Urban Roots Artists


The latest album from Souljah Clique entitled CODED-SLANG features a brand new collaboration with artist Rob Smith (pictured right) of Smith & Mighty.  Other big collaborations include productions from Sir Beanz, Infz, DJ Ko and more as well as features from artists such as MC Duke, CLG, Ceaze, 10 Shott, Relly, PJP, Manage and much much more.  Available now online only. 
The Increase the Peace album is intended to raise awareness of violence, anti-social behaviour; gun and knife crime in the community. It is a collaboration of emcees, singers, DJ's and poets who have gladly given their services to support this message to Increase the Peace.

This album is aimed at breaking down stereo types, increasing awareness of crime in the community and creating positive solutions to help educate and empower people through music.

SOULJAH CLIQUE and BLUE CHIP RECORDS are proud to present a historical moment in Hip Hop music. Hip Hop pioneers MC Duke (acclaimed as Best British performing artist of the Decade by Hip Hop Connection readers and ranked as the number three M.C. in the world by the same magazine) and MC Kelz (quoted as the guiding light of the South West Hip Hop scene by BBC radio 4 and more recently featured on BBC 1 The Politics Show for his release) Increase the Peace have collaborated together with Las Vegas rapper Tay-G and producer Trz to present... "Positive Way".