The Coalition that has won by the largest margin more than required

If still tied:

2.     The Coalition owning the most supply centers combined

If still tied:

3.     The Coalition holding the most UN votes between themselves

If still tied:

4.     The Coalition with the FEWEST nukes on the map plus nukes in production plus banked credits

If STILL tied:

5. The Coalition nominated first


To vote,
Each player votes on ALL proposals made by voting yes or no to any and all combinations they choose. There will likely be several options to vote on. (a dozen or more most often)
You may vote yes for any number of proposals and are not limited to only one option (or the game would never end) or you may vote NO to all or any combination of several aye's and several nay's Each player's votes will be revealed and posted before the next turn is made. While the nominations are confidential, the UN's voting record is not.

Those powers who fail to vote:
In years 7 through 9 all non-votes will be considered votes to play on.

Year 10 and on, all non-votes will be considered votes cast to ALL coalitions to end the game.

Build/Disbandment Guidelines:

Builds may be made on any owned (unoccupied) centers, they do not need to build on a starting center nor does any time have to pass to allow the builds.

Defaults will be used (including default builds) for any NMR's, NBR's, NRR's, etc (discussed below)

The United Nations Peace Keeping Troops:

Every season each power will send with his orders ONE order to a space he wishes to send UN peacekeeping forces. These troops will be sent to any land or sea space for one turn adding one point of extra defense to that SPACE (occupied or not). The top TWO spaces receiving the most votes in player's orders is where the troops will be sent. 

Should a tie exist between the top 2 vote-getters, peacekeepers are sent to those two spaces. Should a tie exist between the 2nd and 3rd place vote-getters, peacekeepers will only be send to the 1st place vote-getting space. Should there be a three-way (or more) tie for 1st place, no troops will be sent that season.

10 orders for UN to Moscow, 5 to London, 4 to Samoa
The UN troops will be sent to Moscow and London

10 orders for UN troops to Moscow, 4 to London, 4 to Samoa
The UN troops will be sent to Moscow only

10 Orders to Moscow, 10 to London, 10 to Samoa
no troops will be sent at all that season

UN Troops may be attacked with no "penalties" to the attacking player(s) however, UN peacekeeping troops may NOT be nuked, any nuke order to this space are aborted and that nuke(s) will revert to a hold order. UN Troops will also act as counter terrorism forces, any terror attack made upon UN peacekeeping forces will be revealed, the assault caught!

Please be aware the troops destination is not known before hand, the location is determined during the order phase, you could end up with a failed attack if not careful. Also be aware the more you discuss these plans, the more likely your "enemy" is going to know about this extra support so he may order accordingly!

Terrorist attacks may be made by only C, D, E and F class powers. A and B powers may NOT launch a terrorist attack.
(these larger powers are traditionally more "responsible" and do not condone terrorism in any way. This lack of attack ability is hopefully made up by gaining extra counter terrorism orders ...see below)
Terrorist attacks may be attempted during any season and are only restricted in that one may no longer use these attacks after being CAUGHT three times (three strikes and your out, no more terrorism for that bad boy!)
Should a nation decide to attack another in such a way it is very dangerous as world opinion should this get out would be very negative of you. Should you be caught in the attack (via counter terrorism means or by UN peacekeepers) the penalty is "reversed" back on yourself, the world frowns on terrorism and you will lose one support towards your own troops. This lost support is immediate and lasts one full year, if a terror attack is caught in a Spring turn, that nation is required to disband one unit (assuming he has no extra supports he did not use) while disbandment's come only after fall turns, not so here, disbandment is immediate! (since adjustments are done after the Autumn turn is complete, it could mean a 1-1/2 year penalty ...be careful of Spring Terror attacks!)

But revenge can often be more important than a win so others should beware of this and think twice before a non-fatal stab!

To launch a terrorist attack, a C-F class nation must simply designate at the end of their orders the city (only CITIES may be attacked in this manner...city and supply center is one in the same) they wish to attack. The city can be anywhere in the world and need not be adjacent, the attacking player need not have extra banked builds, nuclear knowledge, NOTHING extra is required. Simply state your target and hope it is not protected by counter terrorism means! (or UN forces)

Should a terrorist attack be successful, that city's "dot" will be colored gray and it may not support/supply units THAT YEAR (similar to a bombardment)
The next year the city will return to normal.
Should the city be successfully attacked in the Spring, the city will remain "gray" through the winter support phase. Further attacks on that city are useless and do not accumulate to future years. Terrorized centers may not be built in during the adjustment phase (no unit placement in the Winter Season in these terrorized cities).

