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08 June 2020

12:00 C.E.T.
 - It has been a while, but I've got some news for you.
Our dear head-admin Nihilist moved the remaining ToaK RtcW servers to a new IP-adress:

It is based in New-York, which is more accessible for most of our regular players, than the previous one in California.
His hope is that it will benefit our whole community, especially the gamers from Europe.
We are confident this move should not be an issue for our players on the West-coast of the U.S.A..

I truly hope all our visitors/readers may stay healthy, or recover soon from the current Corona-pandemic.
I wish you all the best, and I want to thank Nihilist for all his enduring efforts in maintaining the RtcW servers!

15 August 2018

11:45 C.E.T.
 - All servers are online again, except the FTP-one.
Have a look at the server page for all the details. 
It is likely not everything is identical to the old settings, but it will be very close.

-  Due to heavy spamming on our guestbook, I have restricted its access.
You have to be a member now of this website to access it, which is by the way free in case you decide to become one.
Maybe I will undo it in the future, but for now it is the only way to view, or write something in, it.

As an alternative, you can of course always write an email to me, if you want to ask/remark something, or just want to say hello.
I will publish it in the guestbook, if you request it, unless it is for spamming purposes.

I am sorry for the inconvenience, but our guestbook is not a platform for spammers.

29 June 2018

11:10 C.E.T.
 - Thanks to the efforts of our dear friend nihilist, several of the |ToaK| servers have risen like a phoenix from its ashes:

|ToaK|Classic Maps Server 
Bots level 3-5 (max.= 7) - Friendly Fire is off)

Beach Invasion
Das Boot
Trench Toast
Final Deathwish
TE Frostbite

 = These maps run in stopwatch-mode

|ToaK|Veteran Deathmatch Server 
(Bots level 6 (max.= 7) - Friendly Fire is ON, Maxlives=26, Team wins with 400 frags)

Communique (2x)
Trench Toast



Bots level 4 (max.= 7) - Friendly Fire is ON)
Extended voting is ON

Normandy Breakout
Market Garden
Hydro Dam v2

(Bots level 3-5 (max.= 7) - Friendly Fire is off)


The servers have identical settings as before,
However they are no longer based in the Netherlands (Europe), but are now operating from California (U.S.A.).
This of course will have impact on all players. 
Some will have a better ping, while others will suffer worse ping/more lag, but this is sadly inevitable.

Other issues may still be possible though, since the old servers ran on Windows, and the new ones run on Linux.
By now you should know how to report them, if they occur.
But I am confident this will be not the case.

Keep an eye on our guestbook as well, since additional info may popup there.

On behalve of the whole ToaK community, I want to thank Greg for his hard work and his willingness to facilitate the servers.

Best Regards and have fun (again)!,
Hans (a.k.a. |ToaK|JD)

11 May 2018

15:15 C.E.T.
 - As I anticipated, the hardware which ran our servers, is sadly beyond repair.
Therefor as promised and announced on the website before, all benefactors for May and June 2018 got a refund, because these guys didn’t donate to play on a nonexistent server.

I bought the hardware more than 7 years ago, which made the |ToaK| RtcW game-servers possible the way they were.
This is why I was able to run and maintain the servers for (relatively) little costs. 
The hardware was guaranteed to run 24/7 for 5 years , so in fact it was already overdue for 2 years when it broke down last week.

I did have a look at the options:
- One thing what I could do is to change our provider, and pay for each slot, which is common practice in gameserver-land.
However this would limit our freedom severely to setup and tweak the server(s) according to our own taste.
It would be an expensive alternative as well, while the connection and game-experience may not be as good as it used to be.

- The other possible choice was to buy again new hardware while maintaining our current provider (and setup-freedom), with “low” costs and its superior connection-speed.
In this case, which would have been my preferred scenario: I had to spend at least €500 for new hardware.

But to be frank, I had many doubts this investment will pay off the way the previous one did, since the active player-community shrank to only a handful of gamers.
If there were still be enough players, I would have already bought the hardware, since RtcW remains to be one of the best multiplayer games ever.
But since we are down to just a few regulars, it's hard to justify replacing the equipment.

Furthermore, each month was already a struggle to “pay the rent” of €85, which is still a lot of money.
And let’s face it, the chance we will get enough financial support what is left from the RtcW community, is very small.

Hence, with a heavy heart, I decided to end the |ToaK| RtcW gaming experience.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all active participants from the past and present, who made a real success of the |ToaK| servers, which include:
- Crapshoot (for his initial support with setting up the servers and improving Omnibot),
- the remaining admins (Shooty and Laura), our donaters (especially Yank and Hans Killer, who spend both through the years a small fortune to keep the servers running), 
- and last but not least, of course You, the players!

It was a real honour to serve you, and I wish you all the very best for the present and future.
I truly hope you had (mostly) a good time on the |ToaK| servers!

Hans (a.k.a. |ToaK|JD)

07 May 2018

23:30 C.E.T.
 - Today I have some really sad and also maybe bad news.
The hardware which ran our servers 24/7 for more than 7 years, died earlier today.
I am afraid it will be beyond repair, although I will have a close look at the possible options.

But we must be prepared that this may be the end of the |ToaK| RtcW servers.
Should this be the case, then our benefactors of May and June 2018 will get a full refund of their donation. 

Stay tuned, I will keep you posted.
But for the time being, all our servers will be offline.

15 April 2018

12:00 C.E.T.
 - I have again great news from the financial front: 
Cris-D50 made the first €40 available for June 2018.
Thanks Christian for your much needed help! 
(If you want to know how the financial status is of our servers, please check our server-page for all the details).

14 April 2018

17:30 C.E.T.
 - We have a new hero in our community: 
His nickname is OddJob, and he paid our full debt for May 2018!
Thank you very much Steven for your awesome support!

12 April 2018

12:25 C.E.T.
 - Yank closed today the €37 financial gap we still had for April 2018.
Thank you very much Bob for closing it!

07 April 2018

18:45 C.E.T.
 - Hans Killer donated just in time another €32 for our servers.
Thank you Joel for being our lifeguard (again)!

28 February 2018

12:20 C.E.T.
 - On the brink of the meteorological winter/springtime, we got 2 donations! 
Nihilist (this time dressed as father frost) pays €31 for the rest of March 2018, while Sgt. Hasse plays for easter-bunny.
He dropped an chocolate egg with €16 for April 2018. 
Thanks Greg and Olli for your aid!

By the way, sorry folks, I must keep the egg. 
If I don't, my wife will strangle me.

25 February 2018

18:15 C.E.T.
 - Although it is mid-winter in the Netherlands with temperatures below zero Celcius, Hans Killer warms our heart with another large donation.
He contributed another €53, so we won't have to close down at 1 march 2018.
Many thanks Joel for your great support!

12 February 2018

09:50 C.E.T.
 - Since it is almost Valentine's Day, Yank wants to show his love for the ToaK community by paying the remaining debts for this month.
Thank you very much Bob for the roses!

30 January 2018

13:00 C.E.T.
 - Hans Killer made his second donation of 2018, so we do not have to close our doors yet.
Thank you Joel for your great aid!

07 January 2018

12:50 C.E.T.
 - Yank starts 2018 with another contribution of €25 to lift our debts for this month.
Thanks Bob for your kind gift!

04 January 2018

19:00 C.E.T.
 - First of all, I wish you all the best for 2018!

- And second: Hans Killer made his first donation of the new year.
Currently we still need €25 for this month.
Thank you Joel for your support!

30 November 2017

18:25 C.E.T.
 - Nihilist is back in town (this time dressed as elf), to bring us the remaining €11 which were needed to pay for the rest of 2017!
Not only that, but he also contributed another €12 as kickoff for the new year. Thanks Greg for your Christmas gift!

29 November 2017

10:15 C.E.T.
 - This year Hans Killer is our Santa Claus. 
His present for our community is €74!!!
This means the servers remain in service until at least Christmas.
Thank you (again) Joel for your great support!

29 October 2017

18:25 C.E.T.
 - Sgt. Hasse donated the remaining €5 for November, so we are that month in the clear.
Thanks Olli for your gift!

20 October 2017

19:50 C.E.T.
 - Cris-D50 is joining the ranks of the big-supporters of the ToaK servers, by paying €80 for next month November.
Many thanks Christian for your much needed aid!

08 October 2017

22:45 C.E.T.
 - I got an email from our provider that our servers will be shutdown next wednesday, in case they won't receive the remaining money tomorrow, to pay the bill for the rest of October 2017.
Like a real Marvelฎ superhero, Yank flew highspeed to Europe and dropped a moneybag out of the sky with enough cash to cover our debt for this month.
Thank you dear Bob for being our life savior.

24 August 2017

10:50 C.E.T.
 - Hans Killer wants to be certain that our servers survive at least until next October.
To realize that, he transferred €53,50 to cover the rest of September, and the first days of October 2017.
Thank you again Joel for your kind gift!

26 July 2017

13:40 C.E.T.
 - Good old Yank made another huge contribution:
He spend €80 to keep our servers online. 
Thank you Bob for your awesome support!

01 July 2017

21:00 C.E.T.
 - Hans Killer extends the lifespan of the servers with a more than generous donation:
This time he transferred almost €60 for our cause! 
Thank you again dear Joel for your huge support!

24 June 2017

14:40 C.E.T.
 - I have replaced the map "Depot" with "Final Deathwish" on the |ToaK|Classic Maps Server.

Matches on the Depot map can take their time, and are therefore very long-lastingfor some players.
Since this map has its own dedicated server, there is no real need to maintain it on the Classic Maps Server.

17 May 2017

21:35 C.E.T.
 - Today is a good day for our community. 
Two of our main supporters transferred enough money to keep our servers in the clear until the final week of July 2017.

nihilist paid €35 for the rest of June, and Hans Killer donated €70,50 for July.
Thank you very much Greg and Joel for keeping the ToaK servers alive!

27 April 2017

22:00 C.E.T.
 - Our oldest member of the ToaK RtcW community, Yank, wants to ensure the ToaK servers will continue to be online into June 2017, and sponsored us with €50.
Thank you dear Bob for your continuous and loyal support! 

24 April 2017

12:30 C.E.T.
 - Our hero Shooty gave us the remaining €35, which allows me to pay our provider's invoice for May 2017.
Thanks again my friend for your big help!

13 April 2017

11:55 C.E.T.
 - nihilist still laying Easter eggs, and in one of them I found instead of chocolate, another €25 for our servers to pay the bills for May 2017. 
Thank you Greg for your yummy gift!

29 March 2017

21:35 C.E.T.
 - nihilist is playing for Easter Bunny this year, and made the first donation of €25 for May 2017. 
Thank you again Greg for your continuous support!

07 March 2017

11:20 C.E.T.
 - nihilist doesn't like unfinished business. 
He paid another €35, which means that I can pay our debts for April 2017.  
Thank you Greg for your awesome support!

23 February 2017

10:10 C.E.T.
 - nihilist also likes to play "three in a row" and added therefore another €25 to our treasure chest! 
Thank you Greg for your third donation in one month!

01 February 2017

15:00 C.E.T.
 - A new month and already a new donation. 
nihilist got away with the gold, which was stolen from the axis in the map village.
Our servers got €25 from him, to buy the axis team ;">

04 october 2011

Crapshoot has been a busy bee these days.

He fixed some minor issues. One of the most important ones, is that both medics and lt's respond better on human requests for medikits/ammopacks. 

Furthermore he repaired the "door-problem" on the map Wroclaw. Allies bots can handle the cage-door properly now.

I am very grateful that he sacrificed a lot of his precious time to optimize these scripts. Gameplay improves a lot thanks to his efforts.

16 september 2011

I have moved the map "Back to Carnage" from the |ToaK|Stopwatch to the |ToaK|Beach Invasions server.

10 september 2011

About 2 weeks ago I launched a new beta-server. This one runs team-deathmatch mode. After some tweaking, it proved itself stable enough to launch it officially.
So here it is: The |ToaK|Team-Deathmatch Server.

What can you expect on this server? Well, the only goal is that you kill as many enemies as possible. So no (other) objectives here. 
Every team-member gets 6 lives per round. The first team which reaches 100 enemy kills wins.

A lot of thanks go to my friend Crapshoot, who managed to fix a problem with Omnibot concerning "maxlives". 

Martin Crawford updated some waypoints since the launch of Omnibot 0.81. I've integrated them into the |ToaK| servers. They fixed some issues, for instance Allies do plant now at the big wall which protects the Axis base on the map "Back to Carnage".

Have fun. 

07 september 2011

Added today the map Resurrection to the Stopwatch Server. (We have to thank Martin Crawford for the waypointing).

Official the map is still in a testing phase, but I find it pretty stable as far as I can tell.

01 september 2011

New month, "new" map: I've added Adler Nest to the Stopwatch Server.

28 august 2011

To quote the guys from Monty Python: 
And now for something completely different: We present you a new checkpoint server!
It contains 10 checkpoint and 2 capture the flag maps. 

I guess I don't have to point out where you can find all the info about this new server 

31 july 2011

On request I've added 6 classic maps to the |ToaK|Greenhorn server.
You can find all details about the changes on our server-page.

18 july 2011

I did some minor changes to 2 servers:
I've renamed the |ToaK|OmniBot Server into |ToaK|Dual Objective Server. 
It did this because from now on it runs solely dual objective maps.
The only stopwatch map which ran there (Final stand beta) was moved to the |ToaK|Stopwatch server, where it belongs. 

As usual, you can find all details about the changes on our server-page.

15 july 2011

Today the repairs have been completed, finally.....
So everything should be as stable as it used to be. IP adresses remain to be:

07 july 2011

We are back in business, and sooner as expected! 
Repairmen of the provider created a workaround solution, so we are connected to the internet again.
Repairs are not finished though, and sadly we have a new ip adress for all servers: 

Have a look at our server page for all the details.

06 july 2011

The news doesn't get better. Technicians concluded the damage is severe. Currently it is unknown when the servers can be online again. As soon as I have news, I will publish it in this section.  

01 july 2011

Bad news. We'll have to wait until tuesday july the 5th 2011 before our provider is able to perform the required repairs.
Until then, all servers (including the FTP one) continue to be offline.

Last days I tried to reroute the servers, but failed because of the damaged hardware.

Let us keep our fingers crossed that the repairs will be successful.
If that should be the case, all servers will be online again next tuesday or wednesday.

28 june 2011

11.00 PM C.E.T. - We have some really bad weather in Holland. 
Lightning fried our servers connection to the Internet.
This means, currently ALL |ToaK| servers are offline. 

As soon as our provider is back online, I will reset and restart our servers.

