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New Babies / New Additions to the Herd

Watch this space for new babies, new purchases, anything new to our herd!

Tiny Colors MS After Midnight- our newest little star (will be FOR SALE) - photo by MCH

Updated 08/13/2010

Last of the 2010 kids

Here's the final wrap-up before breeding season starts: 

July 14th Sadie the Saanen gave us a gorgeous golden boy and a very pretty white girl by Ricky, the Nubian x Angora buck.  These two cuties found a home alongside Eleanor's two and will be beloved family pets.

July 16th Dot, a very nice daughter of Delilah (Nubian) and Harry (Saanen) also gave us a nice boy by Ricky, this one is available for pet, brush clearing or freezer camp

July 19th our wonderful-to-milk Alpine Daisy presented us with her usual twin bucklings, also by Ricky and also available as pet or for meat.

August 04th Licorice (ND) presented us with extremely flashy polled black-and-white twins (doe and buck/wether) that are for sale

August 10th Lacy (ND) also gave us twins, also flashy, also polled AND blue-eyed twins (doe and buck/wether) that are also for sale, most likely (that girl is really nicely built).

I'm hoping to get pics up soon but here's one of the little Lacy daughter testing out her toy-climbing abilities 

More Babies!

Following right along, our next kids were born on the 4th of July to John Doe's Eleanor (Nubian) by Ricky, the Nubian x Angora buck and the buck and doe are GORGEOUS! 

Behind that, on Tuesday July 6th our girl JarJar had a buck-doe twin set also by Ricky that are too cute for pictures!  The boy looks like a fluffy Golden Retriever puppy and the girl looks like a snow white GP pup, both with wattles and kissy faces to boot!  I hope to have pics of them once they're dried off and not so wobbly. 

I'm still watching Dot, Lacy and Daisy so stay tuned!

Summer Update!

I think we've finally fixed the website uploading problem, although photos are still tricky.  In the meantime, we've had the following kids:

April 16th Delilah delivered two gorgeous (and hefty) boys, both sweet as can be and for sale as wethers for pet, brush clearing or meat

April 21 Cinder delivered two doelings, one already gone and the other available for sale (sired by the same buck as Delilah's kids - a Nubian x Angora youngster named Ricky)

June 22 Cloverdale SS Stormalina gave us the first set of kids by Tiny Colors MS Bazooka Joe; both the black-belly-chamoise with broken white doeling and the tri-colored with tons of white buckling are available for sale; both have moonspots and I believe the boy is polled!  The girl is iffy on polled but I am hoping.  I have to say the girl is wide, wide, wide and very stylish, the boy is a bit on the power side and very wide through the ribs especially so I'm looking for them to grow up very nicely.  Of course Storm's udder is socked on and doing well producing more than enough for her twins and a bit for our pail as well.

June 24th Lost Valley KW Avalanche FINALLY gave me what I've been waiting for - girls!  She and Tiny Colors MS Bazooka Joe produced a black and white polled boy (with moonspots) and then two doelings; one white with black and brown spots and moonspots PLUS polled and the other a gorgeous chocolate with moonspots and scant white doeling that is ALSO POLLED!  Avalanche has really redeemed herself with these three who are all wide, sweet and very stylish.   Avalanche's udder does not disappoint, as usual, and we're enjoying her yummy milk even as she easily feeds her triplets. 

Photos of these cuties will follow as soon as the website catches up with my updates.

Twins it is

Our latest additions as of March 4th are a neat pair of twins (buck and doe) by Copper Penny Blue Frank out of our meat doe (Boer x Alpine) Wind and as a first-time mom she's doing just fine.  The buck got his dad's pretty blue eyes and the doe got Mom's puppy-dog ears; both are black on the front half and white on the back with tan facial markings and are both as sweet and friendly as bottle babies.   Both of these cuties will be for sale and should be good mid-sized goats for brush-clearing, pets, milk or meat. 

Drizzle Does It Again

February 25th Cloverdale IH Chocolate Drizzle gave me a gorgeous, solidly-built little blue-eyed girl by Copper Penny Blue Frank and then she asked for help with two badly-tangled stillborn bucklings (huge and gorgeous) before heading back to her little girl.  This girl is really stunning; wide and solid with her dad's thick build and dairy angularity and mom's feminine face and nice, tight shoulder assembly and wide rear.  She's a looker, too, being all black with a white tail tip, white poll, two scant white specks (one on each hip) and several faint moonspots throughout.  The blue eyes are set off very well in that jet black little face, too.  I'll get pictures up and I haven't decided yet if this one is to be retained but her mom has the typical Hunk daughter udder with good attachments and super-soft skin, no meatiness and very nice teats.

