Friday 2nd Nov 10.30am Neilston Library

Presentation to Neilston Library of "The Neilston Book of Dedication"

Thursday 8th Nov 7 - 9 pm Arthurlee house Barrhead

WW1 presentation at By Mr Gerry Carroll, Entry by Ticket only

Friday 9th Dec 7pm "There but Not There Installation"

Floodlight installation of soldier’s silhouettes placed throughout the War memorial

Sunday 11th Nov- 12.30pm – Annual Remembrance Service

Community commemoration and Wreath laying at the Memorial.

The Battle’s over 11th Nov 6.45 pm Neilston War memorial.

Battle’s Over – Neilston Pipe Band

Commemorative pipe tunes from WW1 on the Memorial and "The battle’s oer" at 6.45pm

6.55pm The Bugler sounds the Last Post on the memorial

7.00pm Battle’s Over - WWI Beacons of Light

7.05pm Battle’s Over - Ringing out for peace!

The Bells of St Thomas’ and Neilston Parish Church will jointly "Ring out for peace!"

7.05pm Battle’s Over -Cry for Peace Around the World

Mr Jimmy Higgins will read the WW1 local Neilston Poem -"A song of peace"

7.15 pm Concert at Neilston Church hall on high street.

An exhibition for local Neilston WW1 pictures & stories companied by WW1 Themed entertainment from the Fabulous Dalmeny choral and Neilston pipe band in Neilston Church hall on high street 

Free Tea and Coffee and a chance to meet up with  fellow villagers and some old friends 

Please join us at these events to thank and commemorate "Our boys"


1918 -2018:100 years since the end of World War One

Hundreds of men from our district never returned from the battlefields of Europe and some of them were as young as 17 years old.                                                     To commemorate this centenary and to celebrate the peace and freedom we enjoy today, you are invited to enter our poetry, art and song competition.

Entry rules
Your entry can be inspired by any element of the 100 years commemoration but must be focused locally on the Neilston and Barrhead district.

Entry categories
A Piece of Art, drawing, painting etc. 1914-1918 Themed
A poem about the Great War, Soldiers, people at home their Families, nurses etc.
A song about the Great War, Soldiers, people at home their Families, nurses etc.

The age categories are:
P5 – S2
S3 – S6

On your entry please clearly state: Your full Name, Age. Category. School, Group or Address.

Prizes of £50 for each category awarded to the section winner and £50 in Art supplies to their school or Group.

And £50 awarded to the section winner of the Adult competition section.

The competition closes on Friday 26th October 2018 and entries will be collected from schools or can be submitted by posting or contacting The Neilston War Memorial Association at 65 Doublehedges road Neilston G78 3JQ. 01413897603

                      Remembering our People

               Neilston War Memorial association
             A Scottish Registered charity SC043850                         

Thursday 17th of May -The Laird Family Gather at the Grave of Alex Laird, of the Scottish rifles  at Neilston Cemetery.

A local soldier finally commemorated with A commonwealth grave after 100 years in a unmarked grave , After work to get him recognised as a victim of war by the Neilston War Memorial Association 


War memorial Association 2017 village Xmas lights parade 

Sandstone being fitted 

School bass ensemble  play for villagers 


Hugh Manley (Pictured )and Andrew O'Brien owners of GB Steelcraft (UK) Ltd  Johnstone - Manufactured  the  War memorial top rail for  our memorial  free charge.

Neilston war memorial 24th March 2015 Progress of the Build- the  Core of the wall awaits the sandstone dressing  and attachment of the memorial plaques.

8 badges representative of the  regiments most of the neilston lads Served in will be attached to the curved section of the  memorial base

 The History of bravery and sacrifice       One True story from world war one tells of 12 Soldiers all Neilston Lads meeting up in 1915 in the trenches,prior to a big push to take hill 70 in Loos France. Over a brew of tea they raised a wee toast "to when we will be back together in Neilston” By the next day four of the lads were killed and six seriously wounded.

The Neilston Causalities were

  • Pte Thomas E Shemwell 7 Wellpark Cottage
  • Pte Robert McArthur of 5 Mafeking Terrace
  • Pte Thomas Murray of 63 Leverngrove
  • Pte Christopher Elliot of 4 Alexander Terrace

The Wounded lads were

  • L/Cp Robert McLintock 3 Crofthead cottage
  • Pte James Drivers 4 alexander Terrace
  • Pte J MacArthur of Neilston
  • Pte Monaghan of main street
  • L/Cp Albert White 19 wellpark cottages   


The story of the brave lads fate was related back to the village by another survivor of the Big Push, Pte James Brown, in a letter to his Mother and Father, publicans in the Masons Arms High street Neilston.  James also intimated how they had pushed the Germans out of two trenches and were making for a third when he was held up by Barbed wire and before getting himself free from the entanglement was struck by shrapnel


We believe these brave Lads deserve To be back together again in the Village  Please help us erect this memorial to remember the bravery and sacrifice, let us have a fitting monument to honour their bravery and courage .

"Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends”

Please support our Cause

Lest we forget

Matthew Drennan Secretary


neilston east renfrewshire

Fantastic local poetry from Neilston-  our group are looking to promte local history and bring this back into livng history ,  below "The Bonnie wee Toon O' Neilston" from nearly one hundred years ago and "Remains of the Day"  By a Local writter Alex Cairnie 2013 and more gems from world war one.


