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Margarita Georgiadis

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Born in Sydney in 1968, Georgiadis completed the art certificate course at the National Art School in 1986 and later obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, in 1990.  Since 1993, she has held over 18 solo exhibitions and participated in over 30 group exhibitions in commercial galleries and art institutions throughout Australia and overseas.  A finalist in The Archibald Prize, Salon des Refuses, The Mosman Art Prize, Metro 5 Art Award, The Portia Geach Memorial Award, Redlands Westpac Art Award, The Paddington Art Prize and Country Energy Art Award.  Georgiadis was awarded three major visual arts grants.  Her work is represented in major public, corporate and private collections in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Greece, Italy and France.

 “Margarita Georgiadis is a painter for whom, to paraphrase late American art critic, Harold Rosenberg, the canvas is not merely a picture but also an event.  Her engagement with the process of picture- making, and relationship with her materials, is a physical as much as an aesthetic one.  The bold, gestural brushwork, luscious impasto, raw emotion, and exuberant color that characterize her paintings are an expression of the jubilations of the paint tube.

 With spontaneity and bravura, she explores color and spatial relationships, using various compositional elements that reinforce, oppose, jar, reflect and intensify each other to create a harmonious balance of dynamic tensions.  The accidental and serendipitous can prove crucial to her creative method as invention and innovation.  A multimedia artist, Georgiadis brings the same energy and élan to her portraits, figurative imagery, digital photographs and performance works.”

Linda van Nunen, Curator, Sight Specific - September 2004

selected biography


(Greek-Egyptian. b. Sydney, Australia 1968)                


1990                         Bachelor of Art, Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney.

1989                         Commercial Screen Printing Certificate, Sydney Technical College,

                                Higher Certificate Art, National Art School, Sydney

1986                         Certificate in art, National Art School, Sydney.


2007                         The Game of Spheres – Rex-Livingston Art Dealer, Sydney.

2006                         Survey 2002 – 2006 – Jackman Gallery, St. Kilda, Melbourne.

2005                         Curious Cases – Maree Mizon Gallery, Sydney.

2004                         Digital Eyes – Maree Mizon Gallery, Sydney.

2004                         Play Up – Digital Prints + Animation, Arthouse Hotel, Sydney.

2003                         Drive, Maree Mizon Gallery, Sydney.

2003                         Toy Box, Arthouse Hotel, Sydney.

2003                         Portrait Collection, Arthouse Hotel, Sydney.

2002                         Imposter (Belle Ame), Maree Mizon Gallery, Sydney.

2002                         Witch Bitch Super Vamp, Sydney Gay + Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival Event, Global Gallery, Sydney.

2001                         Mad Dog Red, open by Max Cullen, Norton Gallery, Sydney.

2000                         Raw Sex Box, open by Craig Hassall Olympic Arts Festivals, Art House Gallery, Sydney.

1999                         Mad Love, Global Gallery, Paddington.

1999                         Aperture Terra Firma Natura, The Photographers Gallery, open by Lex Marinos, Sydney.

1999                         Customs House, Sydney.


2006                         Christmas Salon Show – Rex-Livingston Art Dealer, Sydney.

2006                         Xmas Exhibition – Michael Commerford Gallery, Sydney.

2006                         The Art of Music – Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney.

2006                         Field Works – Michael Commerford Gallery, Sydney.

2005                         Country Energy Art Prize – Grafton Regional Gallery, Parliament House – Sydney.

2005                         The Glenti Show – Gallery Philip Neville, Darwin NT. 

2005                         Australian Icons Framed – National Trust Diamond Jubilee Auction, Sydney. 

2005                         Salon des refuses Exhibition – Spin Cycle on Max, SH Ervin Gallery, Sydney.

2005                         The New Establishment – Online Gallery Apartment6 Launch – Barry Stern Galleries, Sydney.

2004                         Rats In The House - Artist’s In Residence – Sydney Theatre Company, The Wharf Gallery, Sydney.

2004                         Country Energy Art Award Benalong Gallery - The Sydney Opera House.

2004                         Sight Specific, curated by Linda Van Nunen – Invited Artist – Marlene Antico Fine Art Gallery, Sydney.

2004                         Double Act – DaDa – Solander Gallery, Canberra

2004                         Salon des Refuses Exhibition – Self Portrait, SH Ervin Gallery, Sydney.        

2004                         This Way Up – Global Gallery, Sydney.

2003                         Spiders and Flies – Newcontemporaries Gallery, Sydney.

2003                         Cross Projections – Photographic Multimedia Exhibition, Kings Cross Arts Festival

2003                         Extinction Denied – The Arthouse Hotel, Humane Society exhibition.

2003                         Creative Madness – Garvan Institute for research into Manic Depression.

2003                         Bloomsday Exhibition – James Joyce Foundation, the Arthouse Hotel Gallery, Sydney.

2003                         Under the Hammer, Arthouse Hotel Gallery, Sydney.

2002                         Arthouse Hotel Gallery, “Portrait Artists AustraliaSydney.

2002                         Metro 5 Gallery, “First Birthday Exhibition”, Melbourne.

2002                         Maree Mizon Gallery, Sydney.

2002                         Metro 5 Gallery, “Erotica Today”, Melbourne.

2001                         SH Irvin Gallery, Salon des Refuses, Archibald Entry - Max Cullen.

2000                         Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney.

00-01                         Art House Gallery, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney.