26 june 2011

- As already mentioned yesterday, I made some changes to the Beach server. They are not minor though.
The servers name is now |ToaK|Beach Invasions and it contains now not only the original map Beach Invasion, but also five of its clones.
The five clone maps were therefor removed from the |ToaK|Stopwatch server. If you want the details, check out as usual the server page.

- A lot of people don't seem to realize it, but on our Omnibot servers, you can NOT global chat with players if you are a spectator.
Other spectators can read what you write though. If you want to communicate with players being a spectator, you must send them private messages.
This can be done by entering /pm playersname in your console. (Note: "playersname" is just an example)
Or join one of the teams; because if you are a player, global chat can be read by anyone on that server.

- Another thing I want to point out to a lot of players: Do yourself a big favour, check your connection settings!
If you make connection to the internet with anything better than a dial-up modem, change your connection settings in the menu of RtcW accordingly.
If you don't change it, you will suffer unnecessary (heavy) lag!
For detailed hints: Check our tips-page.

25 june 2011

I've launched a new server: |ToaK|Beach(24/7). 

Like the |ToaK|Depot(24/7) server it has betting enabled. Have a look at the server page for all details.
It is an experimental server, with slightly different settings, but I am not done tweaking it (yet). So you may expect some minor changes in the next days.

16 june 2011

I've changed several things on the |ToaK|Carnage server (= the only |ToaK| server which has friendly fire ON): 
The maps Tank, Wizernes, Final Stand, Back to Carnage and Wroclaw were removed. I have changed the map Tram from stopwatch to objective mode and added the map Beach invasion (runs in stopwatch mode).

14 may 2011

Added some deathmatch maps to the Shrubmod server. 

If you want to know which maps can be played on the |ToaK|Shrubmod server, then have a look at our FTP-server (Directory: ToaK Shrubmod Server installed maps). 
It's also the place where you can download them with high speed.

21 april 2011

As an easter gift to you, I've launched another RtcW (1.41b) server. This (8th) server is running the old FritzBot mod. 
Although this mod is in most ways surpassed by OmniBot, it still supports a lot of good maps. Maps which are not supported (yet) by OmniBot.

These maps can now be played on the |ToaK|FritzBot Server. Amount of bots is 24 by default. For more info about the new server, its maps, and to download them, click here.

Have fun! 

19 april 2011

Updated the links section. Some links were removed and some were added.
One of the additions is a link to a website where you can ask Herr Flick of the Gestapo questions. 
(This is only fun stuff for the fans of the BBC comedy series 'Allo 'Allo!). 

10 april 2011

Moved the map Den of Lions to the |ToaK|Omnibot server. The |ToaK|Playground server is renamed in |ToaK|Depot 24/7 and runs now solely the map Depot.

07 april 2011

Updated picture SeeEmilyPlay.

27 march 2011

I've added two maps to the |ToaK|Stopwatch server.

26 march 2011

- Crapshoot updated the Omnibot mod with a few goodies:

Added g_betting - 0 disabled, 1 enable betting, 2 enable buying (bit flagged) g_betting 3 for both betting and buying
Added command /bet <partial name match> <num credits> - /bet crapshoot 100
Added command /accept for accepting a bet. /accept
Added command /buy <item> - /buy health or /buy ammo : cost = 50 credits and limited to once per life
Added command /mycredits to display how many credits you currently have.

note: you earn one credit per kill and 10 credits for completing objectives
note: credits reset to 0 when a round starts

Fixed maxammo evaluations for extraClip vars when picking up ammo or using /giveammo
Fixed grenade pack pickups to work just like ammo. new max is 15 grenades.
Fixed hitbox of injured players. you can easily shoot over them now.
Increased range for dragCorpse. should be much easier now.

Fixed a few issues that players won't notice or care about .

To test the new betting feature, I've enable it on the |ToaK|Playground server (with value 3).  

- Fixed a firewall bug which prevented several people to download some maps in one time from our ftp-server.

16 march 2011

- I've added 6 maps to the |ToaK|Carnage server (that's the one with friendly fire ON). 

I have a little proposal for the shrubmod fans. As expected it is currently very difficult to fill the new |ToaK|Shrubmod server with enough players:

I think we need to set a timeschedule for playing there. Let us all try to join this server (ip adress is on every sunday 8:30 PM West-European time.
(That is 7:30 PM U.K./Ireland, 2.30 PM New York/East coast U.S.A., 11.30 AM Los Angeles/West coast U.S.A.). 

This is your chance to play without bots, and something different than Beach. 
The default map is Depot, but on request every other map is possible. 

The server settings are almost identical to the old Happy Penguin Classic server: 
Play dead, poison kills, blockable and kickable airstrikes, grenadepacks, smokegrenades, throwable knives, goomba's; all is there!

Panzerfaust and Flamethrower are limited to 2 per team.

I hope that we will meet (almost) every sunday. 
Let us try to relive and revive the old HPC fun! 

12 march 2011

Today we celebrate the fact that we started exactly 1 year ago with the |ToaK| bot servers for RtcW, and we do this with the launch of our 1st Shrubmod server.

Yes, there is nothing wrong with your eyes. No bot server this time, only humans allowed.

Momentarily it is only running depot, with similar settings as on the old HPC server. Only difference is that Punkbuster has been not installed (yet). 
I truly hope that this never will become a necessity. Well, time will tell.

Before I forget: On the |ToaK|Shrubmod server you may vote for another map of your choice.

11 march 2011

- Added 4 maps to the Stopwatch server.

- Removed Tram from the Omnibot server. This map can still be played on the Classic Maps server or the Greenhorn server.

07 march 2011

- Launched a sixth server, this one has friendly fire ON. 
Only 3 complaints for teamkilling are needed to kick somebody. So shoot, stab, burn and blast with care.

In time I will evaluate which of the servers have enough visitors. The one(s) which suffer lack of interest of the public will have to go. I think under the current circumstances six RtcW servers is plain overkill.
The main reason I have started this amount of servers, is to get a good impression what kind of server(s) is actually wanted/needed by our community.

- I have added a shoutbox to our website.

05 march 2011

Added 6 maps to the Stopwatch server. Please check the server page for all details.

04 march 2011

Our servers got some reinforcements, plus they moved to new hardware and a new place. A lot of thanks go to my friend Crapshoot for aiding me when it was needed.

Currently we have 5 OmniBot servers for RtcW. The IP-adresses have been changed, so please have a look at our server page for all relevant info.

Everything seems to run smoothly, but in case you experience some issues; please report that to me via our e-mail adress: 

25 february 2011

This week the bonus map on the regular OmniBot server is: Steinburg (This time in stopwatch mode)

18 february 2011

- This week the bonus map on the regular OmniBot server is: Toxic Speedball.

- Replaced the map Wizerness with Tram on the Greenhorn server.

11 february 2011

- Readded Wroclaw to the maps-rotation of the regular OmniBot server.

- Introducing a "new" bonus map to the maps-rotation of the regular OmniBot server: Final stand (Both bonus maps run in stopwatch mode).

10 february 2011

Den of Lions was readded to the mapsrotation of the regular OmniBot server. Most votes were in favour of the return of this very nice map. I can't say that I am unhappy about this outcome. 
Thanks to everyone who participated. 

07 february 2011

This week the bonus map on the (regular) OmniBot Server is: Base 3 .

04 february 2011

- I've replaced the map Wroclaw Beta with Wizernes on the Greenhorn-Server.

- Updated the F.A.Q. page.

- As promised yesterday, I've started a new poll about the map Den of Lions. Remember, your vote counts!

03 february 2011

- I removed, until further notice, the maps Den of Lions and Wroclaw-Beta from the (regular) OmniBot-Server

Den of Lions was removed because a lot of people find this map too large, and Wroclaw Beta needs a little bug fix from the OmniBot crew.

I will start a poll soon if Den of Lions should reappear in the mapsrotation (or not).

- Added the final page to our photo book. The final addition is Wolfgang (MAC).

We won't add any pictures from RtcW players any longer for two reasons: (Lack of) time and money. 

Anyway, our main interest has been shifted for almost a year already, from pictures of RtcW-players, to our RtcW-servers.

News, info and polls regarding our servers will of course continue to be published on this website.

So please do not send in any pictures anymore. 

Many thanks to everyone who contributed their info and pictures in the past!

30 january 2011

This week the bonus map on the (regular) OmniBot Server is: Steinburg .

27 january 2011

Outcome of the poll which started on the 19th of January learned that the bots on the Greenhorn were still to tough for many of its visitors.

That's why I've changed the already low settings in even lower ones.

The bots use now wheelchairs to move, and have all at least one glass eye and wear spectacles. Furthermore only a few are issued with hearing devices, the rest is almost deaf.

The IQ of these bots is very low now, so many of them have no clue what they have to do. 

Most bots will be very occupied with trying to find their false teeth, or one of their limbs. The average age of each bot is about 85 years now.

Well, I hope this will suffice. Have fun. 

24 january 2011

We are introducing a "new" map on our regular OmniBot-Server. It is called: toak_marketgarden.pk3. Currrently this map can only be downloaded via our gameserver and our ftp-server. I would recommend to download it from the latter, because its upload speed is about 15/20 times as fast as from our gameserver. 

The original map Market Garden has been slightly changed. It will give the Allies a better chance to win this map if they cooperate well. The respawn time for both teams has been set on 30 seconds instead of 20. I think odds are more even now. I've spend some time playing this map with the bots, and I believe all works fine. But it is possible there are still some glitches/bugs. (For example one is with the wire on the bridge).  That's why you should consider this map as being a beta.

Another change is the mp_ToaK-historic.pk3. This mod will give you more historic uniforms and flags. This mod is not my work, it is the renamed mp_X100_reality.pk3. The reason I've renamed it, is to make it easier for you track it down in case you dislike the changes to the uniforms and flags.

Final remark: Both ToaK pk3-files should be placed into your main directory of your RtcW-map.

By the way; our Greenhorn server still runs without the mentioned files, so you don't have to download them if you play there. 

23 january 2011

An interesting initiative was taken by the people of Wolfenstein4ever:

This is a petition for "ID Software, LLC" to remake "Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Multiplayer ONLY)" for "PC".
We are requesting for "ID Software" to update the graphics to reflect modern day games. We also are requesting new maps as well as the old maps. We also request "ID Software" to stay away from anything resembling the 2009 "Wolfenstein" title, this includes the engine used to run the game and NO iron sights. 

Click here to sign the petition.

(Our thanks go to our friends of Castle Warbitz for this news)

22 january 2011

This week the bonus map on the (regular) OmniBot Server is: mml_church_v1.

The map Wroclaw beta remains to be in the maps-rotation, since it is well received by our visitors.

19 january 2011

I want to thank everyone who gave his/her opinion in our polls. As you can see we do care about your opinion: Your votes lead to the start of a new server with novice bots.

You can help us improving our servers by participating in our newest poll.

17 january 2011

The poll which started January 4th, shows us that the opinion of the visitors about the skills of the bots is divided.

Since I want to avoid to let down one of the "sides", I've decided to relaunch the old server nr.1, this time with less skillful bots.

However, this comes with a price: And that is occassional short lag when one of the servers is switching to the next map.

Time will tell if the "new" server causes too much lag, as has been the case in the past. One of the two servers will have to go then. 

Please have a look at the server page for detailed info.

15 january 2011

This week the bonus map is: Wroclaw beta.

08 january 2011

From now on, every week a bonus map will be added to the mapsrotation.

This week the map is: mp_ctfmultidemo. You can download it here.

Since this is a very small map, the amount of bots is set at max. 8.

04 january 2011

New year, so it's time for a new poll. 

This time you have the opportunity to influence the bot-skill settings on our server.

Although the (shooting)skill-settings have been randomized, it can happen that some bots seem to equal hackers.

Express your opinion on the Poll-page.  

02 january 2011

First of all: Happy New Year from both ToaK's! 

A little bug slipped into the 0.81 release: Lieutenants weren't so eager to handout ammo. 

Thanks to Crapshoot this has been fixed. 

I have installed the bug-fix, so lt's should respond now if you request ammo. 

29 december 2010

I've updated the server from OmniBot version 0.81 Final Beta, to 0.81 (released on 23-12-2010).  

A lot of thanks go to the developers of this awesome mod: Crapshoot, (LuNaTiC)Marcus and all other participants deserve a medal for making all this possible.

Grab the update from the |ToaK|Thank you Greg for your second donation in one week!

25 January 2017

14:10 C.E.T.
 - nihilist came to our aid as well, and because of him, we are able to pay our provider for the rest of March 2017. 
Thank you Greg for your donation!

By the way, do you guys and girls realize, today we are only 11 months away from Christmas? 

23 January 2017

21:00 C.E.T.
 - [CoS]Eck sponsored us with €20,00. 
This means we only need another €15,00 to pay our debts for March 2017.
Thank you Wolfgang for your support!

19 January 2017

12:10 C.E.T.
 - I removed the map ff_xmas_beach2 from the Greenhorn 2 server as I have announced before.
I hope you liked it.

The map mp_island replaced it again. 

13 January 2017

15:00 C.E.T.
 - To many people, Friday the 13th is a bad day.
Thanks to one of our finest and dearest members of our community, I can state: Well, today is not such a bad day after all!

Why? Because Yank added another 50 euros to our treasure chest.
They will be spend to pay our provider for a big part of March 2017.
Thanks Bob for your golden coins!

12 January 2017

13:45 C.E.T.
 - TheHobbit paid our remaining bills for February 2017.
Thanks Bill for your, more than welcome, contribution!

23 December 2016

12:05 C.E.T.
 - On the brink of Christmas Eve our dear community member |A+| donated another €80 to support our servers.
Thanks a lot man for your Christmas gift!

I am wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

08 December 2016

11:20 C.E.T.
 - It became a little tradition to insert the map ff_xmas_beach2 on one of our servers to celebrate the upcoming holidays.
This time you can find it on the Greenhorn 2 server instead of the map mp_island.
In January 2017 this map will be removed again from rotation for obvious reasons.

The map itself can be found on our ftp-server (for free of course).
Remember to login with guest, and to enter the same word guest as password.

02 December 2016

21:55 C.E.T.
 - One of our other main pillars who keeps our servers alive is Hans Killer. 
He donated the first €68,50 for 2017. 
So yes folks, thanks to Joel we'll make it into 2017 !!!  

01 December 2016

23:10 C.E.T.
 - One of our main pillars of the ToaK community, =Shooty=, plays for Santa Claus this year.
He paid the bills for the rest of this year, so we can play until 2017!  
Thanks Vadim for your most welcome donation!

16 October 2016

19:50 C.E.T.
 - Our loyal supporter Hans Killer paid another €65 to cover the rest of November and the first part of December.
Thank you again Joel for your awesome gift!  