A successful terrorist attack will not affect any units in that attacked city, only unit support/supply is affected in the Winter support phase! (while an attack takes effect in the support phase, remember getting caught terrorizing is penalized immediately)

Successful attacks will not reveal the attacker(s)
(should multiple powers attack the same city, the result is the same and nobody will know if it was hit by one, two or 48 other powers)
Attacks that are thwarted will reveal ALL who might have attempted to attack that city and ALL will be penalized with the loss of support.

UN Peace Keeping Troops may not be attacked by terrorists, any terrorist attack made on them (remember where they go is not known ahead of time) will fail and the attacker will be revealed complete with loss of support penalty!

Once a player is caught three times he may no longer use terror attacks.

Order Example
Brazil attempts to launch a terrorist attack on London
At the end of his orders he simply states:
"Terrorist Attack on London" (or ANY city he choses of course)

Counter Terrorism:
Each nation, each turn will attempt to protect themselves from terrorist attacks through the issuance of Counter terrorist (CT) orders. Every nation is given orders equaling 2/3 of their owned cities (rounded UP). This leaves most cities protected but not all, some WILL be exposed!

Each STARTING B class nation will have ONE additional CT order
Each STARTING A class nation will have TWO additional CT orders
(These larger nations traditionally have better intelligence than smaller nations and can stop a greater percentage of attempted terrorism attacks. While any and all nations can be attacked this way, the bulk of attacks will likely be aimed at these larger powers.)
The following chart shows clearly how many CT orders you have at your disposal.

Counter terrorism orders are simply made at the end of each nations orders, he spells out what cities he owns will be protected each and every turn.
Should a nation issue more protection orders than he has available, then the order of his listed orders take precedence (the last ones listed do not receive protection)

To submit CT orders is simple,
at the end of a nations orders he simply states what cities will be protected

Each nation may only issue CT orders for his owned supply centers only. Should a foreign unit occupy his supply center in the Spring, that center may still be protected, as he does still own it!
Since all 1 or 2 center powers can cover both of their centers, no CT orders are required for 1 or 2 center nations, those centers will be automatically protected!

Lets say the UK owns LON, LVP, GLS, IRE, SNG and GOO
2/3 of 6 = 4
The UK is a B power so he gets one additional CT order
he may issue 5 counter terrorist orders to protect his 6 cities leaving 1 exposed and vulnerable to attack
he chooses to protect LON, LVP, SNG and GOO

If we use both examples above
Brazil's attack on London was thwarted, Brazil would now become a B class nation making it harder for him to win

Counter Terrorism Protection Order Chart:

USA gets 2 extra CT orders
China, France, Russia and the UK gain 1 extra CT order

Default Guidelines are as follows;

Default Builds: 

Default builds will be used in the event of a missed build, builds are traditionally thought preferable to a passed build or even to a banked credit in this particular game, should you wish to change YOUR default, you must notify your GM ahead of time.

Default units are assumed to be armies except for the following powers who will default to fleets:

Cuba, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand

Players may designate their own defaults ahead of time should they wish.

Builds will be made in the first available city by alphabetical order. In the case of fleet defaults, all available ports alphabetically, THEN armies in non-port centers should no ports be available.

Default Retreats:
Retreats will be made in order to:
1. Owned SC
2. Neutral supply center
3. Foreign supply center
4. Closest space to any owned supply center
any ties above will be decided alphabetically

The unit first removed is A, last is Z

Default Disbandments:
First to go is the furthest from any owned center. No regard for unit type.
if two or more units are equal,
priority will be given to the unit closest to the MOST centers regardless of ownership
(If one must be disbanded and 2 units are both one space from the closest owned center, unit "A" is one space from two centers, unit "B" is one space away from 3 centers, then unit "A" will be removed first)
all else being equal, then alphabetical order
The unit first removed is A, last is Z

Nuclear Units:

"Nukes" are powerful weapons and not all powers may build them unless they have the knowledge

The game starts the same (or as far as we know) the same as the real world nuclear powers, that current"nuclear club" is as follows:

USA, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Israel, Pakistan, India, China and North Korea.