Family Ties

On Feb. 15th White Rose, our Saanen x Alpine FF, presented us with an adorable white ball of fluff (sired by Copper Penny Blue Frank, a Nigerian) that is being mothered well by Rose AND by Grandma Jasmine, who is being a very "hands-on" grandma from assisting with labor and delivery through making sure her daughter is cleaning the baby properly after every feeding, etc.  I'll get better pictures of this little cutie as soon as I can but in the meantime I expect her to be medium-sized, somewhat dairy in build and if she's anything like her mother, a very easy goat to milk.  This little cutie is for sale as is her mother (I have to keep the numbers down for hubby's sake) so if you're interested, don't hesitate to email me!

More babies, of course

I knew as soon as I finished updating my webpage, another doe would kid and sure enough, Tiny Colors SK Anabelle has.  She has given me another set of b/d twins by Tiny Colors SS Moonshadow, both with moonspots and at least the girl appears to be polled (the boy may well be also, just can't tell yet).  They are both healthy and active, the boy being the larger of the two but the girl definitely the more feisty so there is no kicking her of the teat, for sure.  Mom's second-freshening udder is a delight and I'm so thrilled with it, to say the least.  I'll get better pictures tomorrow when everyone is warm and dry, after this big storm passes.  For now, here's a shot with some of the new kids, including the new moonspotted buckling standing second from the left, still a tad wet from his first mom-bath.

photo by MCH

The other babies from left to right are; doeling out of Cloverdale IH Moulin Rouge, the new buckling out of Tiny Colors SK Anabelle, the buckling and then the doeling out of Cloverdale IH Splash of Chocolate and the buckling out of Cloverdale IH Moulin Rouge, all by Tiny Colors SS Moonshadow.  Missing from this picture are the mahogany and black doeling out of Tiny Colors SK Anabelle (she was off getting a drink from Mom) and the blue roan doeling out of Tiny Colors BW Echo.  Also not pictured is the Mini-Snubian boy out of Tiny Colors HA Dash by Copper Penny Blue Frank. 

Beating the Rain

Dash, our Saanen x Nubian girl, gave us a single bouncy baby boy February 9th, blue eyes just like his Nigerian sire, Copper Penny Blue Frank.  I'm super-thrilled with Dash's udder, a definite improvement on her dam's udder in teat size and softness with a capacity I'd expect of a third freshener with triplets, literally!  She is being a good mom and the little boy is oh, so adorable (of course) and available for sale as a wether.

Also in labor are Tiny Colors SK Anabelle and Cloverdale IH Chocolate Drizzle, both of whom are very well-behaved and won't dare kid after dark or in the rain (grin).

Moonspots Galore!

Well, what a good day today (February 5th) is turning out to be in the baby department.  Cloverdale IH Moulin Rouge delivered two absolutely gorgeous kids around 7am, ahead of the impending rain due later oday or tonight.  These two are big, gorgeous, active and I think the little girl is polled!  Both are quite sweet and Mom's udder does not disappoint.  I've got two more looking close, so I may have to update again this afternoon!  These pictures were taken at less than 3 hours old and the little ones are so confident they're already out exploring. A5, a doeling, photo by MCH
A4, buckling prospect, photo by MCH

Short Month, Long Kidding Calendar

As soon as I updated my pages, I figured the does would start giving me babies and of course I was right!  Since the house rules are no kidding in the rain or the dark and TRY to wait until Mama is home, my girls kindly waited for a sunny day.  First to kid this year and right on February 1st is Cloverdale IH Splash of Chocolate, a gorgeous little doe with great mothering abilities and a superb udder (very typical Hunk daughter).  She (barely) waited until I got home from dropping one of the boys off and presented me with a set of twins - a doe that's looking very nice and a buckling that's already a lap puppy.  Both are healthy and happy, nursing well and will both most likely be for sale, although I may change my mind about the doeling given how wonderfully attached her mother's udder is and how soft and easy to milk.  The boy has no frosting on his handsome nose and a bit of extra white on his lower leg, the girl has a bit more white on her face and her broken white belt is a bit more "spotted" with both kids already showing moonspots scattered throughout.Cloverdale IH Splash Of Chocolate w/ A1 (left) and A2 - photo by MCH