14 October 2016

20:40 C.E.T.
 - Dear old Yank paid for the first half of November 2016.
Thank you again Bob for your great support!

02 September 2016

20:25 C.E.T.
 - |A+| is our newest hero. He paid for the full month of October 2016!
Thanks man for your great gift!

23 August 2016

21:45 C.E.T.
 - Yank was willing to pay our debt for the rest of September 2016, so for the next 5 weeks we are in the clear.
Thank you Bob for your continued support!

13 August 2016

12:45 C.E.T.
 - Hans Killer sets again a good example to keep the ToaK RtcW servers online after the summer holidays by donating another $70 (= €62).
Thanks Joel for your huge support! 

20 July 2016

10:55 C.E.T.
 - We are by the way not less fortunate to have Yank as one of our primary financial supporters. 
He gave us the remaining €24 to overcome the rest of August 2016.
Thank you again Bob for your loyal support!

10 July 2016

16:30 C.E.T.
 - We are more than fortunate to have Hans Killer within our ranks, because he continues his support with another $65 (= €61).
Thank you again Joel for your much needed gift!

03 July 2016

19:00 C.E.T.
 - Sgt. Hasse donated the remaining €8 for July, so we are this month in the clear.
Thanks Olli for your kind gift!

15:50 C.E.T. - Migration was successful. 
Servers are open for business again.
Have fun!

12:20 C.E.T. - Today the servers will be offline for a while. 
They migrate to a new operating system.

14 June 2016

10:00 C.E.T.
 - I have some great news from the (donation)front.
Hans Killer was willing to contribute another $75 (= €67) for the good cause.
Thank you Joel for your continued support!

- I closed the (test) Beach server which ran on the newest version of Omnibot.
I was not satisfied with the performance and stability of version 0.85.

23 April 2016

12:45 C.E.T.
 - I am happy to announce that our servers are back online.
It didn't take a whole week as anticipated, but still, it was long enough.

As expected the IP-adress has been changed, and the servers can be found now at

I am not sure how successfull the repairs were, so I can't guarentee we won't experience additional downtime, or unusual lag.
Feel free to email me if the latter should be the case.

Have fun playing guys and gals!

18 April 2016

20:30 C.E.T.
 - Our provider reports they have to deal with broken hardware. 
The damage is severe, which means repairs may take a while. 
It is likely our servers will be offline for at least a week.

I hope we won't have to wait that long, but at least we know now we must be patient.
I am afraid this will also mean the IP-adresses will change again after repairs, sigh...

I will keep you posted as soon I have something to report.
I apologize for the inconvenience, but this matter is beyond my control.

22 March 2016

19:20 C.E.T.
 - Our dear friend Yank did it again: He supports our servers with another huge gift!
His donation enables us to keep our servers online until at least the 4th of July 2016!

Thank you again Bob for your loyal support!

11 February 2016

12:45 C.E.T.
 - Our provider moved the |ToaK| servers to a new ip-adress.
You can find them from now on at:

07 February 2016

15:15 C.E.T.
 - Today I relaunched the old |ToaK|Beach Invasions server.
(Ip adress is:

For the moment it is for testing purposes only, but it should be fully playable.
The reason for testing is to try out the latest release of OmniBot v0.85 for RtcW online, which runs now on this server soley.

Gamers who have enabled auto download in RtcW will get this newest Omnibot when joining this server.
The only disadvantage is that as soon as you join one of the other Omnibot servers, the older version of the mod will be downloaded again.
Therefor I recommend to disable auto-download in RtcW before joining the |ToaK|Beach Invasions server, unless you are very keen to get v0.85.

Because it is (still) a test server, it won't be included (yet) on the list of servers at this website. 
The maps in rotation are Valor, Final_DeathWish, mp_beach2e, mp_omaha_2, mp_pburg, back_to_carnage, mp_pacific and mp_beach.

Have fun!

03 February 2016

20:50 C.E.T.
 - I am happy to announce two more gamers came to our aid, and made a donation:
Leon paid for April and Bobbinboy helps us through the first 13 days of May.

Thanks Bernd and Chris for your, much needed, support!

01 February 2016

19:35 C.E.T.
 - I have great news: Hans Killer and Laura donated enough cash to let our servers survive until the 1st of April 2016 (Which is no joke people).
It was just in time. A few hours later, and all was over. I am very happy we got at least another 6 weeks.

I feel always very uneasy to ask for money, but without it, you can't run game servers in this life. (Not to mention you can't do much other things either).
I hope more people will contribute soon too, because the 1st of April 2016 is very close.

But for now, thank you very much Joel and Laura, on behalf of all of us!

29 January 2016

15:10 C.E.T.
 - One of our players made a anonymous donation, which enables us to keep the servers online until Sunday the 14th of February 2016.
Since we lack the money to keep our servers running, I am forced to take them offline on Monday the 15th of February 2016.

I want to thank everyone who participated to make the |ToaK|RtcW servers a success.

Special thanks go to Crapshoot, =Shooty=, Yank, Laura, nOOb lOOps, and all the gamers who made a donation. 
Without these people the servers would have been not possible the way they were.

I wish you all the best, and I do hope you will have good memories if you look back at the time our |ToaK| RtcW servers were still up and running.

Many regards, and bless you all. And thank you for the great times!

Hans (A.k.a. |ToaK|JD)

20 December 2015

17:05 C.E.T.
 - Hans Killer made the second donation for 2016. He contributed $45,00. Now we only need €19,00 to pay for January 2016. 
Thank you Joel for your kind gift!

I truly hope we won't see the downfall of the |ToaK| RtcW servers in the next year, because we lack funds.
And I must admit, it doesn't look good, since our community continues to shrink.
Still, it is awesome many of our dear friends already contributed so much. 
This is why we can all play RtcW online, and have much fun.
I think we have a fine little community. And that makes me proud. 

- Finally I want to make use of the opportunity to wish the RtcW community a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

18:45 C.E.T. - Good ol' Yank makes the near future less grim, because he donated the remaining €19,00, which was needed for January 2016.
Thank you again dear Bob!

13 December 2015

11:50 C.E.T.
 - Sgt. Hasse made the first donation of €25,00 for 2016. Sadly there is still €60,00 to go for January 2016 (Which is by the way very soon). 
I hope more community-members are willing to contribute, so the |ToaK| RtcW servers can be kept online.
Thank you Olli for your donation!

15 October 2015

9:30 C.E.T.
 - Leon contributed the remaining €42,50 for December 2015, so we can play until New Year!
Thank you Bernd for your early Xmas gift!

12 October 2015

9:45 C.E.T.
 - The first signs were obvious in our local garden centre, but now I can be certain: Santa is back!
Our oldest member of the RtcW community (a.k.a. Yank) added another €42,50 to our, almost empty, treasure chest.

It would be awesome if some elves would join in with some coins to complete the party, so we all can play at least until New Year.
Thanks again Bob for your loyal support!

05 October 2015

19:40 C.E.T.
 - We received a donation from Hans Killer which enables us to pay our bills for the rest of November 2015 .
Thank you Joel for your much needed support!.

29 august 2015

20:15 C.E.T.
 - GS. Clank followed the call for help, and donated $25 to aid us.
Thank you Richard for your support!.

28 august 2015

23:20 C.E.T.
 - Thanks to our dear old friend Yank, we can keep the servers online until November 2015.
He paid another €39 to support our noble cause. It would be awesome if more players would follow soon.
The end for our RtcW servers is sadly near if our funds dry up.

Thank you very much Bob for your loyal support!.

22 august 2015

23:20 C.E.T.
 - Our Shooty throw us a lifeline, and donated another €100,00, so we can play RtcW online until the midst of October 2015.
Thank you so much my dear friend for this great summer-holiday present!

10 august 2015

21:45 C.E.T.
 - Another community member with a royal background, namely King, donated ฃ12 to keep the |ToaK| RtcW-servers online as long as possible.
Thanks again Alan for your much needed gift!
I truly hope more people will follow soon, since funds only suffice for the next 4 weeks!

18 july 2015

11:25 C.E.T.
 - His Majesty nOOb-lOOps from the kingdom of nOObia saved the day, and offered another $100 from his royal treasury, to extend the life span of the |ToaK| RtcW servers until September 2015.

Thank you (again) for this generous donation, Sire!

- The people behind our previous home, the RtcW Happy Penguin Classic server, organize a reunion weekend on August the 1st, and August the 2nd of 2015.
I received this e-mail from HP-PissedWookie to bring this event under your attention:


I am Wookie from Happy Penguin.  You are receiving this email because you were a member of the Happy Penguin gang, or were registered on the happy penguin forums in the past.  We at Happy Penguin are setting up a weekend of old school gaming on August 1st and 2nd.  We invite you to come out and enjoy the festivities.  We have servers up for many of the old games we used to play on such as Return to Castle Wolfenstien, Call of Duty, Call of Duty United Offensive.  We are also supporting newer steam titles such as Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2.  The game servers are up running the original maps and settings you remember.  So dust off those old game discs get ready for a great time in August!

The main event details can be found using any of the sites below.  Click, or copy and paste the links below into your browser for details on the servers and upcoming events.

Check out the festivity details on Happy-Penguin.com.

Join the Happy-Penguin Facebook Group for the latest details.


Log into the Happy-Penguin forums. See what else you have been missing lately.  Also some help installing old games on newer operating systems.

Join the Happy Penguin Group on Steam to play with old friends.

Best Regards,
Jason "PissedWookie" Dickard

24 april 2015

16:25 C.E.T.
 - Maintenance is done. Everything should be well. Have fun!

08:00 C.E.T. - Today I have to do a lot of maintenance, this is why all servers will be offline until further notice.
I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

02 april 2015

21:10 C.E.T.
 - A bit earlier as scheduled, our provider was taken over by another one. 
Hence all our servers were moved to a new IP-adress ( 

Our FTP-server can be reached at 
Login and password remain to be: guest.

In the coming weeks, I'll take a close look at the performance of the connections to this new provider. 
If I am not satisfied, we'll get another move a.s.a.p.

25 march 2015

19:45 C.E.T.
 - Christmas is nine months earlier this year: 
Good old Yank plays Santa by donating the |ToaK|servers another €79,00 !
Due to his contribution, July 2015 is now fully covered.

Thank you again Bob for your loyal and continuous support!

19 march 2015

20:35 C.E.T.
 - This week we got two donations: 
This time from !haze<ASC> ($50,00) and from =KT=KYJelly ($25,00).
Thanks guys for your much needed support!

- I removed the shoutbox from our main page due to spamming. 
If you want to ask or to comment something, go to the guestbook instead, or e-mail me.

16 february 2015

19:15 C.E.T.
 - Today I received a donation from Bites ($25,00): 
Thanks John for your kind gift!

28 january 2015

22:50 C.E.T.
 - I have replaced the |ToaK|Chaos (test)server with the new|ToaK|Headshots server.
On this server you play RtcW in a totally different way:

- Every player starts with a mauser-rifle without scope, a pistol, and 5 knives.
- When you hit a player with your knife, he/she will be gibbed instantly.
- You can also kill and gib a player with a pistol or a rifle with a well-placed headshot.
- Explosions will kill/gib players too.
- Medics can't heal players, since a kill is always a instant gib.

I hope you'll like it.

02 january 2015

12:55 C.E.T.
 - For everyone who did not read my message yet:
I wish you all the best for 2015!

- By the way, 2015 starts well, since three members of our community made a donation, with a total amount of €95,00.
Thank you very much for your support -DT-Bonita_Girl, Carre and TNT !

25 december 2014

10:30 C.E.T.
 - Our provider managed to repair what was broken, so I was able to reach the servers and restarted them.
In short this means we all can play again! 

Have fun and a Merry Christmas to all of you!

24 december 2014

22:15 C.E.T.
 - Our provider experiences severe technical issues, hence our servers are offline.
I hope they will solve it soon.

Until then, have fun celebrating Christmas.

21 december 2014

11:55 C.E.T.
 - Shooty gave the |ToaK| RtcW community a very nice X-mas present:
With his gift of €65,00 he extended the online status of the |ToaK| servers until May 2015!
Thank you my friend for your continued support!

- I want to wish all the members of our little RtcW community a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2015!

19 december 2014

16:15 C.E.T.
 - NoFear(NL) made a donation of €20,00.
Thank you for your kind gift, I hope more people follow soon to cover the rest of April 2015 (and beyond).

16 december 2014

16:40 C.E.T.
 - Leon paid for the rest of March 2015, which allows us to keep the servers online until April 2015.

Thank you very much for your kind donation!

14 november 2014

13:30 C.E.T.
 - Our oldest, and one of our most loyal supporters, Yank, extended the online status of the |ToaK| RtcW servers with another month, thanks to his contribution.
I hope more players will follow soon, because March 2015 is not far away. (This is the month I'll have to shutdown the servers due to lack of funds, at least if we don't get additional donations).

Thanks again Bob!

18 october 2014

20:00 C.E.T.
 - Martin Crawford released several "new" maps with bot-support. 
Two of these were inserted by me after Den of Lions on the |ToaK|Greenhorn server, namely:
te_delivery_b1 and lostchildren. 
(N.B. Te_delivery_b1 is not similar to mp_delivery, which is already part of the maps rotation).

As always you can download these maps from our FTP-Server.
Don't forget, if being asked, to login with guest and enter as password guest

Thanks Martin for all your efforts!
Have fun everyone!


08 september 2014

09:20 C.E.T.
 - Our community-member and friend King donated another €18,25 to support our RtcW game servers.

Thank you for your second donation Alan!

30 july 2014

11:40 C.E.T.
 - His Majesty nOOb-lOOps made the first donation for 2015, to celebrate the 12 years anniversary of being enlightened King of the kingdom nOObia.
He took $120.00 from his royal treasury to support our common and just cause, namely keeping the |ToaK| RtcW servers online as long as possible!

Thank you for your 2nd donation Sire!

12 july 2014

16:20 C.E.T.
 - Martin Crawford did another conversion. This time it is mp_generator.
You can play this map on the |ToaK|Greenhorn 2 and the |ToaK|Custom maps server.
Thanks again Martin!

22:55 C.E.T. - I've moved 5 maps from the |ToaK|Greenhorn 2 to the |ToaK|Greenhorn 1 server.
For more info, check the server-page on the nav-bar.
- On the |ToaK|Classic Maps Server; te_frostbite was moved between mp_depot and mp_beach.

05 july 2014

18:30 C.E.T.
 - On the Classic maps server I've inserted the map te_frostbite between mp_village and mp_assault.

30 may 2014

19:30 C.E.T.
 - Yank made another donation to cover the costs for the rest of December 2014.
Thanks again Bob, for you moral and financial support, which enables me to keep the ToaK servers online as long as possible!

