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Thomas J. West Music

Live webcam private music lessons, music education articles, compositions, clinician services, reviews


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Issue 1: July 2008 "Unstack Your Music" to Focus on a Performance Problem
Issue 2: August 2008 Learn to Recognize Diminishing Returns
Issue 3: September 2008: Revisit an Old Song to See How Far You've Come
Issue 4: November 2008: Get Lost in the Flow
Issue 5: December 2008: Sharpen the Saw
Issue 6: July 2009: Consistency
Issue 7: August 2009: Set Up a "Practice Playdate"
Issue 8: December 2009: Use Model Recordings
Issue 9: January 2010: Exercise Your Ability to Focus
Issue 10: February/March 2010: Mental Rehearsal Works!
Issue 11: April/May 2010: Planning a Practice Arc
Issue 12: June 2010: Developing Patience
Issue 13: July 2010: Identifying Over-Practicing
Issue 14: August 2010: Everything Comes From The Generation Of Tone
Issue 15: September-October 2010:
Issue 16: November 2010: Start Smart
Issue 17: Keep Track of Repetitions, not Time
Issue 18: Friday Play-Throughs
Issue 19: Never Take The Basics For Granted
Issue 20: Watch Master Performers At Work






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