the skeletal society

as a sisterhood, we unite


hello girls.

this is elle [ ] and this is the skeletal society. i started this page in hopes of creating a sisterhood of girls who all struggle with self-image and their overall perception of self. this will become your support system, growth process and safe haven in your personal journey. i am here to push and be pushed by each and everyone of you. together we can stand and uplift one another. together we can find refuge to live. so join us now in the sisterhood. and be united. 

 first things first. since there are many of you and only one of me, the best way to contact me is through our email [ ] please use this email to submit anything you want me to get, that includes comments, suggestions and applications!!!

now on to other matters. ladies it is your responsibility to email so i may have a record of all your email adresses. this way i can send you interesting articles and inform you when the site has been updated. another important thing is, if you have an AIM account, also send me your screen name, that way i can create a list so that all the sisters can reach each other. also, please subscribe to the blog ring. you can find that on the skeletal society's homepage.

the sisterhood. each individual sister will be assigned an accountablility sister. the main purpose of your accountability sister is to encourage her daily and become great friends. together you may help each other with assignments [which ill get to later] and basically just bond with. when we have challenges, if you and your sister choose to join it will be a joint effort. i will be choosing your sisters quite soon so please check for updates! also, even though you have your assigned sister, please feel free to contact anyone else in the sisterhood. remember, we all must support each other.


thats it for now!!!!

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