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In memory of Tim Parker

Tim Parker passed away on 21st November 2007.  Too all who knew him, Tim was a kind, considerate, witty and above all loyal friend.  He was selfless and generous in dealings with fellow campaigners and one of the few people one could genuinely count on when things got tough.  His presence will be sorely missed











Latest News - UPDATED 17th Jan 2008

17th Jan 08:  The funeral has now taken place.  It was a very touching and dignified service befitting such a splendidly unique man.  The service was followed by drinks and food, where many stories about Tim were enjoyed by all.  A warm thanks to all who made the effort to attend and to those who sent floral tributes.  It was wonderful to see so many people paying their respects.  Tim had a very good send off, indeed.  

3rd Jan 08:  We are now in a position to make the funeral arrangements now that the investigation is complete.  I am hoping to receive replies from those seeking to donate towards the costs so that the necessary paperwork can be completed.  Once received, the funeral details can be finalised and invitations sent out.   

22nd Nov: There will be a few days before any news of funeral arrangements will be known, given ongoing matters that need resolving.  As soon as any news is available, it will be published on this site.  The plan to hold a drinks evening in memory of Tim within the next 1-2 weeks is progressing.  Mark Lester will be coordinating the evening - details to follow - and is managing updates to this site. 

 If you have any comments, memories or tributes, please post them on the Blog.  If you have any questions, information or pictures of Tim, please send them to timparker100@yahoo.co.uk



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