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Who are |ToaK|?





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History of  |ToaK|



Many people who play regularly on the Happy Penguin Classic Server know already that |ToaK| is not a clan, but means Two of a Kind.


Our real names aren’t a secret as well, but our history may not be common knowledge.


Both Sandra and myself bought Return to Castle Wolfenstein when it was released in November 2001 in Europe. At that time we didn’t know each other yet. Sandra played the single player part until she was consumed by the zombies, but meanwhile I was able to finish the game, although I had to cheat to beat the end-boss and his helpers.


Frustrated by the zombies, Sandra decided to do some killing on the internet, using a 64k isdn connection from the Austrian Telecom company. In 2002 she visited the Happy Penguin 2 server from Shitkicker, as a lt., and decided to hang around for awhile, because she was fond of the tank map and the its players. The nickname cu99 has its origin on this server, b.t.w..


Since cu99 is a neutral name with a non-gender background, playing RtcW was a lot easier without fighting off the horny guys, and she was automatically respected as a skilled player.


In April 2002, I finally got connected to the internet via adsl. The first game I played online was Unreal Tournament, which was a lot of fun for about 3 weeks, then I went to play Return to Castle Wolfenstein, because I preferred to play with normal guns and settings rather than the science fiction environment of UT.


In May 2002, I visited both Happy Penguin servers, first as Sanitaeter (NL), but soon as John Doe (NL). I picked this name because of its background; the unknown corpse on the battlefield. In June 2002, I was invited to a german clan, but after 7 weeks, I felt unhappy with clan-life. With some other people we founded the “Brothers in Arms” fun-clan, which reached almost 100 members in its heyday. After I played a lot with cu99 on HP2, I invited her in august 2002 into our clan, without knowing that “he” was in fact a “she”. A nice surprise to get your hands on a beautiful, well playing girl into your clan...


In October 2002, we realised that we were in fact attracted to each other, and Sandra decided to visit me in the Netherlands in February 2003.


In May 2003, we decided to leave [BiA], because it was a real 24/7 job being its clan leader and co-leader, and therefore it was too much to handle... Sadly, the implications for [BiA] were bigger than we had anticipated; for some unknown reason more people decided to leave.


Then we founded |ToaK|, and in November 2003 we tried to contribute to the shrinking RtcW community by starting this website. We are proud to see after one year of this website, it has been a major success. We believe that this website satisfies its intentional goal; namely to bond all remaining RtcW players.


Finally, after several long meetings in Austria and the Netherlands, we decided to live together. So Sandra packed her bags, and moved in August 2004 to me. After more than 2 years living together, we seperated and went our own way.

Since 2008 Shelley and me form now |ToaK|.

Hans a.k.a. |ToaK|JD






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