"The Cabinator"


Looking for some custom woodworking to enhance your lovely home?  If so, you have arrived at the correct location. 


Aloha!  I'm David Kalin.  I live on Kaneohe Bay in beautiful Kaneohe, Hawaii.  I have been making my living from woodworking for 4 decades.  All the pictures on the following pages are but a smattering of the products I have created in those years. 


NOT included are the mundane daily tasks of a house carpenter from framing complicated hip and valley roofs to figuring out multi landing stairways, to running miles and miles of baseboard moulding crawling room to room on my knees.  I could bore you with those pictures, but I won't.  Just some highlights.


Since each client wants something different, I am still constantly challenged to engineer and invent designs I may never build a second time.  That's what keeps it fun.  I don't make a lot of money, but I have lots of fun at work.  Not many people say that. 


I need to know I have created something that will still be beautiful and useful long after I'm dead and gone.    


I like to think that's the reason I was put here in the first place.  


Plus the great feeling I get when I stand back and admire my day's work and realize that what I made today may last a hundred years or more.  


You won't find things in any particular order as you go page to page.  That's because I never know what I will build next.  The ideas come from my clients, and some of them are quite creative, adding to the fun.



Finish carpentry (Crown moulding, running and standing mouldings)

Entertainment centers

Conference tables (HMSA)

Windows, window trim

Railings, curved and straight

Doors (sliding, swinging, rollup, trap, hidden)  (Backstories available)

Stairwork, curved, straight, u-shaped

Fireplace surrounds

Fine furniture, rocking chairs, tables

Boatbuilding & Marine carpentry

Retail store fixtures  (The Wedding Ring Shop, Neiman Marcus Ala Moana)

Restaurant & Wine Bar interiors  (Padovani's, First Hawaiian Banker's Club)

Liturgical furnishings  (Holy Trinity Church Aina Haina)

Fences, gates

Radiator covers

Musical instruments

Inlay, marquetry, veneering.


If you need something to be built that is not on the list, I would love to build it for you, so it may be added  to the list.   My cap has a lot of feathers, but there's always room for one more!


Also, custom woodworking is more affordable than you may think, and it really adds value to a house, as it is literally, a dying craft.   It wouldn't hurt to get a free estimate for your idea.






Confucious said  "Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life" 

I love what I do, and I think it shows in my product.


 Another perk is all the friends I have made through my job.  Edie and I are  frequently invited to share meals and good company at the numerous gourmet kitchens I have created.  


Thanks for the visit!  I hope to hear from you soon.


Warmest Aloha.


Dave Kalin




        "This Old Haole"                 


 Hawaii Contractors license # C 27817



 Manufacturer of original design furniture and interior woodworking appointment, catering to demanding architects, exacting designers and discerning homeowners on Oahu since 1990.

Winner of BEST OF HOUZZ 2016

Remodeling and Home Design