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There are three options for Valuation or Insurance that only a licensed moving company can provide.

Basic coverage – $0.60 per pound per article (Free of Charge)
This is standard coverage which means that in the event of damage to any item, the customer is entitled to $0.60 per pound for that specific item. For an example, if you have a lamp which weighs 5 lbs, you will be entitled to $3.00.

Additional Valuation (Additional Charges Do Apply)
If the customer is interested in depreciated value for damaged items, then he or she must declare a total amount for the value of the entire shipment. This is charged by $1.50 per $100 valuation. For example, if the entire shipment is valued at $5,000.00, the additional cost would be $75.

Full Replacement Value Insurance (MC Pro Movers does not offer this coverage)
If you have homeowners or renters Insurance, check with your provider. If they can’t insure your move, visit