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Server hints & tips




This page will provide you with some useful hints and facts concerning the |ToaK| Omnibot servers.

As you will know already, currently all |ToaK| servers are running the OmniBot v0.83 modification.

To enjoy all the goodies of this mod, you may have to do a few things.

First remove the old omnibot directory and enable download within your RtcW-game.
If you don't want to do that, or your firewall won't let you download through RtcW, download instead manually omnibot_rtcw.pk3 and ob_media.pk3 from the 
Create the map omnibot in your RtcW game directory, and copy both files into it.
Log into one of the |ToaK| gameservers until you see playing bots/people and disconnect.
Go to the omnibot directory and edit with wordpad your freshly generated wolfconfig_mp.cfg.
Search for the line: seta sv_maxRate and if you have a better connection than dial-up and ISDN, make sure the value is set at "25000".

Insert the lines below (in white) in your wolfconfig_mp.cfg, if you want some extras:

seta cg_hitsounds "1"    /enables hitsound. 0 disables it again.

seta cg_goat "1"     /gives the sound of a goat if you stab an enemy in the back, which is instant kill. 0 is no sound.

seta cg_drawPing "1"  /value 1 - shows your ping. 0 disables it again.

seta cg_drawSpeedometer "1"  /shows your walking/running speed in the game. 0 to turn it off.

seta cg_drawKillCount "1"  /1 shows the current amount of kills you made. 0= off.

seta cg_ospFonts "1"   /1 gives you an alternative font within the game. 0= normal font.

seta cg_announcer "1"  /1 enables the voice of the announcer. 0 = no announcer.

If you play an lieutenant, it may be useful to bind 2 keys, for example:

bind g "gp"   /pressing G enables grenadepack: That's a pack of 4 extra grenades. Throw the grenade-pack with the ammo-pack key.
bind s "sg"   /pressing S enables smokegrenade: If you throw an airstrike, smoke will be thrown instead. This will only block sight of human players.

All players can share (identical) ammo with each other. Bind for instance:
bind F10 "giveammo 32"
If you press F10, you will give your teammate 32 ammo. He/she must stand close to you, to be able to receive your kind gift.
N.b. This will only work if you both handle similar weapons. You can't for example give a panzerfaust soldier rockets if you carry a mp40. But you can share pistol ammo with him/her if you both draw your pistol.

A lot of other things can be done as well:

If you are a medic, you can poison-kill enemies with your syringe. It will take some time for the enemy to get poisoned, but will get killed if he/she does not run into a medikit.

Every player can throw knives: They do 70 damage. You can throw them by selecting your knife, and release/drop it. You spawn with a lot of knives.

All players are able to block airstrikes. This will take some practice, but it can be done. You have to sit on a enemy cannister to block it. (Oversized players and regular visitors of McDonalds have an advantage here.)

On our servers every player starts with plenty of ammo. (I find it a bit silly to send people into a fight without carrying enough ammo).

Dead (but not gibbed) players can be dragged out of harm's way with the use/activate key.

The activate key also works to push teammates away who block your path.

Goombas are possible on our servers: Jump from great heights, and try to land on enemy heads. If you are succesful, then this means an instant kill.

And in case you want to skip a map, just enter in your console:  /callvote nextmap
If there are enough votes in favour of your call, the server will skip the current map/round. Apply this as often until you get the map of your preference. The bots won't vote.

On our Omnibot servers, you can now global chat with players if you are a spectator.
You can also send everyone on the server private messages.
This can be done by entering /pm playersname in your console. (note: "playersname" is an example)

Final note. The spawn timer is working perfect. If it is out of sync for you, or you do not see a red countdown timer, then something is not correctly set in your wolfconfig_mp.cfg.
The best way to handle this and other issues you may have encountered: Backup your wolfconfig_mp.cfg in your main directory of RtcW, and remove the original hereafter. Remove the one in your omnibot map as well.
You'll have to setup your RtcW from the scratch, but it is the best way to deal with these kind of issues. (and don't forget to download manually
omnibot_rtcw.pk3 and ob_media.pk3 from the |ToaK|FTP-Server and put these files in the omnibot map as described before.)
What you also can try, is to download this file, and copy it to your OmniBot map.

Good luck, and have fun. If you have any questions and/or remarks, feel free to contact us via the regular channels.

Hans a.k.a. |ToaK|J

p.s. Do yourself a big favour, check your connection settings!
If you make connection to the internet with anything better than a dial-up modem, change your connection settings in the menu of RtcW accordingly.
If you don't change it, you will suffer unnecessary (heavy) lag!
For detailed hints: Check our



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