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Money Saving Tips


  • If in a two story home, move items from the second story to the first level or garage to save move time.
  • Move items up from the basement, such as boxes and light furniture, to save move time.
  • Decrease move time by disassembling and reassembling items that require extra care such as beds and tables.
  • Remove doors in major walkways to save move time.
  • Inform the movers ahead of time about any concerns on a particular item being moved through a tight doorway.
  • Have gas operated appliances and refrigerator ice makers disconnected prior to our arrival to save move time.  (Remember: due to licensing we cannot disconnect and connect these items.)
  • Make sure all electronics are disconnected when the movers arrive and remember you are responsible for reconnecting them upon arrival at your new home.
  • Finally, make sure all items are packed and ready to move when the movers arrive!


We hope the above information has answered any questions or uncertainties you may have. If not, please call us so we can help put your mind at ease. More importantly, RELAX!  It will be over before you know it! Thank you for choosing The Right Move® for your moving needs.