Tioga Loft

Est. 1997

Some History

My family of birds consist of HVR, Hanseene, and Bolle.  I started racing in 1997 with the Monoc Club in Ocean County New Jersey.  I flew a small team of birds and my largest youngbird team was 54 in 1999.  At this time I am not flying competitively due to family commitments.  I am practicing in-breeding and line-breeding to preserve my stock.

Partial results over the years:

1997 - 1st. club, 100m, 149 birds, 13 lofts. 107th combine, 4,086 birds, 321 lofts.

1998 - 2nd club, 250m, 100 birds, 8 lofts.  116th combine, 3,031 birds 269 lofts; 3rd club, 250m, 137 birds, 12 lofts.  83rd Northeast Union, 250m, 6,883 birds, 616 lofts - 40th combine in the same race.

1999 - 3rd club, 100m, 132 birds, 10 lofts, 221st combine, 4,329 birds, 335 lofts; 3rd club, 150m, 84 birds, 10 lofts. 108th combine, 3,001 birds, 285 lofts; 2nd club, 250m, 96 birds, 8 lofts; 2nd combine, 2,846 birds, 251 lofts; 36th Northeast Union 6,448 birds, 516 lofts.  2nd club, 300m, 87 birds, 8 lofts.  139th combine, 2,517 birds, 218 lofts.

2000 - 26th combine, 100m, 3,920 birds, 303 lofts; 1st club 150m, 156 birds, 13 lofts,  This hen was also south section winner in the combine and placed in the top 40.  I misplaced the race sheets.  1st club (by 27 minutes), 300m, 180 birds, 11 lofts. 30th combine, 3,411 birds, 268 lofts.  A daughter of this bird won the same 300m club race by 10 minutes the following year.

In 1999 and 2000 I was Champion Loft in the club.  I clocked less birds than most, but had better positions.

I've bred multiple winners for others out to the 500m from 1100 ypm to 1600 ypm.  My best result was 1st, 300m club futurity, 980 ypm (smash).  Won by 2 hours.

In 2001 I was 48th in the PAOF and in 2003 I placed in the top 15 positions in the NHF band race, with an equal 1st in the PAF band race.  The grand finale was winning 2001 Racing Pigeon Digest Ace Loft Award, Division 4, 300-500 average birdage.  I was partners with my brother Joe.  My birds are a combination of Espo Loft, NJ; Lucchese Loft, NJ; Bennett & Sons Loft, NJ and Mr. Bruce Appling, TX - my results would not have been possible without the help and generosity of these fanciers.