I truly hope the community is able and willing to continue its support to maintain our servers in 2015 and even beyond!
All details about the costs and payments of individual donaters can be found in the donations section of the Server-page.

07 may 2014

14:15 C.E.T.
 - Martin Crawford added bot support for the map hs_base_wars.
This dual-objective map can now be played on the |ToaK|Greenhorn 2 server.
Thanks again for your effort Martin!

- I have added mp_beach2e to the |ToaK|Greenhorn server.

As always you can download the newly supported map on our FTP-Server.
Don't forget, if being asked, to login with guest and enter as password guest

For all details about the changes, please have a look at our server page.

Have fun!

21 march 2014

21:35 C.E.T.
 - Martin Crawford was so kind to convert the map mp_korfe from the old Fritzbot mod to our OmniBot mod.

This map replaces mp_callfire on the |ToaK|Greenhorn server, which can now be played on the |ToaK|Greenhorn 2 server instead.
Korfe was also added to the |ToaK|Custom Maps Server.

05 march 2014

21:45 C.E.T.
 - I have added six maps to the |ToaK|Custom Maps Server:
mk_x_lab, mp_carentan, mp_thelighthouse, mp_the guns, mp_pak_infamy and mp_interception.

Plus on |ToaK|Greenhorn: mp_interception, and on |ToaK|Greenhorn 2: mp_pak_infamy and mp_the guns.

04 march 2014

22:10 C.E.T.
 - Martin Crawford added bot support to several maps, and reworked a few waypoints etc. on some other already supported maps.
As a result of his fine work, I can present you some "new" maps:

I've added mp_bridge to the |ToaK|Greenhorn and the |ToaK|Dual Objective server, and mk_x_lab to the |ToaK|Greenhorn.
|ToaK|Greenhorn 2 got the maps mp_carentan and mp_thelighthouse.

I'm not done yet with changes on the maprotations, so you can expect some more in the near future on several |ToaK| servers.

09 february 2014

10:50 C.E.T.
 - Because of a hardware issue I have to do some maintenance.
This means you can expect downtime today on all servers, including the FTP one.

Just be patient, we'll be back soon!

15:40 C.E.T. - Repairs went well, so everything should be fine again. 
So all servers are back online!

01 february 2014

14:10 C.E.T.
 - I reinstated the original voting settings on the Greenhorn server. 
I hope people won't abuse it. It should be clear by now what I mean by that.

14 january 2014

18:40 C.E.T.
 - Our dear teammate from the old Happy Penguin server Psycho Dad, was so nice to donate no less than $100.00 (=€71,24) to support the |ToaK| servers.
Thanks Ralph, hope to see you soon again! 

09 january 2014

18:35 C.E.T.
 - My good old friend DeadlyGuardian donated a incredible $300.00 (= €214,54) to extend the online status of the |ToaK| servers.
Thank you for your awesome support Stephen!  

- On the Greenhorn server are two voting possibilities disabled until further notice, to avoid future quarrels: "kick player" and "changing bot level".
Players need now the assistance of an admin to realize them. 

- Also on the Greenhorn server: The time that a player is allowed to be afk (=away from keyboard), has been reduced from 15 to 10 minutes. (This won't of course affect spectators, they can be infinitely absent) 

06 january 2014

19:00 C.E.T.
 - Today I received the first donation in 2014 of €50,00 from our well known community members Carre and TNT. 
Thanks again for your support guys! 

04 january 2014

12:30 C.E.T.
 - The X-Mas holidays are over, hence I've retracted the map ff_xmas_beach2 from the Greenhorn server.
I replaced it with Den of Lions (Dual), which is one of the hugest maps available for RtcW.

Personally I am very fond of this one, since it has a lot of corners where you can hide and seek.
People who like to snipe, will be thrilled with this map. And it is also very balanced.

Do yourself a favour, don't let its size overwhelm you, but take your time to explore it. (After all, life is about size!)
And when you get to know this map and all its goodies, I am convinced you will be as excited about Den of Lions as I am!

- Furthermore I have replaced the map Market Garden with ToaK Market Garden, which is almost identical, but has a few more corners.

30 december 2013

20:45 C.E.T.
 - Our oldest community member did it again: On the brink of New Year's Eve, Yank made another donation. 
He covered with his generous gift of €43.40 the rest of July 2014! 
Thanks again Bob!

14 december 2013

14:30 C.E.T.
 - Thanks to the kind donation of our loyal community-member Tuga, the |ToaK| servers can run until July 2014. 
Thank you for your much needed support!

13 december 2013

10:45 C.E.T.
 - I inserted the map ff_xmas_beach2 on the Greenhorn server to celebrate the upcoming holidays. 
In January 2014 this map will be removed again from rotation for obvious reasons. 

Wishing you all in advance Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

06 december 2013

10:15 C.E.T.
 - On request I have extended the recharge time for lieutenants with a third on the Greenhorn server. 
This will affect throwing airstrikes and handing out ammo. 

I hope this way the game will get more balanced for all players.

03 december 2013

18:30 C.E.T.
 - Today I received a donation of €34.55 from our wellknown community-member Killentime. 

Thank you very much for your needed support!

25 november 2013

18:30 C.E.T.
 - I am performing some maintenance on the |ToaK|servers. 

Hence there will be some downtime. Don't panic, all will be available soon again.

19:40 C.E.T. - Everything went well, all servers are back online and running smoothly.

18 november 2013

12:05 C.E.T. - I have added 4 maps to the Greenhorn 2 server. 

All info about which ones they are, can be found at our server-page.

15 november 2013

12:30 C.E.T. - On request of the admins Shooty and Laura, I've shifted and added maps to the maps-rotation of both Greenhorn servers.
If you are interested in what has been changed, then take a look at our server-page. 

As always you can download all the needed maps on our FTP-server, or google for them on the internet.

13 november 2013

12:55 C.E.T. - Our FTP-server is back online, after I have run some tests. 
I fail to see any flaws in its configuration, so I suppose the problems some individuals experience, may find its origin in their settings.

Since there is a huge range of probable causes, it is difficult to come with a quick general solution.
The only advice I can give in case you experience problems while downloading from our FTP-server, is to try another browser, for instance Mozilla Firefox, or to use a true FTP-Client like FileZilla.

If all these workarounds won't work for you, then I am afraid you have to find a alternative download-location for the files you need. 

11 november 2013

13:50 C.E.T. - Some people have difficulty to get access to the files on our FTP-Server. I need some time to investigate these issues. 
That is why I, until further notice, have taken our FTP-Server offline. 

In case you need files from it, try to google for a alternative download-location. Specific ToaK files can be downloaded from Yank's webpage.

09 november 2013

11:25 C.E.T. - The spammers/scammers from Asia are back, so I have disabled the anonymous account for our FTP-server again. 
You must login as guest and use the password guest if you want access to its contents.

24 october 2013

11:15 C.E.T. - I received today a very generous donation from my friend and teammate Shooty.

With his €112,50 the ToaK servers can be kept online until June the 15th 2014!

20 october 2013

17:45 C.E.T. - Our dear old friend Yank donated €7,00 to cover the rest of april 2014. So until May 2014 we are in the clear!

- Martin Crawford released three "new" maps with bot support. 
Therefor Greenhorn 1 server runs from now on: mp_callfire, and on Greenhorn 2 will run: mp_v2base.
On the Custom maps server both maps were added to the rotation: mp_callfire and mp_v2base.
The third map (mp_refinery) is not yet included in any of the rotations, and will only run after a callvote.

All maps can be found on our FTP server.

19 october 2013

12:15 C.E.T. - Chunguiton and his son Jrsp11 donated €50 today via PayPal. 
Muchas gracias amigos for your support in words and deeds!

- I re-enabled all voting options on the Greenhorn server. 
But if it is abused again, I will disable it as I did before.

25 september 2013

12:30 C.E.T. - Caligula donated 25 US$ (= €18) via PayPal today. 
Thank you for your support and your kind words!

24 september 2013

10:50 C.E.T. - I've repaired the links in our FTP server. 

I apologize for the fact that the FTP server didn't work properly for some people, but we may "thank" a (bot)spam-network from Asia for all the trouble.
The FTP server was the last month under heavy attack by them, and I had to take some countermeasures which sadly lead to several broken links.

But now all should be fine again, and if not, please tell me via the usual channels.

- Tomorrow in 3 months it will be Christmas. I thought I better let you know, because it is so easy to forget about it.

19 august 2013

19:30 C.E.T. - I've received donations from Nori, Dutch Fury and Laura.
At this moment the servers are paid for until April 2014!

Thank you guy and gals!

18 august 2013

15:00 C.E.T. - I readded a shoutbox to our homepage.

- I fixed the bug of the Axis lieutenant bots killing themselves on the map X-dam.

- I have added the fixes from Martin Crawford for the maps Destruction, Pacific and Trench Toast. Thanks for your efforts Martin!

08 august 2013

12:00 C.E.T. - Thanks to our lovely Susan, the first month and a part of the second month of 2014 are also paid for. 

I am very happy and proud that so many of our regular players participate in preserving the |ToaK| RtcW servers. 
I truly hope even more will follow soon! 

02 august 2013

16:40 C.E.T. - Our wellknown friends CARRE and TNT gave the first donations for 2014. 

If more people would follow the example of all our present donaters, we will have no difficulty to preserve the |ToaK| RtcW servers for the future! 

31 july 2013

20:25 C.E.T. - DuTcHMaN, [RCW] Muff and Yank transferred enough money to cover the costs for December 2013, so this year we are in the clear, Yeah! 
I must confess, I had my doubts that we would make it this quick. 

Donations are still very welcome, since this world won't explode after December the 31st of 2013, (despite all the fireworks), and we want to play RtcW in 2014 as well, don't we?
January the 1st of 2014 may look far away, but tomorrow in only 5 months, it is in fact New Year's Day already.

None of us is rich, and that is why I am so proud that our little community was, and is able to support where it is needed the most, both in the game and here in the real world!

Again, thank you very much my dear friends, let us do this again for 2014 and beyond, so we can play together our most favorite game forever and ever! 

25 july 2013

22:05 C.E.T. - I am typing this under a palmtree on the Bahama's, because Smokin-Mouse and his majesty nOOb lOOps of nOObia donated a large sum of money.
Lol no, just kidding, I am typing this in my house, where indeed tropical temperatures exist. 

Because of all the donations I already received, the server costs are covered until december 2013!
(As usual, all details can be found on the server-page.)

I am very touched by your spontaneous gifts, and words fail to express my gratitude towards all my friends who donated. 

But the campaign is not over yet, so please continue your support, so the best RtcW servers will survive, also beyond November 2013!!

20 july 2013

16:30 C.E.T. - Thanks to Shooty, Yank and King, at least july 2013 is covered. (But the rest of the year still needs funding, details can be found on the server-page) 

Thanks guys for you financial support! 
Please take a bow if you meet them ingame, they paid so you can play! 

00:30 C.E.T. - Non european players who intend to give a donation, seem to face high costs if they want to give money by performing a regular bank-transfer.
Therefore I reactivated my PayPal account to make everything easier (and cheaper) for everybody who wants to donate. 

So if you sent a donation via PayPal to toak@casema.nl, you'll support the survival of the |ToaK| RtcW servers! 
(PayPal can be used worldwide as alternative to the manual bank-transfer, which remains to be possible, as described at the 16th July 2013) 

16 july 2013

20:00 C.E.T. - The |ToaK| servers run since March the 12th, 2010. And since that day a lot of effort and money were spend to create the nine high-quality RtcW servers we all are playing at.

Until now, I always avoided to ask donations to keep them running, since it was important to me that every RtcW fan should be able to play this game online, without feeling the obligation to pay for it.
But in life only the sun is for free, and the monthly costs from €75 (=currently about 100 USD/month) became a real burden to my pocket.

In the (recent) past several RtcW players did offer to make a donation, but I declined, since I was still able to bear the costs. 
But times and circumstances do change, and now I do ask the community for help, so I can maintain the servers.

Shooty was so kind to offer to donate the half of the monthly costs. Since I already paid over €3000 (= about $4000), I am not longer motivated to pay anymore.
(You guys and gals better be grateful to him; without his swift contribution, the ToaK servers would be offline already next month). 

So anyone who can contribute, even if it is only a little amount of money, please donate.
I will make a new section on the server page, so you can see how much is needed. (I don't want to make money with the servers, but I am just trying to cut the costs as much as I can).

How can you make a donation?
I don't work with CreditCard payments. Please click the e-mail symbol and your e-mail client will popup with the proper e-mail adress.

 Click here to send a Donation Mail

Please write in the headline: Donation ToaK servers.
I will send your e-mail back, with all the details from my bank. (Please pay good attention that my reply-mail to you is from the same e-mail adress, as the one which you sent to)

Since the introduction of IBAN, it shouldn't be much of a problem to transfer money to me, wherever you may live.
Thanks in advance, without your help I have to pull out the plug!!! 

(n.b.: People who can't/won't make a donation are not less welcome to play on our servers!  )

10 may 2013

13:10 C.E.T. - Martin Crawford added another map with bot support. 
This time it is Island. Nice job Martin! 

I put the map on the servers |ToaK|Custom Maps and |ToaK|Greenhorn 2. 
On the latter one I've added also Depot 2.

You can download mp_island from here: 

10:45 C.E.T.
 - The experiment on the |ToaK|Greenhorn and |ToaK|Speedy server inwhich people got more voting powers went pretty well. 
As a result I extended this experiment to the servers |ToaK|Greenhorn 2, |ToaK|Custom Maps, and |ToaK|Carnage. 

Everything about these new voting possibilities, and examples how to manage them, can be found in the news-section from april the 20th 2013.

08 may 2013

16:30 C.E.T.
 - Martin Crawford added bot support to the map X-Dam, and improved the waypoints and goals for Trench Toast, Village, TE Frostbite and TE Ufo.
X-Dam has still issues though (for example Axis bot Lt's are on this map very depressive guys, and commit suicide all the time), but it is playable.

As usual I've updated the |ToaK| servers with his nice work (thanks again, Martin!), and added X-Dam to the |ToaK|Greenhorn server and the |ToaK|Custom maps server.

20 april 2013

20:05 C.E.T.
This news will hardly be new to Greenhorn's regular visitors, but since about two weeks I've enabled, as a test, map-voting on two servers, namely |ToaK|Greenhorn and |ToaK|Speedy. 
This means you may vote for all OmniBot compatible maps. If you vote for a non compatible map, you'll get no bot support!

Just enter in your console: /callvote map mapname to vote for one. 
(For instance: /callvote map valor if you want to play the map Valor). 
When the map is finished, the server will continue its maps-rotation.

