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Mothra vs. Godzilla


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 A mammoth sized egg floated ashore in Tokyo.

Ichiro who was a reporter and Junko who was a photographer went to investigate. Junko took pictures of the site.

It was then that Junko discovered a large rainbow colored panel.She took pictures of it until Ichiro noticed it too.

They picked it up and took it away. But first they wanted to look around some more.

They noticed a professer taking samples of the egg.

They asked questions but suddenly, a man appeared and told him not to take any more samples in fear that he might damage the egg.

They found out that this man was Banzo Torahata, the owner of Happy Enterprises.

He had bought the egg from the people who retrived it from the water. Just then, Godzilla came out of the ground!

He roared and watched the people run in terror! He began destroying the city.

Ichiro knew that everyone would die if they didn't get any help.

The professer, Junko, Ichiro and Arota went on a mission to ask the help of the Shobijin.

They went to Infant Island and noticed that everything was destroyed from people doing nuclear testing. 

They were told by the cheif that they wouldn't help them.

Even the Shobijin didn't want to help them after the way they were treated! Junko made it clear that if they didn't help,

everyone would die. They responsible along with the innocent. No one deserves to die... no one. Pleased by this speech,

Mothra called them over. They all went over to visit Mothra. The shobijin presuaded Mothra to help them. Meanwhile,

The army had an idea for their next encounter with Godzilla.

They planned to drop nets on him and electrocute him to the point where he died. They got everything ready.

Godzilla appeared on the beach to destroy the egg once and for all.

Godzilla destroyed the incubator around it and looked devilishly at the egg. Mothra came just in time to save her young.Her and Godzilla foughtuntil Mothra hadn't the strength to protect them.  The Shobijin sang to the egg to make it hatch.

Finally! The egg hatched into two larvae. They were twins! They went out to stop Godzilla.

They cornered him and began webbing him until he was covered! He fell into the ocean.

The Larvae claimed their victory and went back home.


Japanese Title:

Mosura tai Gojira

US Title: Mothra vs. Godzilla
Year: 1964
Director: Ishiro Honda
Japanese Release Date: April 29, 1964
US Release Date: September 17, 1964
Running time: 89 minutes
My rating: *****
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Other Info

Monsters Godzilla, Mothra
Aliens N/A
SDF F86F Saber Jet, Artificial Lightning Generator, Type 61 Tank, C-46D Plane, KV-107 II Helicopter, Frontier Missiles (US Version)
Misc Shobijin
Stock footage None
Company Toho
DVDs Pending
Interest Pending
Reviews Pending