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Welcome to the official Anchor website



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"Welcome Back my friends to the show that never ends, 

We're so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside."

    Emerson Lake and Palmer



Players are

Stephano J. Leroux - Drums, Vocals, Percussion, Fancy Footwork, Dan Perreault- Guitar Viocals   Shawn Blais- Guitars, Vocals, Alex Davies-Bass, Vocals


Appearing @

At a party near you soon...

If  You would like more information on any of these gigs, Please be in touch with me at my home phone, cell phone or e-mail at the below contact info?

                         Stephano J. Leroux


Come out and join in the ultimate in a classic rock experience.  We the members of Anchor, dig back to rock music's roots.  This was a time when music was authentic and came purely from the skill of the musician.  We strive to bring you a mesmerizing show of music and showmanship, as well as classic rock covers. Our main style is old school rock of the seventies and eighties, but we have no limits artistically and will come right up-to-date with covering current hits of now.  Our stage show includes stunning sets, breath-taking performances and solos. Catch us live eh??



Contact Us @:

Or contact us at:

Ph-7o5-223-6882 (Home )

249-358-0359 (Cell)

Or write us

184 3rd w. .

North Bay, Ontario.

P1B 3m3




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