But there is more... You may vote for other things on the |ToaK|Greenhorn server as well:

/callvote difficulty x (For instance: /callvote difficulty 4 to play with normal skilled bots, range is 1 (= very easy) to 7 (= nightmare); Greenhorn default is 2)

/callvote maxbots x (For instance: /callvote maxbots 16 to play with a maximum of 16 bots/players). 
Note: It is very unwise to vote for more than 32 bots on a map, unless the map is very large, like most dual objective maps. On a large map you can often go to maxbots 44 without suffering (additional) lag. 
On beach maps it is not a good idea to go beyond 28 bots, except you like to play with heavy lag.

All changes made to the server settings through voting, are only valid for one round, so everything will be reset to the server's default after each round.

And now a little warning: Abuse of the voting system on our servers result in a permanent ban! 
Please don't be so naive to think we won't catch you if you do, because every action/misuse will be logged!

- You won't be surprised to learn that it was Crapshoot (again) who made the new options to the voting system possible. 
Furthermore he tweaked the paths of the bots on the map Hydro Dam 2, so the defending bots won't hurt themselves anylonger when they jump of the building. 

A lot of thanks go to Ken for all his goodies! 

- And finally, this is the full list of maps which you may vote for on five |ToaK| servers (Greenhorn, Greenhorn 2, Custom Maps, Carnage and Speedy):


01 april 2013

11:25 C.E.T.
 - Since we have today April Fools' Day, I've permitted myself a little joke, so that's what the news from yesterday is all about.

I would be a true megalomaniac if I would create 140 servers, especially when we have maybe only 150 active RtcW players left worldwide. (Not to mention the huge costs this would bring, to realize such a project).

But a few things did change though (and this is for real); I've added the maps Tundra Rush beta and Base Rush to the |ToaK|Greenhorn and |ToaK|Custom maps server. These maps can as always be downloaded from our FTP server (section Greenhorn 2 maps).

31 march 2013

16:30 C.E.T.
 - Tomorrow I will shutdown all current |ToaK| servers. 
Don't panic, I only decided that it is a good idea to give every map which is supported by OmniBot its own server.

So instead of 9 servers, you will get over 72 |ToaK| RtcW servers in objective mode, 8 servers in Deathmatch mode and 60 servers in Stopwatch mode, making a total of 140 RtcW servers!

Feel free to comment this step in the guest book.

26 march 2013

19:30 C.E.T.
 - I've replaced on request the map Trench Toast with SF Cobra on the |ToaK|Greenhorn server.
- SF Cobra was thereby removed from the |ToaK|Greenhorn 2 server as was Communique, but I've added the maps Axis Complex, Den of Lions (Dual), Base 3 and TE Escape 2.

All these maps can be downloaded via the download-link from March the 23rd 2013.

23 march 2013

20:25 C.E.T.
 - I've moved 3 maps from the |ToaK|Greenhorn 2 server to the (original) |ToaK|Greenhorn one: Final Deathwish, Back to Carnage and Final Stand beta. 
- I've replaced these 3 maps on the |ToaK|Greenhorn 2 server with: Valor, The River, Wizernes and I've added TE Frostbite to it. 

You can download all mentioned maps in this section of our FTP-Server.

Have fun! 

19 march 2013

19:45 C.E.T.
 - The guys from the OmniBot project are currently very busy improving and polishing the OmniBot code for both RtcW and Enemy Territory.

Martin Crawford and Crapshoot fixed some waypoints and goals for several maps, and as usual I implemented them on all |ToaK| servers.
Thanks guys for your hard and fine work!

11 february 2013

10:30 C.E.T.
 - In an effort to emulate human behaviour by the bots as close as possible, I've changed the bot level settings on most |ToaK| servers.

OmniBot makes it possible to randomize bot level within specified parameters. 
For example Greenhorn bots were set at level 1 (the lowest level possible), and I've changed that into 1-2. 

This means you will encounter, on both Greenhorn servers, bots level 1 and 2 from now on. 
Since it has been randomized, the skill level of each bot will change every round!
I did this to make matches less predictable, and thereby more challenging as before. You can find the set parameters on the server page for each server.

I hope you will enjoy the new settings, and if not, feel free to express yourself via the usual channels.

10 february 2013

14:50 C.E.T.
 - The server maintenance went as planned, and it took indeed the estimated 6 hours. As you will have noticed, all servers are back online since yesterday 14.30 C.E.T.

- Martin Crawford released the OmniBot waypoints for the map Depot 2. 
Although he is not finished tweaking, the map is thanks to his efforts at least playable now. Thank you very much, Martin! :)

The map has been included in the map rotation of the |ToaK|Dual Objective Server, and can be played on the |ToaK|Speedy server after calling a vote as well. 

08 february 2013

22:35 C.E.T.
 - Tomorrow, Saturday February the 9th 2013, I have to perform another server maintenance. This will take some time, maybe up to 6 hours in total. 
Due to this, all servers will be offline from 8:30 C.E.T. until 14:30 C.E.T. 

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but maybe we are lucky, and servers are earlier back online as I estimate now. But if we are unlucky, all will take a bit longer.

03 february 2013

14:15 C.E.T.
 - Crapshoot and I agreed it was about time to reorganize our gameservers.
If you have a look at the server page, you'll see what has been changed:

> We have stopped supporting the Fritzbot and Shrub mods, and thereby closed these two servers.
> There was hardly interest anymore in checkpoint mode, so that server is gone as well.
> The |ToaK|Stopwatch server runs now only objective mode, and was consequently renamed into |ToaK|Custom Maps Server. 
The maps from the terminated |ToaK|Beach Invasions Server are integrated in its map rotation.
> |ToaK|Deathmatch server was abandoned in favor of the |ToaK|Veteran Deathmatch Server.
> The |ToaK|Playground server has been retired.
> On the |ToaK|Greenhorn server were added all remaining classic maps Keep, Chateau, Rocket, Castle, Trench Toast, Das Boot (Sub) and Dam.
> |ToaK|Dual Objective server got two extra maps as well; Soul Portal 2 and Toxic Speedball.
> I readded the map Depot to the |ToaK|Carnage Server.
> Several servers got a new ip-adress. Check our server page for all the details!
> Enabled on all servers voteflag map/match restart. (n.b. Vote-options are visible via game-menu -> call vote)

30 january 2013

15:00 C.E.T.
 - It came to my attention that there is some uncertainty what is, and what is not allowed when joining/playing on the |ToaK| gameservers. 
I always thought, and was thereby maybe a bit naive, that this has to be obvious already what rules have to be followed, since they are pretty common and valid for all gameservers in the world.

I am not someone who is keen to spell these simple rules out, but there are people who need apparently clarity:

1. Have as much fun as possible;
2. Don't harass other players (This includes admins);
3. Don't block your teammates or injure them purposely 
(the latter is applicable on the "friendly fire on" servers);
4. Don't cheat;
5. Play nice.

- The |ToaK|Greenhorn is at the moment usually the most populated server. 
It happens frequently that a majority of the present players agree to have a humans vs. bots match on that server.
This means that all humans take place in one and the same team, opposing the bots. Often the skill level of the bots will then be increased, so a bigger challenge for the human side is guaranteed. 
In this case humans are usually not welcome in the bots-team, since their presence can spoil the match for the humans-only team. 

Now this is important: An admin may decide to move humans who join the bots-only team into the humans-only team. 
If you feel uncomfortable to play with the human team, please go as spectator or leave the server until the humans vs. bots match is over. 

Admins who are able to create such a botmatch are: Crapshoot, Dutch Fury, Laura, Shooty and |ToaK|JD (<-Yes, that's me folks).

- As you may or may not have noticed, I launched another server to celebrate the 0.83 version of OmniBot. This server is a bit special compared to the others. 
Its name already gives you a clue what to expect: |ToaK|Speedy Server (IP adress is

And that's exactly what you will get; high speed action with some nasty bots! 
The skill level of the bots has been randomized, but mostly you will experience some tough matches. 
Another special feature which you will find on this server is this one: If you throw a knife at an enemy and hit him, he will explode immediatly! 
In skilled hands the (throwed) knife is the most powerful short range weapon around.

Furthermore you may vote on this server for any (OmniBot supported) map! You can do this when you open your console and enter the the \callvote map command. 
You can vote for example for the map Den of Lions by entering:
\callvote map denoflions_dual

For a list of supported maps and, if needed, to download them; click here.

28 january 2013

16:10 C.E.T.
 - Everything went fine as expected, so I have updated all remaining |ToaK| OmniBot servers to the latest version 0.83!

27 january 2013

12:55 C.E.T.
 - The best member of our community Crapshoot updated the OmniBot code to 0.83.

For now I've installed it only on the |ToaK| Depot 24/7 server for testing purposes. If all goes well, installment on the other |ToaK| servers will follow soon.

The list of improvents compared to the previous version is very long. But in short; there is no better mod for RtcW than OmniBot 0.83!

15 january 2013

10:45 C.E.T.
 - I have to perform a server maintenance. That means that all servers are offline for a bit. We will be back later today

15.00 C.E.T. - All servers are back online.

30 november 2012

14:55 C.E.T
 - As promised earlier, I've setup a special Xmas server for the holiday season.
Its name is, surprise surprise; |ToaK|X-mas (24/7), and it can be found on ip-adress:

The only map which is running (in stopwatch-mode), is the special christmas version of Beach. 
Friendly fire is ON, and at the 7th of January 2013 this server will go offline again.

Grab the map here, and have fun!: 

17 november 2012

19:00 C.E.T
 - Thanks to Crapshoot the bots will emulate the diversity in human skills from now on even more closely than before.

You can experience this if you play on the |ToaK|Depot 24/7 server. 
Although the skill setting for this server is still set to "normal", you will encounter noobish bots, regular ones and above normal skilled bots. 

I find the bots do emulate a server filled with only humans very well. 
Humans are not even skilled, and that is exactly what you can expect now from the bots! 

14 november 2012

14:40 C.E.T
 - Sigh, our provider gave us another IP-adresss for our servers (again).

It is now for all RtcW-servers:
The |ToaK|FTP-server can be found on:

So please update your favorites/bookmarks accordingly.

Or if you manually want to connect for instance to our Depot 24/7 server, enter into your console from RtcW: 

I apologize for all the inconvenience this may cause, but there isn't much I can do about it. 

And as always; just have a look at the server-page if you want more detailed information.   

11 november 2012

23:40 C.E.T
 - I have created and activated a mapsrotation for the |ToaK|Veteran Deathmatch Server. It has 8 maps including Communique. 
Settings have not been changed, so the bots are still nasty, and friendly fire is as always on.

- Readded the map Destruction to the |ToaK|Greenhorn Server.

- Changed skill level from bots on the |ToaK|Playground Server from normal to random. 
This means you will encounter on every map different skilled bots. (So easy, normal and elite bots). 
This is to emulate a human populated server, where you can expect the same.

Have a look at the server-page for all the details.  

23 october 2012

20:35 C.E.T
 - Our royal nOObness a.k.a. nOOb lOOps created for us a special ToaK Video Channel on YouTube!
His first uploads are from a match last saturday on the |ToaK|Greenhorn server. 
Other uploads will follow soon.

It is great stuff and is really fun to watch. It is like good old Wolf-TV from the past.
You can watch the channel here 

Nice job amigo! 

17 august 2012

14:00 C.E.T
 - I have added 6 maps to the new |ToaK|Greenhorn 2 server. 
15 maps in total are in rotation now.
You can download them here: 

- I stumbled on a single player version of the classic map beach: 

This is a stealth mission.

You are a lone commando who needs to infiltrate a bunker on a axis occupied beachhead to steal some secret docs.
Watch it tho, you must not alarm the guards, because as soon as they discover you, game is over!

By the way, you must also blow up 2 objectives. (but I won't tell you which one, I don't want to spoil it for you).

You will get backup after stealing the docs. Return to the landingboats asap.
If you want to play this rather nice single player map, grab it here:  

16 august 2012

09:40 C.E.T
 - I made a second Greenhorn Server, which runs solely custom made maps.
You can find it on IP-adress: All the maps can be downloaded from our FTP- Server.

The settings are identical to the original |ToaK|Greenhorn server.

- The |ToaK|Shrub mod server is relocated to:

14 august 2012

13:45 C.E.T
 - It is almost unbelieveable, but Crapshoot never gets tired finding new ways to tweak and optimize the OmniBot code. 
Today I've copied all of his latest hard work to all |ToaK| OmniBot servers. Thanks again Ken!

And as usual: Should you encounter bugs while playing on the |ToaK| servers, please report them to us via our e-mail adress. 

By the way, you people really should try Soul Portal 2 and the latest map additions (from this year 2012) from Martin Crawford. 
They are truly nice maps, and the bots will give you a very good match!  

You can find them on the:
|ToaK|Dual Objective server (Wolf 2Fort and Delivery), 
|ToaK|Stopwatch server (Adler Nest b2, Resurrection, Castle Siege and Garage) 
|ToaK|Playground server (TE Mitchell Down and Soul Portal 2). (Remember: You may vote on this server for any OmniBot compatible map!) 

15:50 C.E.T - Martin Crawford also sacrificed a lot of free time to make another map playable with the Omnibot bots. 
This time he released sf_cobra. Like the map destruction this is a street battle map, only sf_cobra looks better.

You can play it on the |ToaK|Checkpoint server. Thanks Martin!

11 august 2012

18:10 C.E.T
 - Crapshoot added a "new" (bot supported) map to the map-rotation of the Playground server: This time it is the map Soul Portal 2. 

It is likely you may find some flaws, but this is normal with every new release. 
This map is very complicated to waypoint, and Ken deserves a big applause for that he realized a fully playable map. 
Feel free to give feedback if you find oddities. 

01 august 2012

20:10 C.E.T
 - Lucky for us, the guys from OmniBot utilize the summer vacation for our benefit: 

- Martin Crawford released the bot support code for the map TE Mitchell Down, which can be played from now on the |ToaK|PlayGround server. 
- Crapshoot improved and optimized a lot of existing code. This means for the players that you may encounter some changes on several classic maps . 

Nice work Martin & Ken, thank you very much for all your efforts!

02 july 2012

11:25 C.E.T
 - Busy bee Crapshoot used his spare time to optimize and tweak the OmniBot code. 
Some of them affect bots-behaviour in certain circumstances. Other fixes optimize the code itself.

All |ToaK|OmniBot servers run on the new code from now on. Should you encounter oddities, please report them to me via the regular channels. 
Thanks in advance. 

27 may 2012

15:00 C.E.T
 - Shooty requested me to change the bot level on the |ToaK|PlayGround back to 4 (instead of 6). 
Since hardly anyone plays on that server, I decided to follow his suggestion.
So from now on the bots on |ToaK|PlayGround are set back to normal skill. 

