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Buck Must GO!

In addition to the return of our sweet Delilah, we were gifted with a sweet but unnecessary young buck, a beautiful Nubian x Angora boy with super-soft, plush fiber that seems to be somewhat long and a bit wavy / curly (and black with moonspots and bits of white) who really needs to find himself a home and a job.  He didn't give our boys any trouble but is too interested in our girls for my comfort and really needs to be where he can produce babies for someone else.  He's a good size, has nice fiber and is disbudded for ease of handling.  He's a bit of a snuggler once he gets used to you and doesn't mind when we handle his feet so trimming him should be a breeze (he came well-trimmed already).  He is now up-to-date on his CD&T and Ivermectin / worming and will be given Bo-Se and copper before he leaves if I see he needs it but right now he looks just fine and isn't really interested in the loose mineral so he may be just fine in that area.  He is polite about the feeder and doesn't rush me for the bucket, either, even when he knows it has BOSS and grain.  He is about eight months old and can be sold with a large-breed doe for someone wanting to put cute babies on the ground and have a doe that will give nice family milk. 

I also have a few yearling does by my Saanen buck out of Alpine and Nubian does, some of the girls are bred to my blue-eyed Nigerian buck Frank who does put fantastic milk on his daughters.  I would love to get these girls into their new homes before they freshen so they can settle before giving birth but can also hold them and sell them in milk once they kid if buyers aren't interested in the mini-babies.  Please contact me by email if any of these does or the buck above interests you or if you want to be on the list for our upcoming kids (Nigerian and large-breed as well as mini-saanen and mini-nubian F1 kids).  I am expecting a bumper crop this year as our girls are all looking especially large!  Note: I will also have a few medium- and large-sized kids available as meat animals for those wishing to raise their own meat or use them in Grange and FFA programs - I do offer a youth and multiple-goat discount.

Update on the Sale pages

I'm trying to make sure I get this updated (grin) so I've stuck my newest kids on the kid sales page - watch later for breeding stock we may offer for sale in the Spring!

We usually breed for babies year 'round and have both Nigerians and other breeds (as well as mixed-breeds and minis) due from now through the end of May or even early June.  We do plan breaks in July and August due to the extreme heat and usually in November and December due to weather and the fact that peak fire season is around that time.  Our reservations are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis and we don't generally request a deposit until the kids are born; at that point a 20% deposit will hold your kid for you and payment in full is required prior to delivery / pick-up.


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