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Frequently Asked Questions:

* Is |ToaK| a Clan?

No. We are not a clan. It's just the two of us. That's why we are not recruiting.

* What does |ToaK| mean?

Two of a Kind

*Why did you collect pictures of players in the past?

We were searching for the real face behind the screen.

* How can I submit my picture?

You can't send pictures anymore.  Well, that is not entirely true, you can send them, but they won't be published on this website any longer.

*I would like to change something on my (already existing) page. What to do now?

If you want to change the picture: email us
If you want to change/add something in the info: 

* I've heard you possess a private collection of rtcw-players too, are you going to make them public?

Definatly not. As it says, those pictures are private. It's everyones own decision if he/she will do the community the favour to make it public or not.

* I have a lot of lag when playing on your server(s).

Change your connection settings in the menu of RtcW into Cable/xdsl if you have that kind of connection. More details on this page:

* I have questions about the settings on your server, because some things don't seem to work for me.

Please have a look at this page for a lot of hints and answers:

* I can't see any servers anymore if I use the internal gamebrowser of RtcW.

The Masterserver of RtcW was taken offline in January 2012. To overcome this problem, please visit this page:

* I really would like to contact you, is that possible?

Of course it is: Just send us an e-mail. We can read (and write back in) English, German and Dutch. 



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