I like to emphasize that this server is rather unique in comparison with other servers: It is the only bot server where the voteflag is set to 255! 
So you may vote for almost anything, You may even order a pizza! (At least if you can find the proper command to do that)

17 may 2012

12:55 C.E.T
 - Remember the bet setting which runs already a while on the Depot 24/7 server?
Well, it has a rather nice new feature:

Crapshoot made it possible to buy yourself for 50 credits a parachute, which can be used once a life.
(You start a game with 50 credits). 

With help of the parachute you may fall from great heights without being hurt.
(It won't protect you from enemy bullets of course.)
You need to press your "use" key mid-air to activate it.

If you want to use the parachute, you must enter this command in your console: /buy para.

Here is the full list, which gives you a overview what the betting system contains:

/bet <partial name match> <num credits> - /bet crapshoot 100 
(*crapshoot is an example nickname)
/accept for accepting a bet. - /accept
/buy <item> - /buy health or /buy ammo 
or /buy para : cost = 50 credits and limited to once per life
/mycredits to display how many credits you currently have.

note: you earn one credit per kill and 10 credits for completing objectives.
note: credits reset to 50 when a round starts

If you have 100000 credits, you may enter /buy dutch fury, to get a date with her.

The betting system is from now on enabled on all |ToaK| OmniBot servers.

11 may 2012

21:40 C.E.T
 - Not everyone seems to like the new taunts. If you really find them annoying, go to your omnibot map and remove the sdmvsaymenu.pk3. Then disable your autodownloads in your RtcW multiplayer setup menu, and the new taunts are gone again. This weekend I will remove the mod from the |ToaK| servers, so they will stop trying to upload it to your computer. So if you want to use it, you have to download it from our FTP-Server and install it manually. 

13:25 C.E.T - I have added the following pk3 files to all |ToaK| servers:
sdmvsaymenu.pk3 and scope.pk3. 

The first pk3 file contains alot of new taunts for your vsay menu. So if you press V, new taunt options will be available to you.
The scope.pk3 file adds a red dot to your scope view of the Mauser sniper rifle.

If you allow downloads in your RtcW multiplayer setup menu, then both files will be placed automatically in your omnibot map.
And in case you get an error after downloading these files; just restart the game, and all will be fine.

- nOOb lOOps added quite a few nicknames from former players on the old Happy Penguin Classic server to the OmniBot names list. I have copied the most of them to the lists we already use. Thanks for your efforts amigo!

- Luckily for us RtcW-gamers, Crapshoot is not tired yet of tweaking and optimizing the OmniBot code for one of the best multiplayer games in the world. The results of his hard work will soon to be released on all |ToaK| servers, probably even this weekend.

08 may 2012

14:40 C.E.T - Martin Crawford added a map to the list of OmniBot compatible maps. 
This time it is wolf_2fort.

Since it is a dual objective map, it runs on the |ToaK|Dual Objective maps server.
I never played this map before, but it doesn't look bad at all.

07 may 2012

22:20 C.E.T - Crapshoot performed some updates to the OmniBot-code. 
He also tweaked waypoints for several maps, but mainly for the map Depot. I think he did (as always) a tremendous job! 

All his improvements can be found on the |ToaK|servers. 

25 april 2012

23:15 C.E.T - The |ToaK|PlayGround server was transformed to a server with Elite-skilled bots (level 6 out of 7).
Better enter it only if you are a very good player yourself!

Maxlives is 26, friendly fire is now ON, maps are all classic ones. But you may still vote for a map of your preference.
Mapsrotation will discontinue though until server restart. The gametype can be changed via voting as well. 

21 april 2012

16:10 C.E.T - I have updated all the links to the |ToaK|FTP-Server. 
If you want to play a map which you don't have in your rtcw/map directory, download it from there. Your transfer-speed will be much higher than if you would download the same map from within the game. (n.b. Download speed depends on your connection though.)

- Furthermore I have added some maps to both the |ToaK|Stopwatch and the |ToaK|PlayGround server.

- I am quite happy to report that the transfer from all |ToaK| servers went very well. The bandwith from our new isp is superior to our old one, which means everybody should have less lag, especially people who have a bad ping to our gameservers. 
Until now I got only positive feedback, and every person who I interviewed reported a smoother gameplay.
I want to thank everyone who gave/gives me (moral) support, and I do hope we continue to have a lot of fun altogether on the |ToaK|servers!

18 april 2012

19:10 C.E.T  -  We have a new provider, since the old one lacked proper support. This means we have a new IP-adress for all servers!

Please have a look at our server-page for all info.
(Note: Most links to files etc. are not updated yet. I will update them a.s.a.p.)

17 april 2012

23:55 C.E.T  - Despite all my efforts, currently no stable connection to the ToaK servers is anylonger possible. I will file a complaint at my ISP. I continue to do anything within my power to reinstate everything the way it was.
Until then, all servers will be offline. Sorry guys and gals.

16 april 2012

16:45 C.E.T. - It seems that all problems we had yesterday and earlier today, are over. 
Our provider gave us back the bandwith we need to maintain the 13 |ToaK| game servers plus the |ToaK| FTP-server.
Let us keep our fingers crossed that everything remains stable. 

19:25 C.E.T. - Sigh, after more than 2 hours solid connection, everything is laggy again. Shutdown 10 servers, I presume the rest must follow soon. 
Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is beyond my control.

15 april 2012

18:35 C.E.T. - Because of sudden lag-issues I have taken all ToaK servers offline. I am on it. Please be patient.

21:35 C.E.T. - There are still some serious problems. For the moment only the |ToaK|Depot 24/7 server is online. 

22.20 C.E.T. - Sadly even 1 server seems to be too much to handle for our provider, so I had to shutdown it again. We need more patience. I hope we will be back within 24 hours.

27 march 2012

- I have removed the map Delivery from the |ToaK|Fritzbot server, and the bots playing there are now easier to beat.

- Martin Crawford made another map compatible with OmniBot, and the map is this time: mp_garage.
You can find it in the rotation on the |ToaK|PlayGround server. Thanks again Martin for your efforts!


26 february 2012

- I have taken down the |ToaK|Test server, since the testing results of the new maps are pretty clear to me now. 
Although the map Delivery has still a little flaw, it seems stable enough. It has therefor being added to the |ToaK|Dual Objective server. 
The other tested map (Castle Siege) proved itself good enough to be added to the |ToaK|StopWatch server.

- In its place a new OmniBot server has been launched: |ToaK|PlayGround. This server is rather unique. It is standard running the map Beach Invasion in stopwatch mode. Friendly fire is off, the bots are veteran (skill level 5), maxlives is 26, and you may vote for any map which is OmniBot compatible!

23 february 2012

- Thanks to my dear friend Crapshoot, the little bug concerning the bot-medics who refuse to revive after the bot_gib was set to 0, has been repaired.
So from now on the bots on the |ToaK|Greenhorn server won't try to gib enemy players.

- I've added some interesting files to the |ToaK|FTP server:
Beside the tons of maps and the patched wolf_mp.exe (the one which allowes you to see all RtcW 1.41b servers again in your internal gamebrowser), you will find the Pathfinder 1. 4 (External Gamebrowser for RtcW), and the directory Return to Castle Wolfenstein v1.4 Multiplayer Pack (2012).

This pack is meant for everyone who wants to play RtcW 1.41b online again, but can't find his/hers original cd's anymore. 
The pack does not contain the singleplayer part of RtcW though. If you want to play that as well, you need to buy it on Steam. Its ususal price is $9.99/€9,99. 

I don't take credit for the RtcW 1.4 MP pack; it was downloaded from Wolffiles.deand the included tutorial/manual for installing PunkBuster was written by Man-At-Arms. I am only hosting it for your convenience. I presume the pack itself was made by Fietser. Nice job by the way Fietser!

N.b.: If you only play on the |ToaK| servers, then there is no need to follow the PunkBuster installation procedure. We don't use PunkBuster anylonger.

22 february 2012

I made a server to try out two "new" maps: Castle Siege and Delivery.
The name of this new one is |ToaK|Test Server.

A lot of thanks go to Martin Crawford for his awesome job on the bots on these maps!

21 february 2012

Sadly I had to undo some of the changes made as announced yesterday. They caused a unwanted side effect: Bot-Medics wouldn't revive their teammembers anymore.

Until this bug in the code has been solved, all settings remain the way they where. Only the team-swapping after each round on the |ToaK|Depot 24/7 stays.

20 february 2012

After request I performed some minor changes to two servers:
- On the |ToaK|Depot 24/7 server, the teams swap after each round instead of after two rounds. 
- The other change is that on this server and the |ToaK|Greenhorn one, bots won't attempt to gib enemy players anylonger.

Should you dislike these changes, please reflect it as usual via the proper channels. 

28 january 2012

The guys from S4ndmod created an alternative masterserver, since it is unlikely the original one from RtcW will return to duty.

To make use of this new master server, you must download this zip file. 
After download, open the RTCW_1.41b_patched_master.zip, extract the WolfMP.exefile and overwrite the original one which can be found in your RtcW directory. (It may be a good idea to make a backup of the original file first)
All credits for creating this patched exe goes to S4ndm4nn. Thanks man!  

21 january 2012

Today I got an e-mail from one of our regular visitors, who was unable to get a server-list in the ingame-browser from the RtcW master server.

When I checked, I had the same problem, so it seems the RtcW master server is down after more than 10 years active duty.

But don't panic, you can still visit the |ToaK| servers.

Have a look a this page how you can overcome this little inconvenience: 
For a list of ip-adresses:  

07 january 2012

First of all I want to wish all of you a (belated) happy new year!
I truly hope that everyone will continue to visit (and play on) our servers.

As already announced on december the 4th, today the special X-Mas server has been taken offline. Don't be sad, it will return in december.

04 december 2011

- I have updated all |ToaK| Omnibot servers to the latest beta release of this great mod. (=0.82b)
On the Greenhorn, Depot 24/7, Team Deathmatch, Veteran Deathmatch and Checkpoints servers you may pick up every weapon found on the map, regardless your class.
Normal and smoke-grenades and cannisters are kickable on all |ToaK| servers.
(Bot)Medics will always try to give you 2 medikits after a revive. 
Every class has binoculars now, but only lt's can use them to call artillery.

- Introducing a new server: |ToaK|X-mas(24/7). This server will be only available during the holidays until January the 6th 2012. It runs solely ff_xmas_beach2. Friendly fire is on, maxlives is 26, and you can pick up every weapon.

28 november 2011

- Crapshoot fixed some issues found in the latest beta release of OmniBot. He implemented them already on the |ToaK|Depot 24/7 server. 
(This guy is as fast as Speedy Gonzales with the fixing. I think I will send him a big cheese as a X-mas present this year.)

- I've updated the |ToaK|Veteran Deathmatch server with the newest beta release. On this server you can take all weapons found on the battlefield. So medics can for instance take a panzerfaust. 

Furthermore you may vote now for another map. It is wise to vote for a map which is deathmatch compatible, which are: Depot, Sub, Base, Base 3, Communique, Assault, Village, Destruction, Ice and Trench Toast. 
If you don't, the bots won't play well.

27 november 2011

I've installed the OmniBot 0.82beta mod on the |ToaK|Depot 24/7 server. Thanks Crapshoot for your awesome work! 
In case you experience oddities, please report them to me via the normal channels. 

12 november 2011

I've changed the voting settings on most OmniBot servers. From now on you are not only allowed to vote for the next map/round, but you may also vote to kick (human) players and swap teams.

18 october 2011

The waypoints on the map Depot have been optimized by nOOb lOOps and Crapshoot. The goal was to emulate the old Happy Penguin Classic server as close as possible. And in my humble opinion; they've reached their goal.
Defense of both objectives by the bots got more tight, so human players need to work even closer together to win the game. These changes can be found on our |ToaK|Depot 24/7 server. Thanks guys!

11 october 2011

- Launched a new server: |ToaK|Veteran Deathmatch Server. This one is not for the faint of heart. Enter it only if you like a real challenge!
Bot-skill is set on 5 (out of max. of 7). This server is still in beta-phase. That means I am not ready tweaking. Changes will continue to be made. Currently it runs solely the map Communique, also known as Base 2. Friendly fire is ON.

- The |ToaK| servers which have so called normal skilled bots on it, were upscaled one level. This means bots have now level 4 instead of 3 (out of 7). This was done because bots will then defend the way they suppose to.
Of course this will add a bit more challenge for human players. In case you dislike these new settings, feel free to express yourself via the regular channels (shoutbox, ingame or ). If I get a lot of complains, I may set it back to level 3.

By the way, the |ToaK|Greenhorn server remains to have bots set on level 1.

- Yesterday I forgot to mention that Crapshoot made it also possible for spectators to global chat. Previously this was already possible, but players weren't be able to read what spectators wrote in global chat. Spectators were limited to write private messages to individual players when they wanted to communicate with them. This has been corrected now.  

10 october 2011

- Crapshoot worked hard again on several codes. He fixed some little bugs in the OmniBot code, and optimized waypoints for the maps Depot and Wroclaw. He added some important goodies as well: If you pick up another submachinegun, it will contain the full amount of ammo from its previous owner. So from now on it will include also the reserve-clips.
From all of us: Thanks Ken. 

- The creators of PunkBuster (EvenBalance) have dropped their support for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory, and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. All relevant sections on the PunkBuster website have been removed. It seems that streaming support will continue for the time being. (Source: Wolfenstein4ever). 

This news has no consequences for the |ToaK| servers though, since Punkbuster was already deactivated on all of them. Hackers and smartasses will be removed manually by the |ToaK| admins, as usual.

For more info about the new mod, visit the OmniBot website.

28 december 2010

I've added today a server hints page with some useful hints and tips concerning the |ToaK|OmniBot Server. 
Check it out to learn more about the server and its settings.

27 december 2010

I hope you people had a great Christmas and that you enjoyed the bonus map ff_xmas_beach2. As announced before, I removed today this map from the maps-rotation, because X-mas is over now.
The order of the 7 maps has been slightly changed. Have a look at the server-page for the exact order.

20 december 2010

Introducing the map ff_xmas_beach2 to the maps-rotation. But it is only online for the X-Mas holidays. Grab it at the |ToaK|FTP-Server.

27 november 2010

Hardware problems make it impossible to maintain a second server without (occasional) heavy lag. Until the faulty hardware has been replaced, only the map-rotation server on ip adress (|ToaK|OmniBot Server) will be continued.

26 november 2010

I've managed to repair some of the hardware issues. The server on IP-adress is therefore back online, but will run for now only the map Depot.
Its new name is|ToaK|OmniBot Depot Server (24/7). 
The maximum amount of bots on this server is 32.

