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Audio Projects (Role Count: 12)

Lady From Day - Chapter 26

Better microphone quality. =3

Lady From Day Chapter 25


Lady From Day Chapter 24

Strange women. o__O Hahaha.

Lady From Day Chapter 22

Can't trust anyone. Playing Emteh again!

Lady From Day Chapter 20

Emteh is acting rather... unusual... X3

Lady From Day Chapter 18

Servents in denial... or are they? ;D Still playing Emteh.

Lady From Day Chapter 16

Reoccuring in the role of Emteh... with a bunch of eggs... XD hee.

Lady From Day Chapter 14

I played Emteh in this amazing audio drama! I came in this chapter... ;D "She's only trouble. >O"

Angel X Episode 2 - Scene 10

Here, I played Asuka, young Asuka and young Shadow! Wow! What fun! =D

Angel X Episode 2 - Scene 8

Hee-hee... ^__^;; Asuka!

Angel X Episode 2 - Scene 6

Again, playing Asuka. =D

Angel X Episode 2 - Scene 2

Here, I got to play our beloved Asuka.


Fandubs (Role Count: 6)

Sonic - The Runaway Series - Episode One

I still play Tails... for whatever reason. XD Sheesh, it's funny.

Sonic The Runaway Series 4th Promo Dub

Here, I play Tails. XD Naturally. LISTEN YOU LITTLE B****! HE'S MINE! XD

Apollo Justice - English Trailer Dub

Here, I play Ema Skye. XD OMG SCIENCE!

Final Fantasy VI Episode 4 Dub

I play some of the village women. X3

Sonic Adventure 2 - Scenes Dub Part One

I played the freaky woman aboard who was really supposed to be a man. Cool. XD

Final Fantasy VI Episode 1 Dub

Here, I played a moogle... I'm the higher pitched one... XD


Flash Productions (Role Count: 18)

Voice Actors Gone Wild Trailer

I was playing the "I'M LIKE TOTALLY THE MAIN CHARACTER!" New side of Tinker Jet? XD

Jojovill Episode 4

As usual, playing our beloved Suzin! Don't ask me why this episode came out AFTER episode five though.

Jojovill Episode 5 (Daily second on Newgrounds!)

As usual, voicing Suzin. Haha... with friends!

Syndacite Chapter 2

I voice Juliet. My microphone quality failed because of unknowingly overmodulating. o.O;; Sorry about that. Anyways, enjoy!

Video Gamerz Chronicles - Part Two (Daily third on Newgrounds.)

Same with the voicing of Kristen... X3

Video Gamerz Chronicles - Part One (Daily second on Newgrounds.)

Voiced in about two years ago... still had quality issues but it's my most recent release... I play Kristen and the annoying Sprite... ;)

Jojovill Flash Demo

The most recent project -- I get to play Suzin as usual and have even fixed my microphone trouble. =D So I am quite pleased!

Jojovill Episode 3

Only Suzin this time! =D I love my character! I also recently became an assistant editor or so. ^__^;;

Vice Faction Episode 6

Sweet! Yet another episode of me playing Megan released! She's a bit more talkative in this episode than usual. ;)

JojoVill Episode 2

I get to play Suzin, Germaine, Daisy, Nami, I believe her name is... Carmen Sandiego... =P and a quick "YEAH!"

Vice Faction Episode 5 (Daily fifth on Newgrounds!)

Again, playing Megan. Enjoy!

Vice Faction Episode 4

Once again playing Megan. =D Episode four!

Vice Faction Episode 3

Yes... episode three! Again, playing Megan! The one in the skimpy blue bathing suit... >3 I got more into character as I kept going, I think even though it was just one line here!

Vice Faction Episode 2

I like the voice I did here was awesome, I think... XD I'm playing Judy... Enjoy!

Star Wars Parody Episode

Star Wars Parody! This was fun! XD

Sonic Sprite Cartoon

This was a fun thing to be apart of even though it wasn't that great... but it was a great chance to practice my Tails voice! ^__^

Vice Faction Episode 1

Ok, not my best work... and not the best animator... ^__^;; but it's something... eh-heh... I hadn't seen the animation and apparently, it was animated before the voices were added... so hopefully, it'll be re-animated.

Blooregard from Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends

I got to play the infamous Bloo from Foster's. Here, I got creditted as my real name... it was my second gig... and real small... my mic quality sucked!


Other... (Role Count: 2)

Tails' Nightmare

Here, I played Tails, having a few fight incidentals and a fun cinematic.

Sonic RPG 6 (Daily front page!)

I got to star in this game as Tails! =D




Please note that this is only listing my ameteur projects. Things I do in the studio, away from the computer will not be listed here. You may ask about my studio experience but that's completely separate. Here, I am strictly ameteur voice talent. =) Also note that I only put completed projects here on this list... but I do that because roles I audition for, don't get and/or send lines for but production gets cancelled are completely pointless. I don't respect the people who count those. But bask in my VAing as I continue to improve!

- Tinker Jet

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