Nuclear nations have varying range capabilities. Some powers have more advanced range capabilities than others but all nukes can be upgraded to increase their range.

Starting ranges:

USA = Unlimited range!

Russia = Unlimited range!

United Kingdom = 5 Spaces

France = 5 Spaces

China = 7 Spaces

North Korea = 4 Spaces

Israel = 2 Spaces

Pakistan = 3 Spaces

India = 3 spaces

Trading Technology:

A. Nuclear nations may trade their secrets to any non-nuclear power in exchange for anything that is acceptable according to the rules used in this game. For example, supply centers cannot be transferred by simply saying so, but a non-nuclear nation could agree to allow the nuclear nation to take a supply center in exchange for nuclear technology. Other examples of incentives to trade include transferring build credits, agreeing to vote in a certain manner in the end game procedures, support in a military conflict, etc. This technology can also be simply given away if they so desire. Be creative, but if you come up with something not specified in this list, you might want to ask the GM first, just to be safe.


B. When these secrets are traded to another, news that a nation received nuclear technology and the name of the donor will immediately become public.


C. All transferring of nuclear technology occurs with the adjudication of the SPRING season. Nuclear nations MUST include their desire to transfer technology with their spring orders. Additionally, the receiving nation MUST also include their desire to receive the technology (nobody will be forced to accept unwanted technology). Only one transfer per country per year is allowed. A nation may transfer technology even if they have not produced an actual nuke.



Nuclear Production

It takes 2 complete, separate actions to produce a nuke:

1.  obtaining a banked credit and

2.  placing a nuke using that credit.

A power may obtain a banked credit through passing a build (explained below) or receiving a build from another power in a trade. The power may then use that credit in a winter phase to build a nuke. A power may not combine multiple centers to speed up production that same year; in other words, they may not bank a credit in Winter 2001 and use that credit to build a nuke in Winter 2001, as these builds occur simultaneously.



Increasing Range

There are two ways nuclear range can be increased.


A. A nation can pass a build for a winter season and indicate that it will use that build to obtain a banked credit and immediately increase its nuclear range. A power can pass multiple builds each season, there is no limit to the amount that may be done.


B. A nation can spend a banked build already in its possession, acquired either by banking it in previous years, or having received it in a transfer. As with passed builds, there is no limit to the amount that may be done.


In either case, that nations range will increase by 1 space.


Nuke Movement

Nukes may be moved from the place where they are built. Nukes may move or be convoyed just as an army would move. Nukes have zero offensive power when moving and may not be supported (either moving or holding). Nukes also have a defensive power of 0, and as they may not be supported, can be dislodged by any attacking force. Nukes may be convoyed. Movement orders are done the same as any other units:


Ex. N PAR-BDX, or N Paris > Bordeaux, or N PAR to BDX, etc.




Since nukes may move, there must be a differentiation between movement orders and firing orders. The symbol  or the word nukes must be used to launch your nuke.


Ex. N LON ! PAR, N LON nukes PAR


Alternatives will be accepted ONLY if they are explicitly clear about their instruction. For example N London blows the living bejeezus out of Paris would be accepted, but N London takes a stroll down to the Eiffel Tower in Paris would not be accepted.

Leveling the playing field...

The larger powers have a very distinct advantage in this game. Nukes only make this advantage more troublesome.

To help level the playing field, Nukes have a few limitations as follows:

Any non-supply center location is fair game to attack by any nuclear nation (this includes sea spaces and impassable spaces in addition to non center land spaces) SUPPLY CENTERS may only be "nuked" by lower class size nations, nations of the same class size or nations one class size larger (The USA is considered  "B" class size in this formula).


Russia is a "B" class size power

he can nuke ANY non supply center spaces

he may nuke centers of any B or C class size nation

he can NOT nuke D and lower class size nations supply centers

Sweden is an E class size nation

he can nuke any space he wishes

there are some smaller F class size powers but the rules do allow for a nation to attack ONE class size lower



Nuclear damage results in complete annihilation of all units AND supply centers in the targeted location. The sole exception is UN Peacekeepers, which are not destroyed and remain placed in the space. If a supply center was in the space targeted, it will be removed from the map.  If the supply center was also a voting center, the vote remains in the current owner's possession and can be transferred by any of the rules mentioned above.