The other one remains to be a maps-rotation server. To make that clear, it has been renamed in |ToaK|OmniBot Maps-Rotation Server.
The maximum amount of bots on this server is 22. (One exception though: Maximum of 40 bots on Den of Lions, because it is a huge map).

22 november 2010

Due to hardware issues I was forced to pull out the plug out of server nr.1 until further notice.

Server nr. 2 was renamed to |ToaK|OmniBot Server for the time being. Its IP-adress was left untouched (=

Two maps from server nr.1, Depot and Tram, have been transferred to the remaining server.

A full list of running maps have been published on the server page. (This list and the order of maps is not final).

The main benefit of this operation is less lag while playing. The disadvantage is obvious, you'll have less choice left.

Furthermore HP members and other users of extended ASCII characters in their nickname, can play again with their nicks without being kicked by PunkBuster.

7 november 2010

I've moved the map Normandy Breakout to |ToaK| Server nr.2.

6 november 2010

I've updated the server page. Furthermore the |ToaK|FTP-Server is now official available. (As alternative download location for the needed maps)

But you'll need a ftp-client to use it. Or at least a ftp-compatible browser, like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Meanwhile Crapshoot and myself updated both Omnibot servers to version 0.81 (final beta).

In case you experience irregularities while playing on the servers: Exit the game and remove your omnibot-map in your RtcW-directory, and enable download in your RtcW-menu. Everything should work now.

15 october 2010

Today reached me via our guestbook very sad news. My dear RtcW game-buddy Bryce Jacobs a.k.a. |AoD|Leadsoup passed away from lung cancer at the 13th of October 2010.

I will remember him as a awesome man with a high dose of sense of humour, and as a great gamer with a good heart. 

I will miss him, as his departure is a tremendous loss for both his family as well as for the RtcW-community. 

I wish his family, and in particular his widow and his son LeadSoupJr, much strength and love in these difficult times.

Rest in Peace, dear Bryce. 

12 october 2010

Added today the map Wizernes to the server |ToaK|OmniBot nr.2. You can download it here.

Have fun!

11 october 2010

I've updated server nr.1 to Omnibot version 0.81Beta. I think it is stable enough to run it now.

There are many shrub-like features which have been realized by good old Crapshoot.

I already mentioned /gp and /sg for the lieutenants. Lieutenants get now informed about the ammo-status of each teammember who is in close range.

Medics can poison-kill enemies with their syringe. 

Teammembers can share ammo if in need. For example: enter in your console /giveammo 32. (This way you give 32 bullets to your selected teammember)

People who experience oddities, like; no hitsound although you've downloaded the needed 
ob_media.pk3 and entered /cg_hitsounds 1 in your console:

Remove the old omnibot directory and login to one of the |ToaK|-servers. Exit again after 1 minute and copy ob_media.pk3 to your omnibot map. 

Let me know via the usual channels in case you experience major difficulties. 

Have fun!

09 october 2010

For now I've changed OmniBot Server 2 into a Test-Server which runs 4 "new" maps. Well, new to OmniBot anyway.

Server 1 will continue to run OmniBot 0.72 with the classic maps plus Normandy Breakout.

Server 2 will run Omnibot 0.81Beta with the (dual objective) maps: 

1. Market Garden (Grab it here)

2. Hydro-dam_v2 (Grab it here)
3. Tank (Grab it here)
4. Den of Lions (Grab it here)

Some new goodies have been implemented like grenade-packs and smoke grenades for lieutenants. (Enter in your console respectively /gp and /sg)

Please remember: Both Omnibot and the server are in beta phase, so the bots
 and the server itself may show erratic behaviour!

Many thanks go to Crapshoot for his tremendous work in updating this great mod!

30 september 2010

Today it's official. The good old HPC server has been retired. This is a sad moment, but hardly unexpected.

I will cherish the memories of the great games I had with its players on this awesome server.  

R.I.P. Happy Penguin Classic. 

29 june 2010

I've started a poll, in which you may express your preferences concerning the |ToaK| servers.

Another way to express your opinion/complaints/suggestions is to e-mail us or via other proper channels. 
You can also adress one of us while playing.

28 june 2010

Added: kaiser to our photo-album.

24 june 2010

As promised I wanted to add a lot of "new" maps to the server. 
But doing so, the maps-rotation would contain too many maps.

That's why I started a second server, named |ToaK|OmniBot nr.2 (Custom Maps). It's exactly on the same ip-adress as the previous server (=

There are 16 custom maps on that server, and like the original one, you can skip maps/rounds by entering in your console: /callvote nextmap.

|ToaK|OmniBot nr.1 (Classic Maps) contain all 15 original mp-maps as provided by Activision, plus the map Normandy Breakout. Ip-adress =

So, from now on you can play 32 maps in total! 

Please have a look at the server-page for more info about both servers. You'll find 
custom maps download-links on that page as well.

Have fun! 

21 june 2010

Tweaked the server: 

- 24 bots are filling the server now (instead of 28). I think it will cause less lag with some maps this way.
- Introducing 4 maps to the rotation: Projekt Schwalbe (mp_schwalbe), 
Church (mml_church_v1), Axis Complex (axis_complex), Steinburg (mp_pburg)
- Re-added Beach Invasion (mp_beach). 

More maps will be added soon after testing.

09 june 2010

Since yesterday stopwatch-mode has been activated on the |ToaK| Omni-bot server. That means every map runs twice before switching to the next one (unless you skip it manually by voting). Not every map uses the stopwatch, but most do. 

I hope this adds more fun to the server.  

31 may 2010

I took the last Fritzbot server offline because of performance issues. If you run Fritzbot in standard settings, everything works fine. But the moment you tweak settings, several problems occure after a while.
If you want to play with the Fritzbot bots, I would recommend you to visit the SPQR or Castle Warbitz server (or just create your own one). 

Although Omni-bot isn't free of bugs either, it's in the end more stable and tweakable. And more important; Omni-bot is still in development. 
There will be a new release very soon, which will contain support for even more maps (Market Garden, Tank, etc.). Problems with the map Beach Invasion and some other maps should be solved as well.

I welcome Crapshoot as new admin in our team, he is an Omni-bot expert, and he is involved in the development of this great mod. 

19 may 2010

There are some serious long term stability issues with Fritzbot and the map Market Garden.

Until I find a way to solve it, the map Market Garden is disabled on the Fritzbot Server.

The Fritzbot Regular Bots server with the map Depot is thereby back online.

Punkbuster is re-enabled on the OmniBot Server, to discourage potential hackers and blockers.

17 may 2010

I tweaked the settings on both servers today. I've disabled Punkbuster on the Omni-Bot server to help gamers out who get kicked for vague/unknown reasons.

And I've transformed the Fritzbot Veteran Bot server in one with regular skilled bots instead of veteran ones. The map is still Market Garden.

These measures are experimental. If things don't work out properly, I will change it back the way they were.

05 may 2010

- Updated
 Data from HP Cryo.

Adjusted the |ToaK|Omni-Bot server:

It runs currently 15 maps (in this order):

Normandy Breakout

Furthermore you may enter in your console /callvote nextmap to skip the current playing map. Bots won't vote, so if you are playing alone, the next map will appear. 
Remark: Humans may vote, so it is possible, your call won't get the majority to skip the map if more players are present.

The Omni-Bot server is running in a "Happy Penguin Emulation" mode. So the bots have the name of real gamers, who were (in the past) frequently around on HPC. 
I think this adds a more faithful environment
 to the server.
I've added a black dot to their names, to prevent that the real owners of the nicknames get kicked by punkbuster for stealing their own name, in case they want to play on the Omni-Bot server.
Special thanks go to nOOb-lOOps for making the list of names. 

By the way; I've taken down the Fritzbot Regular server until further notice. 
I feel forced to take this step to improve the connection between the game-clients and both surviving servers, and to prevent lag as much as possible.

Since Omni-bot does not support the map Market-Garden, the Fritzbot veteran server (which runs exclusively that map) was left untouched.

Hans a.k.a. |ToaK|JD

17 march 2010

Hi again,

Several people found already their way to the  |ToaK| servers. We had some nice games, and all participants felt we were gaming like in the good old days. 

Still, Fritzbot has its issues.

That's why a 3rd server was added by me, this time it's a Omni-Bot Mod Server. (I.P. adress

Fritzbot is a relative old bot-mod which final update is from 2006. The main designer/programmer of Fritzbot discontinued this mod for personal reasons. Since then, nothing was changed/updated.

Meanwhile Omni-Bot continued, and several people who had previously worked on Fritzbot, joined the Omni-Bot project. The latest Omnibot (stable) release is from 2009. Back in 2005 Fritzbot was superior to Omni-Bot, but 4 years development did Omnibot good. The bots feel more human than their Fritzbot-counterparts. Some shrub-mod goodies, like throwable knives and Private messages have been integrated as well within Omni-Bot.

I am more familiar with Fritzbot, so I will need time to tweak the settings on this 3rd server. So give me the opportunity to sort things out. There are some minor issues, but i am convinced that in time they all will be solved. For now the new server looks stable, so it's fully playable. 

There is also good news for Mac-Users of RtcW. Unlike Fritzbot, Omni-bot seems to be compatible with Mac-computers. 

Bad news is that two favorite maps of mine, namely Tank and Market Garden, not have been implemented yet in Omni-Bot. 

Have fun, and remember, us |ToaK| admins always welcome feedback! 

Hans a.k.a. |ToaK|JD

12 march 2010

Hello people, 

It was about time to update the website. And I have got some real news for you: 

The unthinkable has happened.

I've launched two RtcW servers on the 6th of March 2010. The first 7 days I've tested them out, before going public, which is now the case.

Although I in the past already played with the idea to start an own server, in the end I rejected the plan, because there were enough fine servers around.

Sadly the last six months, the amount of servers for RtcW went back rapidly. The ones who still exist have trouble to attract and hold people. 
For example Happy Penguin Classic, my personal favorite server, is rarely filled with players nowadays.

Since i am 46, and already an old man, this broke my heart (I expect to see some tears in your eyes now, this is real shakespeare-drama).

That's why I took the initiative to start these two servers, partially filled with bots, to give gamers the opportunity to continue to play this game online, an attempt to revive the shrinking RtcW community.

Why filling the servers with bots?
Well that's easy. There are enough empty servers around, and let us be honest, you don't want to join an empty server.

The good thing about bots is that there are already enough players present,  to have some real action. 
The bad thing is; they are not humans. So true teamplay can't be expected from them. They follow their prefixed script/waypoints, and that's all.

This sounds a bit dull, but luckily, it isn't that bad. You'll notice that even if you would play alone against the bots, fun games are already possible.

Why 2 servers?
The server with the so called regular bots is intented for people who just want to have a simple fun game. The bots don't shoot too well, and are somewhat slower in their reaction. Still, don't underestimate them, they are capable of killing you, and to pose a threat against your objective.

Standard the "regular" server will run the map Depot with 26 bots, leaving 6 slots free for human players. My goal is to lower the amount of bots, as soon as it attract more human players. The other admins and myself will keep an eye on the servers, to give (real) people the opportunity to play here. 

The other server is a different story; it is filled with veteran bots. They are nasty, and their accuracy is far beyond normal skill. This server is intented for players who like a challenge and who like teamplay. Because teamplay (with other humans) is what you'll need to defeat the opposite team.

Standard the "veteran" server will run the map Market Garden. Same amount of bots, and same intentions/strategy as on the "regular" server.

Do the servers run the shrub-mod?
No, you can't run 2 mod's simultanously in RtcW. Fritzbot is already a mod, thereby you can't run shrub or any other mod. So you can't have more nades for medics, no poisoning, no kickable airstrikes, no grenadepacks, no smokegrenades and no throwable knives. But at least you can shoot!

Still, there are some other features which you will find in this mod. For instance every class has binoculars. But as always, only a lieutenant can order airstrikes with them.

Furthermore there is one new weapon which you can handle, and that is the fg42 rifle from the single player game. This gun is a kind of quick-firing sniper rifle. It is only available for soldiers.

Some quick hints about dealing with the bots:

If you need ammo, approach a lieutenant from your team and press v22. If he can, he will give you ammo. Same with healthpacks (v21). But here you should ask a medic from your team. :p 
Sometimes they seem to ignore you. In that case; just ask again, and again, and again..... I think you get the picture.

And if you want to know who is a bot and who is human, just type  \PB_PList   in your console to get a list of current players. The ones with SBOT in front of their name are not human.

If you want to learn more about Fritzbot, please visit http://fritzbot.bots-united.com/.

By the way, currently there are 6 admins, and 1 reserve-admin.

They are:
|Toak|JD (that's me folks)
Doc Holiday


If you have requests, like running another map, just adress them in a proper way, and they might fulfil your request.

A final note: 

I have no intention to "steal" gamers from other servers. But in my humble opinion it is time to discontinue pulling a dead horse. I prefer to play on servers without bots, but on this very moment, they are a necessity to relive the old online gaming experience.
Have fun, and remember: The admins of the |ToaK| servers are always willing to listen to suggestions. So if you have some good ones, express yourself! Only humans can make this initiative a success!

Hans (|ToaK|JD)

p.s. Click on server for the server i.p. adresses

28 july 2009

Added: [HP]Soldat

3 june 2009

Sadly in the last few months we experienced some difficulties with our account. 
Therefore we were unable to receive e-mails regarding our website.
Since it just recently came to our attention, we couldn't meet the demands with requests posted between February-May 2009. 
If there should be any additions and/or changes to our website, please notify us a.s.a.p.
 Thanks in advance. 
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Added: GDC29(MUDMAN)

29 january 2009

Updated: Dutch Fury

21 january 2009

Added: BoB
Added: ThePoison{KING}

5 january 2009

Updated: [HP]Hawkeye Pierce

18 november 2008

Added: JaNo.CL

2 october 2008

Updated: Who are |ToaK|?

