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The Reptiles -- Rock & Blues Band
Neil 01202 301961 Dave 01202 424918


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The Reptiles Are:

Neil Nile:      Guitars / Vocals.
DW Dave:    Drums / Vocals.
Dave Bass:  Bass.

..........   The Reptiles have been playing together for about twelve years. With only one lineup change in that time,and hundreds of gigs gigged, the band is tight tight tight ! We all play with other bands but we also love to play good R&B, (old skool) The Blues, and some cool Jazzy swing stuff. The kind of music everything else refers back to, or owes a debt to. And,---- we like to play it with attitude, energy and a little funk, ---- that's why The Reptiles exist    
You'll hear The Feelgoods mixed with Stevie Ray, Sam the Sham and Billy Idol spicing it up. Stir in some ZZ Top Bowie and Robert Palmer, and all sorts of stuff  which might just surprise you...Jimi or Eric anyone ? and you get the perfect mix for a night of A1 music
The band are all ex pro's with a lot of history between them, well over a hundred years combined gigging experience  (frightening eh!) numerous albums , TV's, radio's, tours etc etc etc..

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