Nukes strike with blazing speed, nuke strikes are calculated BEFORE all other orders, any units struck by nuke attack are immediately removed before other orders are followed, any orders made by such units (including support orders) are void. Further, any movements (regardless of nation or total support) into an area attacked by a nuke are void for that one turn only (fallout).

Should two nukes attack the same area, no "bounce" occurs, both attacks succeed (no "extra" damage").


Banked Credits:

If you happen to have played NWO in the past, pay particular attention as the bank now operates differently and has many more "services" for it's "customers"...

To "bank" a credit a power simply passes on a build (or builds), for each passed build a nation banks a "credit", these credits can be spent several ways and can play an important part in the game. As mentioned earlier, they play a major role in nuclear weaponry, trading a credit can extend ones nuke range one space per credit exchanged. Range increases may be made immediately meaning an exchange can be made the same turn as the credit was banked (in your orders you would state "bank credit, exchange for range increase" or something along those lines) the credit can be held and used to extend range at a later date if that nation so desires. Credits are also used to build nukes as discussed above. If a nation has nuclear knowledge he can build a nuke ONLY if he has a build due AND by turning in a credit that is already IN his bank (not one gained the same turn).

New to NWO is the ability to trade in credits for extra UN end game votes.

to gain an extra vote, players may exchange banked credits as follows:

Credits may be freely traded between players in exchange for nuclear knowledge (discussed earlier), for favors for vote considerations or even for revenge (to help another vs your enemy). Credit trades may only be done during the Spring season only.

World Opinion Factor and Armageddon Countdown:

In past games nuclear "carnage" was fun but was a bit TOO unrealistic and many suggestions were made to try and stop the excessive use of nuke units later in the game. Most games turned into a big shoot-em-up between the large nuclear powers. While this game is not supposed to be an exact mirror of today's world I do strive to reflect as many of today's issues as possible while remaining a fun and easy game to play (and nukes ARE kind of fun!)

Armageddon Countdown:

For every nuke launched in the game (ANY space ...occupied or not, SC, non supply center, sea space or impassible), the Armageddon countdown scale will slide one space for each launch. Should the world see 60 nuclear launches (this MAY be adjusted higher or lower before any game starts but once started that number will remain firm) the game will be over, nuclear holocaust will have engulfed the world and all life on our planet will be over (unless you happen to be a cockroach and some of you HAVE indeed been called this I know!). This is rather severe and could lead to a bit of disappointment to some of the games leaders but this should hopefully contain players and prevent them from going crazy with their nuclear arsenal. Should they push the envelope too far, they could end up killing their own chance to win. (besides, in just about everyone's opinion, 60 is really well out of hand and the game probably has evolved into something ugly)

World Opinion Factor:
The world frowns upon terrorism and whenever a nation is caught terrorizing another, in addition to their support penalty, they are issued a "strike" we keep track of in the World Opinion factor chart, after three strikes, that nation no longer has nuclear assaults as part of their order options

Wing Units:

Wings (or airplane units) may be built in any owned supply center. Wings may only move ONE SPACE PER TURN.

Wings move or support only into adjacent spaces (just as any other army or fleet).

Wings may fly over land or water. Wings may also fly over the restricted areas of the Poles and may also fly over the following impassable areas:

Himalayas, Switzerland, Caspian Sea, Lake Erie and Lake Tanganyika (all marked in gray letters)

For those who have played before, please note the "range restriction is now lifted)

Wings may attack and support attacks but may not take "control" of a supply center. Should a wing unit occupy another's center that center is considered to be "bombarded". While ownership does not pass, the controlling power loses unit support a center provides until the wing unit leaves (basically it becomes "neutral" until the wing leaves then reverts back to the owners control). If a capital city is bombarded, the UN voting rights are not affected by the bobardment, only support to other units is temporarily lost.

Wings may "airlift"armies or nukes similar to a fleet's convoy order with the exception that wings may not link several wings together to form a chain as fleets may do. Airlifts can be tricky ways to cross impassable areas. Airlift order writing notation is the letter "C" the same as a convoy order.

Wings may receive support from other units.