14 september 2008

Added: HACHI

12 september 2008

Updated: [HP]MTL_Killer

09 september 2008

Added: Dutch Fury

07 september 2008


31 august 2008


20 august 2008

Added: |ToaK|Shelley

18 august 2008

Added: [HP]Jughe@d

14 august 2008

Added: OTTO

12 august 2008

Added: [HP]Krotchy!
Added: Obezman

08 august 2008

Added: [HP]<.MOSES.>

01 august 2008

Updated: dr watson

27 june 2008

Added: PappaBonner
Updated: |ToaK|JD

22 june 2008

Added: [[[Mad.Maximus]]]
Updated: Happy Penguin Classic Server adress

03 may 2008

Updated: [HP]Keith
Added:    Death
Added:    Nicoli

03 april 2008

Updated: |AoD| SiN

25 march 2008

Added: HP (PVo)Scourge

Updated: [HP]Zaelle

02 february 2008

Added: Michalobe+
           HP Kashira(USA)

12 january 2008

Updated: BlackHawK

10 january 2008

Updated: [HP]CockNBalls
Updated: [HP]Youngchic

06 january 2008

Updated: [HP]Terminator

29 december 2007

Updated: >>>ToaKcu99<<<

28 december 2007

Updated: CT9A/EVO

15 december 2007

Updated: [HP]DoubleDutch

24 november 2007

Added: +=RM=+dr watson

21 november 2007

Added: p.a.r.r.a.(CH)

18 november 2007

Updated: >>>ToaKcu99<<<

17 november 2007

Added: [HP]Terminator
Updated: [HP]Slayer^Chaos

11 november 2007

Updated: [HP]Lara23

28 october 2007

Added: SuPeRPuZZy

26 october 2007

Updated: ||6||Sixpack

06 october 2007

Added: <^JAFC^> Frylock
Updated: Avfan1

28 september 2007

Added: Gain of 20*HFT*
Updated: kgb.gararin/nl

21 september 2007

Updated: !A*D!Carb*mb'

19 september 2007

Added: Avfan1
Added: =HP=guywithamac

22 august 2007

Added: Babystewie
Added: Talon

04 august 2007

Added: Red

03 august 2007

Some additions to JD's blog

26 july 2007

Added: Suncrazed

16 july 2007

Added: (PmR)dAkinE


15 july 2007

Added: [HP]Lz-Xray

08 july 2007

Added: Jose_Chung

06 july 2007

Updated: [HP]Morphine

30 june 2007

Added: Link to JD's blog (Facts and fiction about HPC-players)


26 june 2007

Added: Hammerheim


21 june 2007

Updated: >HP


18 june 2007

Added: Tam-Tam-Go!***

17 june 2007

Added: kgb/gagarin.nl
Updated: [HP]Zaelle


17 may 2007

Updated: CrazyDiamond
Updated: [HP]Slayer^Chaos

16 may 2007


15 may 2007

Added: [HP]Morphine

11 may 2007

Updated: Hated

10 may 2007

Updated: [FuN]JoE_DiE

24 april 2007

Added:  CrazyDiamond
Added:  Darkmastrekiller

19 april 2007

Added:  !A*D!Carb*mb'

18 april 2007

Added:  (TBAR)MsB

5 april 2007

Added:  Desert Eagle


1 april 2007

Since we both lack any sense of humor, we have today only serious additions and updates.  Sorry:

Added:    BritneySpears
Updated: KILLER7

24 march 2007

Updated: [HP]Sucky $5
Updated: [HP]ShAmElE$$

22 march 2007

Updated: [HP]Zippo

16 march 2007

Added: [HP]Sucky $5
Added: [HP]ShAmElE$$

10 march 2007

Added: TiNiO_UK_Forza_Milan

01 march 2007

Added: StepTickTank

24 february 2007

Added: Hexe
Updated: [HP]Milk*Man

22 february 2007

Updated: (PmR) DeathIn-June

21 february 2007

Added: KILLER7

20 february 2007


08 february 2007

Added: [HP]LasEr Cats Meow!

05 february 2007

Updated: |ToaK|JD[TF]


03 february 2007

Updated: [HP]Walter
Updated: [_SBR_>LilJackHorner

16 december 2006

Added: Def1ant

10 december 2006

Updated page: Who are |ToaK|?

01 december 2006

Added: [HP]Keith
Added: (PMR)Yumz

20 november 2006


16 november 2006

Added: |AoD| Akuma
Added: Lo)bo

08 november 2006

Added: Sir_Nitro

04 november 2006

Updated: LaraCroft22

31 october 2006

Added: Demiurge

23 october 2006

Updated: *Zaelle*

21 october 2006

Updated: [HP]SGT HASSE

08 october 2006

Added: =EW= Nori

Updated: Naked Snake/

03 october 2006

Added: [HP]Slayer-Chaos

22 september 2006

Added: DesterWallaboo

19 september 2006

Added: [HP]Cryo

After several hardware difficulties we had some data-loss. 
So please resend your info + photo if you don't find yourself on the website.
Thx, sorry for the inconvenience.

13 july 2006

Updated: [HP]cubsfan

02 july 2006

Updated: ::M3lly::

28 june 2006

Updated: [HP]Marine

21 june 2006


16 june 2006

Added: GRZESIEK PL ***

Updated: Murphy

13 april 2006

Added: GoatPudding

Updated: [HP]Depressiveage

09 april 2006

Added: SGT Hasseroeder


07 april 2006

Updated: [BiA]DaRkAnGel

01 april 2006

Added: [HP]Evil Kinevil

30 march 2006

Updated: Naked Snake/

28 march 2006

Added: Spandau-Ballet***

Updated: [HP]Kenji[Mudvayne]

24 march 2006

Added: Bruder Geist

22 march 2006

Added: (Doc)Holliday

13 march 2006

Added: [HP]NtJsTaPnK

07 march 2006

Updated: [2BC] ThUnDeR

06 march 2006

Updated: [HP]Milk * Man

02 march 2006

Added: kronikazi


18 february 2006

Added: BattleLeader
          [HP] CREEPSHOW

13 february 2006

Updated: *Zaelle*


12 february 2006

Added: [HP]L@ GrIpe
           Grumpy Old Man

09 february 2006

Added: Cowbell

03 february 2006

Added: AP1

30 january 2006

Added: Chaos-Bleeds

18 january 2006

Updated: Slayer


07 january 2006

Added: *Zaelle*

06 january 2006

Added: JackDaniels2006

05 january 2006

Added: izz0*m!zz!ke

04 january 2006

Added: =HP=CaptAdamas

03 january 2006

Added: [HP] BlakeJobsGal
          [HP] BlakeJob

Updated: SeeEmilyPlay

02 january 2006

Added: 305 eaZT coAst

31 december 2005


29 december 2005

Added: George W. Hitler

27 december 2005

Added: Murphy

26 december 2005

Added: Naked Snake/

21 december 2005

Added: BobTheDismanteler

11 december 2005

Added: [2BC] ThUnDeR

09 december 2005

Added: LunchMEAT

07 december 2005

Updated: =A|A=^Lt.KrawdaD


26 november 2005

Added: Nala


21 november 2005

Added: LaraCroft21

03 november 2005

Added: nu4b'l00ps

29 october 2005

Added: Monsgnr Funkibut

21 october 2005

Added: [HP]Blair loves anal

09 october 2005

Added: Sledgehammer

27 september 2005

Added: clarke

26 september 2005

Added: [HP]Ranzoo
           A Bad OdouR

24 september 2005

Added: [FuN]cOsm1c

22 september 2005

Added: (PmR)Ancient_Enemy

21 september 2005

Added: [HP]PET

19 september 2005

Added: (PmR)MEGZIN

12 september 2005

Added: mad.211
           An Old Biddy

11 september 2005

Added: [HP]PaiNkiLLeR


09 september 2005

Added: Sev_07
          mini sev_07

01 september 2005

Added: SeeEmilyPlay

Updated: |AoD| VoorheeS

28 august 2005

Updated: [HP]Sucky $5

16 august 2005

Added: Martian

13 august 2005

Added: Publican

06 august 2005

Updated: [HP]G*O*R*F[GK]

29 july 2005

Added: =HP=MiNi BuGGeR NuTz


26 july 2005

Updated: [HP]GRANDMA

24 july 2005

Added: GS384

17 july 2005

Added: [HP]TheMuffinMan

16 july 2005

Added: Slayer


15 july 2005

Added: Soap Bar

14 july 2005

Added: [HP]CrAcKaJr

13 july 2005

Updated: |ToaK|cu99

25 june 2005

Added: Leatherface


24 june 2005

Updated: BlackHawk

09 june 2005

Added: [HP]Roasty

08 june 2005

Added: [BiA]Bob the Nailer

03 june 2005

Added: ^Clint

02 june 2005

Added: {DM}PoRTa

28 may 2005

Added:    [HP]FeArLeSs JaCk[CAN]

Updated: =HP=FCK(DK)

24 may 2005

Added: Meat Popsicle

23 may 2005

Added:    [HP]ShAmElE$$ !
              =HP= BuGGeR NuTz!

Updated:  [HP]*Hawkeye*Pierce*WT?

20 may 2005

Added: [HP]DoubleDutch

17 may 2005

Added: Wisevamp

10 may 2005

Updated: [HP]Milk * Man


09 may 2005

Added: Terror (Ger)

07 may 2005

Added: CatMan (Chgo)


05 may 2005

Added new server: Happy Penguin II

01 may 2005

Added: The Judge

25 april 2005

Added:    whiskey drinker

Updated: =HP=FCK(DK)

19 april 2005

Added: [HP]Jay.Z


13 april 2005

Updated: [HP] Kloshar

11 april 2005

Added: Lius

08 april 2005

Added: Lt. Doodlemunch

07 april 2005

Added: [HP]Homer J. Simpson


06 april 2005

Updated: [HP]Knight Dreamer

05 april 2005

Added: ^PenetratoR!

28 march 2005

Added: Windigo

27 march 2005

Added: Aeon / SuperAeon
          [HP]Milk * Man

24 march 2005

Added: [HP]Knight Dreamer

19 march 2005


15 march 2005

Added: Jens aus Hannover

13 march 2005

Added: [HP]MTL_Killer

07 march 2005

Updated: [HP]GRANDMA

25 february 2005

Added: [HP]BlackHawk

20 february 2005

Added: 6-32 FA BN


17 february 2005

Added: PSYCHOo


11 february 2005

Updated: [BiA] DaRkAnGel

10 february 2005

Added: mz250ts

09 february 2005

For updating the info on your page, you can use the new form.

08 february 2005


31 january 2005


25 january 2005

Added: Haku
          [HP] EonPeon

24 january 2005

Updated: umdmariachi

15 january 2005

Added: HP Soul Ian

11 january 2005

Added: Kenji

07 january 2005


21 december 2004


20 december 2004

Added: [Coi] MauseBaer  


19 december 2004

Updated: (LuNaTiC)*JaCkaCe

16 december 2004

If you are using Xfire we can add the miniprofile to your page. example

Also if you use Skype we can add the "Skype me!" button.

Just request for it by email.

11 december 2004

Added: CoCKNBallS


07 december 2004

Updated: |AoD|Voorhees

04 december 2004

Updated: (5thSFG)DrNo

18 november 2004

Updated: mmf.MasterMind


07 november 2004

Added: Ultrablue


04 november 2004


03 november 2004

Added: PissedWookie


02 november 2004

Added: (PmR) DeathInJune

31 october 2004

Updated: Who are |ToaK|?-page


30 october 2004

Added: [HP]JohnnyLaw

29 october 2004

Added: cubsfan

28 october 2004

Added: RaoulDuke

26 october 2004



13 october 2004

Added: Russian Naazi

01 october 2004


28 september 2004

Added: DeathKing

Updated: Tips-page

26 september 2004



25 september 2004

Added: *@RF*$chumi_7

13 september 2004

Added: redmenace

09 september 2004


31 august 2004



30 august 2004

Added: -Aragorn-


26 august 2004

Added Happy Penguin - Army of the Pacific to the server-page


24 august 2004


19 august 2004

Added: ZiPPO
          [Coi] Moguai

15 august 2004

Added: @G*O*R*F

07 august 2004

Added: [HP] Depressiveage

06 august 2004

Added: AussieVomitBomb

01 august 2004

Today we breached the 100 pictures barrier!.. 
Many thanks again to all our friends who've already contributed to our picture-gallery.
And to the people who didn't contribute yet: Please join us to get familiar with each other, and add your photo and personal data as well (Look at our F.A.Q. link for more info).

Added: Lil`JackHorner

29 july 2004

Updated: (5thSFG)DrNo


16 july 2004

Added: ZenVagabond


01 july 2004


28 june 2004

New server IP for Happy Penguin Classic:

26 june 2004

Added: Riley[Canada]

20 june 2004

Added: Gizmo

16 june 2004

Added: (5thSFG)DrNo

08 june 2004

Added: [BiA]ThaOne

03 june 2004

Added: ^HellbenT

14 may 2004

Added: HawkeyE

13 may 2004

Added: (LuNaTiC)*JaCkaCe


07 may 2004

Added: [BFT]Rack


30 april 2004

Added: Hompakker Dodo


29 april 2004

Added: BoneZ


23 april 2004

Added: FreE_FalL

22 april 2004

Updated: |AoD| Sugar Titz

19 april 2004

Updated: Jaime

18 april 2004

Toak-banners are now available. Have a look here.

16 april 2004

Added: -=[H2K]=- Unstoppable

10 april 2004

Added: [BiA] SovietArmyMan

09 april 2004

New Server IP for HP2
Links updated

05 april 2004

Added: SUCKY

04 april 2004

Today we take pride to present you our own forum!!

It's totaly dedicated to our friends and the game inwhich many of us have their roots in online playing: Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

If you are interested and want to have a look (and maybe even post some sensible things), click this link: http://toak.2.forumer.com/

03 april 2004

Added: [BiA] Skywalker

23 march 2004

Added: 626

22 march 2004

Added: [A2W] Pungsvett

21 march 2004

Today we'll do battle on HP2 (new ip = - 20:00 hrs Central European Time / 14:00 hrs EST.
It would be great if as many people as possible would come to fill this server again.. So come, and join us in battle..
B.t.w., if you are not sure about the correct time(-zone), just have a look at this website to become certain:

18 march 2004

Added: [BiA] OZZY666

17 march 2004


08 march 2004

Added: [BiA]tmbstne


03 march 2004

Added: Hated (yeah, he is back)

07 february 2004

Added: The WussMaster

06 february 2004

Added: volkssturm

04 february 2004

Added: {EMT}Pvt.JP

01 february 2004

Added:  Old Lady Giblet

10 january 2004

Added:  [BiA] Taliesin
              [BiA] Doc Rocket
              CD-R 700MB/800min.

22 november 2003

Today we breached the 50 pictures barrier!.. Many thanks to all our friends who've already contributed to our picture-gallery..:)

Our new goal is to have at least 100 pictures of regular players from our Happy Penguin/RtcW-Community..

And to the people who didn't contribute yet: Please join us to get familiar with each other, and add your photo and personal data as well (Look at our F.A.Q. link for more info).

09 november 2003

We've extended the possibilities of viewing the data which are enclosed in our websalbum.. The websalbum is nice, but aint always quick enough to be convenient. We were unable to change that, due to software limitations.

That's why you have from now on also access to the data via the "Index of pics" section; inwhere you can pick manually the person who has your interest.





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