1997                         Michael Nagy Fine Art Gallery Sydney.

1993                         The Women’s Gallery, Melbourne.

1993                         First Draft West Gallery, Sydney.

1989                         The Blaxland Gallery, Sydney Printmakers.

1989                         The Works Gallery (Ivan Dougherty Gallery), Sydney.

1988                         Sydney Printmakers, Macquarie University, Sydney.


1996 – ‘97                  Allegri Art Associazione Culturale - Florence, Italy.  Allegri Art Associazione Culturale

                                - Northern Tuscany, France.


2005                         Country Energy Art Award, Grafton Regional Gallery, NSW.

2005                         Salon des Refuses, SH Ervin Gallery, Finalist – Max Cullen + Self Portrait

2004                         Paddington Art Prize, Finalist, Marlene Antico Fine Arts Gallery, Sydney.

2004                         Country Energy Art Award, Finalist, Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery, Australia.

2004                         The Mosman Art Prize, Finalist, Mosman Art Gallery.

2004                         Salon des Refuses, SH Ervin Gallery, Finalist – Self Portrait

2003                         Portia Geach Memorial Award – S.H. Irvin Gallery, Finalist – Self Portrait.

2003                         Metro 5 Art Prize - Finalist

2001                         The Archibald Prize, Art Gallery of NSW – Finalist – Lisbeth Gorr.

2001                         Salon des Refuses, SH Ervin Gallery, Finalist – Max Cullen.

2001                         The Mosman Art Prize - Finalist, Mosman Art Gallery.

2001                         Redlands Westpac Art Award - Invited Artist


2004                         DaDa Performance – Performance Art, with Max Cullen, Solander Gallery, Canberra.

2004                         Vincent in Brixton – Re-appropriation of seven Van Gough sketches for the play, Ensemble Theatre, Sydney.

2004                         Play Up – Digital art interpretation of 10 plays from Old Fitzroy Theatre, Sydney – The Arthouse Hotel.

2003                         Looking up Lower – Bio-play with Max Cullen, Artistic Director, Set Designer,

                               Mime Dancer, and Audio Visual Production. - Kings Cross Arts Festival.  Darlinghurst Theatre, Sydney.

2002                         Ten Unknowns, Ensemble Theatre, Paintings for Production + advisor to cast.


1997                         NAVA Marketing Grant, National Association For the Visual Arts.

1995                         NSW Marketing Grant, NSW Ministry for the Arts

1993                         Pat Corrigan Grant, NAVA, Ministry for the Arts.


2002 – ‘05                The Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Auction of paintings for Manic Depression

                               Research – Creative Madness.

2002                         Guest speaker – Metro 5 Gallery, Melbourne – “Erotica Today”.

2001                         Guest speaker – Salon Des Refuses – SH Ervin Gallery with Max Cullen.

2001                         Guest speaker – Archibald Prize – Art Gallery of NSW. Victorian Arts Centre,

                               George Adams Gallery. Sydney Grammar School.

2000                         Fuel 4 Arts, Australia Council, Online Mentor.


2005                         Goodweekend, Sydney Morning Herald, Icons by Janet Hawley

2004                         State Of The Arts, Digital Eyes, by Alex McDonald

2004                         The Sydney Morning Herald, Digital Eyes, by Lenny Ann Low

2004                         The Canberra Times, Double Act DaDa Exhibition, by Helen Musa

2003                         The Sydney Morning Herald, Portia Geach Memorial Award, by Lenny Ann Low

2003                         The Sydney Morning Herald, Creative Madness, by Lenny Ann Low

2003                         The Sydney Morning Herald, Bloomsday Exhibition, by Tony Stephens

2003                         The Sunday Telegraph, Under The Hammer, various journalists.

2002                         CREAM Fifth Anniversary Edition, October by Michelle Hespe

2002                         The Sunday Telegraph, Imposter, by Diana Simmonds

2002                         The Mosman Daily, Ten Unkowns, by Sue Hicks.

2002                         Sunday Metro, The Sun Herald, “Down to a Fine Art”, Ten Unkowns Production, by Colin Rose

2002                         The Sunday Telegraph, “Unknown Qualities”, Ten Unknowns Production, by Dianne Simmonds.

2002                         Daily Telegraph, “Journey to Unknown”, Ten Unknowns Production, by Chelsea Clark

2002                         Vogue – “Painted Ladies” feature by Margaret Merton.

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1994                         The Sydney Weekly - by Nell Schofield.

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             Qantas Corporate Offices, Auckland, New Zealand.

             Campbell International Real Estate Group, Los Angeles, California.

             Colliers Jardine (NSW) Pty Ltd.

             The Greek Consul General, Australia.

             Resmed Pty Ltd.

             Savill Suites, Sydney.

             FPD Pty Ltd - Unidata House.

             Commercial Property Monitor Pty Ltd.

             Kareena Hospital, Sydney.

             Panalpina World Transport Pty Ltd.

             Southern Cross Hotel, Canberra.

             BT Property Trust Pty Ltd.

             National Insurance Advisory Pty Ltd.

             Grenada Productions Pty Ltd.

             Graham Ormsby Architects & Associates Pty Ltd

             Financial Nexus Pty Ltd

             Bridget Tyer Interior Design Pty Ltd

             Forte Personal & Business Communications.

             North Shore Plastic Surgery.

             Sheraton Hotel On The Park, Sydney.