Next to present me with a February 1st kidding was Tiny Colors BW Echo, also bred to Tiny Colors SS Moonshadow.  As I was returning home from a trip filled with errands Echo hollered over to me, waddled to the goat yard gate and proceeded to present me with a very pretty and elegant singleton doeling.  This little girl is jet black with quite a bit of scattered silver roaning throughout her body, more on her chest, and a few scattered moonspots from her daddy already starting to peek through.  She's a very pretty doeling with a feminine face and a long build and only took a couple moments to find her feet and the spigot.  Echo is a FF but is already mothering like a pro, sometimes knocking her little girl nearly to the ground in her enthusiasm to keep her clean.  Because the doeling is a FF I'm going to be very interested in her udder as she's the first Take Heart Blueberry Wine daughter we've kept and seen fresh.  Her half-sister Repeat is due in a couple weeks and was quite interested in the new baby, as was Splash who investigated, decided Echo hadn't taken one of hers, and then helped Echo keep the new baby from wandering off before her first drink.  I do love to watch herd dynamics at work.  Tiny Colors MS After Midnight (A3) and mom Tiny Colors BW Echo - photo by MCH

Next "on deck" are Tiny Colors SK Anabelle, Cloverdale IH Chocolate Drizzle, Cloverdale IH Moulin Rouge (gotta love them Hunk daughters!) and four or five of the large-breed girls including Dash, Wind and Rose.  Be sure to watch our For Sale page to see who is available and of course feel free to email me if you see something you just have to have or if you just want to "talk goat".

Guestbook abuse

A few of you may have noticed that the guestbook has gone away; sadly spammers found it and were posting inappropriate junk.  However, I am always available via email and will be posting updates here as frequently as I can.  This morning it's gorgeous out, the girls are all frisky and "fluffy" in the morning chill but the sun is already making warm spots for the mamas-to-be to lounge in, soaking up the rays as we count down the days until first kids appear.  This is my second-least-favorite time of year, the time when mud is in everything and we don't have cute babies to play with yet.  Not too much longer, though, as some of the girls are looking very close.

Tornados? In Southern California???

Yes, we've had some fierce weather but so far no major damage and only a couple small trees partially uprooted / tipped over.  The weather prognosticators are speaking gloom and doom for today's storm but so far it's been a brisk but sunny day with cloud cover but patches of blue sky as well.  I'm preparing, though.  And the last of my Spring 2010 does are in to be bred; Willa, Dot, etc. are all interested in spending quality time with the boys so we're giving them the morning to get their business done.  Fortunately for them all the shelters are holding in the wind and protecting everyone from the rain so as long as they've got access to their food they aren't complaining at all.  Hopefully all of our goat friends in the rest of California are faring as well.

I also have a nice young buckling for sale, a Nubian x Angora cross that has medium-length wavy hair that is SUPER thick and soft, very pretty, somewhat flashy in black with bits of white and what appear to be moonspots.  I have no use for him here as I don't breed for fiber but he seems to be heavy-built for someone that wants a buck for a cold-area herd to put meaty kids on the ground.  He is sweet, disbudded for ease of handling and doesn't mind having his feet played with so should be easy enough to keep trimmed (he came already with trimmed feet).  He is up-to-date on his CD&T and Ivermectin worming and doesn't seem to need copper or Bo-Se as he shows no interest in the loose mineral and has no sign of deficiency.  I'm hoping he can find his way into a herd very soon as he seems just a bit too interested in my girls for my comfort.  He gets along well with my boys and doesn't rush the feeder or get pushy when I bring in the bucket even when he knows it has BOSS and grain so he should be fine for someone not willing to handle large breed boys. 

In addition to that nice buck, I have several yearling does (some of whom are bred to Frank, the blue-eyed Nigerian buck that puts a lot of milk into his daughters) that are for sale and can go before freshening or after their kids are weaned, as does in milk.  I do need to get them moved so I have room to keep a couple babies from this year's kid crop without hubby noticing.  Most are large-breed does by my Saanen buck out of Nubian and Alpine girls.  Please contact me by email about these girls and any of the upcoming kids we have due to our large-breed, Nigerian and meat does.  I still offer discounts for youth group participants and for multiple-goat purchases. 

Welcome 2010

Well, can't wait for kidding season to start in a few short days / weeks, first with Nigerians followed closely by our larger girls.  I'm sure we'll have more that we WANT to keep than we actually have room for here so feel free to make offers on ALL the babies!  I'm also still breeding a few Nigerians for late Spring kids, for those of you wanting babies to raise during Summer vacation.  Feel free to contact me via email or leave a comment on my guestbook page BUT if you leave a guestbook comment I absolutely CANNOT see your return email address unless you type it into the actual text of your comment so if you would like me to get back to you, use email or leave the return email address and I will respond promptly.