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[None are available at this time.] 

Collab Productions

Jojovill - Episode 4 (Editor/Assistant)

This was scheduled for an earlier release but things got a bit mixed up. Anyways, released now and complete with subtitles.

Vice Faction 46 (Script Editor)

Discovered our new editting method to make things more accurate.

Vice Faction Episode 45 (Script Editor)

Continuing as I was... =) A lot of work has been getting done. Kudos to the animator!

Vice Faction Episode 44 (Script Editor)

Editting the script and actually, catching an animation inconsistancy... hee-hee. =3

Vice Faction Episode 43 (Script Editor)

Again, editting the script!

Vice Faction Episode 42 (Script Editor)

I am now the script editor for the fourth volume.

Jojovill - Episode 5 (Editor/Assistant)

Again, helping with SFX and frame consistancy.

Jojovill - Episode 3 (Editor/Assistant)

I helped with SFX and got to beta watch to make sure all frames were consistant.


Total Completed Collab Projects: 8!




Total Completed Projects: 8!

- Tinker Jet

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