The Neilston War Memmorial campaign

The mill town village of Neilston in East Renfrewshire was one of only about 3 villages in Scotland with no designated  civic memorial site to honour its war dead. We were perplexed why this was so, Neilston throughout the years has raised tens of thousands  for the national war memorial funds and contributed vast amounts of money to all local and National war effort, fund raising campaigns from world war one onward. Looking through historical data, Neilston as a small village has punched above its weight, time after time,  in terms of population and size of district in its fundraising efforts.

 Why so much effort was focused on these campaigns and yet nothing was done locally to honour the local war dead was an enigma to us.

As an association we looked to  build a civic memorial, long over due as a eloquent statement of pride and gratitude to our brave Soldiers. We also look to engage the populace in the district to help  build a ever lasting  legacy to immortalize our brave service personnel for ever. We are looking to educate our School children and to engage the local people to learn and appreciate the sacrifice made by our brave Soldiers who gave their today for our tomorrow.

Neilston Parish Church


The Parish Church with the memorial to the fallen in the Boer war, centre of the picture in the church grounds. This is the only public memorial in the village which honours the 3 local soldiers who died in the African war .over 200 other village lads are not remembered or marked in the village by any civic memorial

The Montgommery Family Grave in Neilston Cemetery,  Matthew is buried at the St Imoges Churchyard cemetery, some 10 miles south of Reims in northern France

One of our brave lads

Matthew Montgomery

2nd  Lieutenant of the Seaforth Highlanders


Matthew Montgomery, born on the 24th June 1883, in Eaglesham, Renfrewshire, son of Mr and Mrs Montgomery, of "Crumyards", Neilston; husband of Edith Winifred Montgomery, of Millview, Neilston, Renfrewshire. He graduated MA in 1908 at the University of Glasgow.

He was killed on the first day of the Battle of the Tardenois, part of the Battles of the Marne, on the 20th July 1918, aged 35. 2nd Lieutenant Matthew Montgomery is buried at the St Imoges Churchyard cemetery, some 10 miles south of Reims in northern France.

Matthew is also featured on The Scottish War Memorials Project forum website, and includes images of his memorial plaque, which is situated inside Neilston Primary School, where he was an assistant master, on the High Street in Neilston, Renfrewshire.

Matthew was an assistant master,in the Neilston public  on the High Street in Neilston, Renfrewshire.His memorial plaque reads          AS ASSISTANT MASTER IN THIS SCHOOL 1907 – 1916 HE WON THE LOVE AND RESPECT OF HIS MANY FRIENDS IN NEILSTON & DISTRICT WHO ERECT THIS TRIBUTE TO HIS MEMORY AS A SOLDIER A TEACHER & AND A MAN.

Bring the lads Home

Main Street and Factory lane Neilston


Neilston is one of only a very few Villages in Scotland that does not have a memorial or designated site where locals can gather to Reflect, Honour and Remember the brave souls from the area who have died in our defence in places far from home. The sacrifices made by so many for freedom needs to be remembered and war memorials play a vital role in ensuring that continues.


  Our group has raised over £15,000 through fundraising and donations, we have fantastic support from the Village but need much more to make this commendable aim a reality, we would meekly ask if you would please consider supporting or cause by making a direct cash donation or by supporting our cause by other ways of benevolence suitable to yourself.

The research team are working through over 350 names from WW1 to the present day to ensure all relevant service personnel are included on our memorial, the surnames that are being researched, we find are the very same names being called out in the local schools today, Sons of the Village

 Neilston soldier Corp Robert McArthur of the  Camerion  Highlanders Killed at LOOS 25th Sept 1915  of 5 Mafeking Terr Neilston; Son of Alex. & Marion McArthur.