Tinker's Resume

Actress At Work!

Name: Mary Bruhand
Stage Name: Tinker Jet
Birthday: October 10th
Gender: Female
Acting Since: I've been training since 1999 at this point however, I got my first big gig around 2004.
Unofficial Voice Goals: Tails from the Sonic series
Special Skills: I'm good with accents though I cannot seem to distinguish one accent from another. (I'm terrible at Jamaican accents, so don't even ask me.)
Range: Fairly low aged voices to medium-high cute voices. I can pull off little boys with both high and low pitched voices. Ask me about my range or check my demo!
Pro VA/Actor Inspirations: Mel Blanc, Rick Jones, Sonja Ball, Terrence Scammell, Long John Baldry, Dawn Ford, Kate Hurman, Nancy Neilson, Michael O'Reilly, Billy West, Neil Shee, Bryn McAuley, Brady Moffatt, Charlie Chaplin...
First Major Role: Bernard in the full animated movie production, Wolf! (First role ever! Check in as well!)

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