To be honest, in many applications wings are not as powerful as an army or fleet, this is why some of the larger powers start with wing units, to help "reign them in" if you will. There ARE situations where a wing can be very helpful of course, but do pay special attention to the usefulness of wing units; the inability to take control of foreign centers can possibly be a hefty price to pay for the ability to traverse any space (water, land or impassible). 


Special Requests from the GM:

Email to the GM:

I have few requests but those I have I would appreciate being followed.

In ANY and ALL correspondence regarding the game be certain to include several items in the subject field.

Please include NWO or New World Order,  also, include your power (I have trouble remembering who has what power) and include the subject of the note, "Orders", "Builds", "Rules Question", "Adjudication error", Whatever the subject, please include it in the subject line. If you have a question and do not include it in the subject field (Ex. Orders and Question!) I may very well not notice the question until too late. When I have the time, I will paste your orders into a template I use for adjudication as soon as I get the email, I will surely see the question at that time however, sometimes I let the messages sit in my inbox unread until adjudication. I will not see questions if this is the case. Similarly, if you have mistakes in your orders, I likely will not even see them until adjudication time. I have run untold games and always ask for this information yet well over HALF those who play either forget or refuse to do so, it really is quite irksome. I do this for a certain amount of enjoyment, but more for those who are playing, PLEASE be courteous enough to follow a simple direction!

Sample email subject line: NWO, China, Orders   or NWO, Italy, Rules Question, Etc...


Please feel free to reply to the sender in my notes but simply change the subject field!

I will acknowledge all orders as soon as I get them, I usually log on to the computer late at night and not before. All orders are acknowledged UNLESS they are sent the day orders are due. I don't bother wasting more time replying to orders as I am trying to adjudicate. The timing is such that it makes no difference at that time anyways so why bother? This is another good reason to send prelims!

Please send orders to my home email address and NOT the Redscape link. That link is handy if messages are bouncing to me, then by all means use that option but I strongly prefer them sent directly to my home.



I am not computer savvy enough to figure out how to work adjudication programs. This game is also very large and there are some semi-complex rules and issues involved at all times. I do the adjudication and map making all by hand. I would like to say I don't make errors but they DO happen. While the number is small, there are so many moves each turn that even a 2% error rate could involve several mistakes each turn, I do not make errors on purpose and try to make as few as possible but they WILL occur! Most mistakes are minor, I will sometimes place all armies and forget to change one half into fleets (it's funny to see an army in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!) or I make a mistake in retreat options, etc. But sometimes I make a BIG mistake (thankfully not too often) it is your job to spot them and point them out quickly, go ahead and post them in the forums, that's quite all right by me.

Also be aware that I adjudicate and map late at night. (I am a bit of an insomniac) I start late and finish later and sometimes I get to seeing double and get VERY tired, mistakes are more likely to occur at this time of night (early morning?) so if some seem REALLY odd, check when the results were mailed or posted, it may have been a late night for Tommy!

Since I do the adjudication by hand I request that in your orders you spell out each and every unit, please do not say "all units hold", or spell out a few and state "all others hold". Also when sending revised change orders, spell out ALL orders and not just your change order, I cannot guarantee it will be done right otherwise. I also encourage preliminary orders to be sent, I will accept as many revisions as you want to make; it really is no big deal. I have known players to occasionally make upwards of TEN revisions in the course of one week! When submitting revisions however, PLEASE spell out ALL units, do not simply ask to change "this to that". Also, again since I do this by hand, it is helpful to spell out each unit's designation before it's location. A simple A for army, F for fleet, W for wing and N for nuke. It helps me a little bit and every little bit helps.


As the game gets larger, it becomes harder to complete both adjudication and map-making in one night's time. I will more often than not post the results on Tuesday night and map the results on Wednesday night. I do not ask for retreats to be made without first seeing the map but it does reduce your time for negotiating by one more day.

The deadline for orders will always be at 9:00PM US EST (that's the same time as New York City, Toronto, Washington DC, etc. (be careful of the US Daylight Savings time. I know not all the States turn back their clocks and I know Europe does but not who does or does not let alone if we all do it at the same time, I have no clue if they do it at all "Down Under" (Don't their clocks run backwards??) I will post when this happens but it is your responsibility to figure this mess out and be on time.)

