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The Souljah Clique are an independent and well-renowned group of musicians based in Bristol. They have been working hard for the past 8 years and to date have released over 10 titles, distributing worldwide independently.

What began as a basement studio in 2003 working within the community to help support and educate young musicians; quickly grew into a project that has since become The Souljah Clique. Collaborating with both unsigned and established artists Souljah Clique have become the South West's leading urban artists and most prolific Bristol act since the Wild-bunch.

Since their debut Souljah Clique have been recognised by various publications and rated highly by magazines such as Hip Hop Connections, Venue, Undercover, Out of Hand, Leftlion (alongside John Lennon) and various others worldwide.

The latest release Increase the Peace (presented by Kelz) received critical acclaim on the BBC 1 "Politics Show" and followed a live interview on BBC radio.

Songs such as the single "Stand Tall" and "Nanny Simmit" from their early release "Unsigned Heroes" also got to Number 5 on the UK Gold play list and featured on the BBC Radio 4 Bristol music documentary alongside artists Massive Attack, Tricky and Portishead.

Their collaborations include recordings with artists like Rodney P (London Posse) MC Duke ,  Rudey Lee (Smith & Mighty) Oshin (57th Dynasty) and many others including live performances supporting artists such as Jalal Mansur Nuriddin (The Last Poets) Raekwon & Method Man (Wu-Tang Clan) RedMan (Death Squad) and more.