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 Frequenty Asked Questions

1. When I send you auditions for productions and ask for a critique, will you give it?

I do give critiques happily, however, I usually have a policy to only critique auditions up until three days before auditions close.

2. How long are auditions usually open for?

I usually close auditions for each project within one week of each other. Sometimes I will make the deadline one week to keep things moving (or to gauge how much interest a project is receiving) but no two audition threads will close on the same day.

3. What time zone are you in?

Eastern Standard Time. I tend to close my auditions at midnight following into the next day, so people have until 12 AM into the following day to have auditions to me so everyone has the full 24 hours.

4. Can I send you e-mails asking for updates on any given project?

Let me just get one thing straight right now: I love knowing that there is interest in my projects. Feel free to send e-mails or PMs via VAA/VAC and I will be happy to give you any information you require.

5. May I request a collaboration?

Certainly, though please don't be offended if I decline.

6. How long does it take you to mix a project once you have all lines in?

Anyone that's followed my work knows that I work quickly and efficiently For 20 minute radioplays, I usually release episodes within 2 days of receiving all of the lines. Flash is still getting on the roll for me so I won't give an answer until I can average out my time, but that's just a basic idea behind how fast I work.

7. How do you feel about voice changers?

Please do not use them in any of my projects. If there are effects to be added (voices over radio or otherwise), let me be the one to add them.


This is all I have to start. Any further questions that you feel belong here, please post in the Guestbook. They will be answered as soon as possible. (Of course, as long as they're valid.)


- Tinker Jet

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