I will accept late orders as long as possible. I have been known to re-adjudicate seconds before sending out completed results thanks to a late arrival of orders. I can not promise anything if your orders are late but just because you are late, don't despai;r simply hurry up! Although I state 9:00 is the deadline, I RARELY adjudicate until well past that time, it simply covers me just in case and helps the players avoid late orders. If they are late and results have not yet been posted, there is a good chance I will use your changes but depending on how far I went, they may or may not be accepted, orders sent past the deadline are like rolling dice!

I will TRY to send 24 hour reminders. I have not missed a reminder in years but it is not a requirement on my part!

Requests for game delays are to avoided at almost all costs unless it is one required for yours truly of course but I RARELY delay moves for myself. I have a Summer vacation scheduled in mid August that may require a delay but that's all I know of now. With 49 players it becomes nearly impossible to get a week where everyone is available, make alternate plans, preliminary orders or have someone fill in temporarily. Depending on the situation, it may be required but again, this is to be avoided if at all possible.

Retreats and adjustments: Defaults were explained earlier. These deadlines are done as follows:

I will both post and send via email the order results for each turn. In these results are retreats needed as well as builds (if applicable). I will not send each and every player a note asking for their retreats, builds, disbandments, etc, it is included in the results, please find them there. I understand those who are doing poorly may very well not pay extra close attention to these details (I am occasionally guilty of this myself) this is why defaults are in place. Please do not expect me to hold anyone's hand and give extra special attention. You can expect some powers in decline to NMR,

NRR, NBR, etc. Try to stay on top of this and play around it.

Postings in the Redscape Forum;

Please take advantage of this wonderful tool we have! Postings add so much spice to a game that it takes on a life of its own. With 49 real world powers, it is only natural to do at least a little role-playing in your posts. I played the role of Pakistan in the original NWO game (I won!) and while I am no big fan of role-playing, I decided to simply play the part of a bloodthirsty crazed military madman type leader (does anyone remember "Tommipakistani"?) It was great fun coupled with the brash US player and pacifistic European players (that were anything BUT pacifistic by the way) it made for a wonderful and rich game I enjoyed immensely and hope you do as well.

I have no requirements for posts, go ahead and start new topics at will, reply to others, post pictures, etc. Some GM's have strict rules regarding forum usage, I say GO NUTS!

The only favor I ask is to have fun but NOT make any personal attacks. If someone were to talk about Tommipakistani being found in a brothel proving all he has said have been lies; that's just fine, picking on a persona or character is perfectly fair game. To say that "Tommahaha is a liar and a cheater, I can't stand him" would go well beyond the bounds of accepted behavior, have fun, poke some fun at others, but keep the real life insults out of the game please! Also, while having SOME fun revolving around real world issues can be fun, be VERY careful not to cross that fine line. The Italian can claim to be representing the Pope and others can poke fun at the Popes hat, "Popemobile" or any other oddities, but nothing about the Catholic religion itself. The same thing for Muslim's, Jew's, Hindi's and the rest. Religion can be poked fun at up to a point!!! Also with war in Iraq and Afghanistan, please be careful regarding this real life tragedy; please try to avoid talks of this situation, as it could turn into something ugly that we do not need!

The Starting Map

The map starts out already quite crowded and it will get even more so as the game plays out!
Please make often reference to the above conference map as space identification will often be covered or partially obstructed.

Note some areas such as the MidEast are jam packed full of units and supply centers, this is to simulate the real worlds situation of conflict in these areas. While the map can get somewhat "messy" so too can our real world. While this game can get a bit out of hand as far as nuclear weapon usage, you will no doubt find many similarities from our real world that will work themselves over to this game world. From nuclear containment protests and agreements (that get broken)  to certain conflict areas between nations to more than a bit of animosity towards the large superpowers and their seemingly smug attitudes. It's all great fun if not a bit overly militaristic.

Also note in this starting map that some nations start with Wing units,
While wings can be a great benefit, to start the game with them is a bit of a handicap as they can not "conquer" supply centers to be added to their homeland. This early use of wings help in a small way to reign in these larger powers and make them a bit more attractive to work with and/or a bit easier target to take early advantage of. DO remember first year builds MAY be made in these supply centers (assuming they are empty in that Winter build phase of course) and standard armies or fleets may now be raised in these centers.

The Starting Power Positions:

Beer and an Airline Starting Map

Starting Positions, some are different from above!