 This poem is of young brave soldiers from Neilston heading off to fight in World War One

Tune- "John McLean"

Ye've asked me for to sing a sang:

Weel frien's, I don't think I'd be wrang

Tae sing o' the laddies wha belang

Tae the bonnie wee toon o' Neilston,

For when this dreadfu war broke out,

Whaur's the man wid daur dispute

That mony a sturdy young recruit

Left the bonnie wee toon o' Neilston.



We are mair than prood o' them

Wha went the tide o' war to stem

And hoped they'd bring a V.C. or a D.C.M.

Tae the bonnie wee toon o' Neilston


We gaily saw them tae the train,

And there we sang wi' micht and main

Dinna be lang till yer back again

Tae the bonnie wee toon o' Neilston.

We kept them cheery wi' our chaff,

And cracked a joke tae make them laugh,

But didna they get a great send-aff

Frae the bonnie wee toon o' Neilston.



The wounded sodgers, ane an' a' Wha

spent a while at Cardenha'

Where awfu' swered tae gang awa'

Frae the bonnie wee toon o' Neilston.

Every ane aye said the same,

That it was just like being at hame,

And that they were awfu' prood they came

Tae the bonnie wee toon o' Neilston.



But, O. hoo sad it is tae tell,

Through poisoned gas and bursting shell,

O' the dauntless daring lads

wha fell Frae the bonnie wee toon o' Neilston.

Manfully they their duty din,

And died like heroes every yin.

May they rest in peace and bliss abin,

Frae the bonnie wee toon o' Neilston.



Written by S Morrison, High Street, Neilston.

One penny each

The Mining tower bridge in the village of Loos France, a place visited by our local lads in 1915, But sadly one of the last sights they ever witnessed in their short Lives.

To the Barrhead section of the First six Argyles


They were only Territorials, Only for home  defence,

But they signed up for active service, for the hardships of the trench;

And they marched away with martial tred and their faces wreathed in smiles.

Through their native village of Barrhead, the Brave First-six Argyles.

With hearts so light and heavy kit, They cheered as they marched along,

And each man vowed He`d do hs bit, with resolution strong,

And they only ask a fovour, That we would write them whiles,

And our faith will never waver, in the First –Six Argyles.

They know what they are leaving, Homes and friends so dear,

Wifes and mothers Greiving, but their duty was so clear.

Their King and Country`s call, to vanquish hated Hun

They vowed they`d fight or fall, till victory was won.

All of them have since been tried, and bravely stood the test,

Some have fallen and died, in Flanders laid to rest.

Died to save or glourious name, Died, but not in vain;

They fought the First six into fame, On flanders Bloody plain.

All Honour them to those we mourn,those lads so brave and true

Those Glourious Lads Who`d ne`er return,Who died for me and you.

Their fame will far and wide be spread, All o`er The British Ilses

All Honour to Those heroes dead,Of the Brave First Six Argyles.

“Arthurlie” Barrhead News 3rd March 1916


Many Neilston Lads where members of the First-Six Argyles from 1914 to 1918

The Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders WW1

Neilston Victoria

 one of the local football teams many of the Soliders followed or played for back in WW1

William Andrew age 23 of the Highland Light Infantry Glasgow territorials 1st 9th; Died on the 8th July 1916 at the Somme

Son of Walter and Elizabeth Andrew of Nether Kirkton Neilston William was the treasurer of Neilston Bowling club prior to war: He Resided at Rockmount in Neilston. Trained in Troon, Wensley -Sheffield, Whitechurch and Clanford then proceeded to France in Nov 1915



Private Thomas Fox (St Thomas’s school) and Hebert Johnstone (Neilston public school) both Neilston lads were engaged assisting stretcher bearers carrying a wounded comrade when a shell exploded in the near vicinity.         Pte Fox died instantly; Pte Johnstone succumbed of his wounds later that day. Both where Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders Territorials: A post card found on Thomas addressed to his father, was returned home showed the marks of the shell. Thomas was previously employed as a surface man on the Glasgow Barrhead Kilmarnock Railway. Old Neilston "low line" railway station pictured above


Village  School children commemorate and remember our soldiers with Chairnman and Councillor Mr O`Kane


Argyll & Sutherland Soldiers at rest in the trenches WW1,Many Neilston Lads Joined the 1/6 Argylls in 1914


Lie still soldier leave your weary bones at rest
Time has caught you up, and you have passed the final test
Be proud and brave and resolute, and unafraid to cry
... As they call your name from heavens list of heroes born to die

As a boy u cherished all you knew, no two days were the same
You lived your life so fearless, true, hallowed be thy name
The first the last and evermore, your moral code a blessing
Tattooed on your mortal frame, beneath a crimson dressing

The brightness in your steely eyes, in death will never fade
A testament to all you are, and every dream you made
Born to lead a soldiers’ life, filled with joys and sorrow
Fearless till the bitter end, never one to follow

Like passages in ancient text when men were poets too
Carved in blood and hung in caves engrained inside of you.
Oaths and promise sworn in trust, each one a call to arms
Liking to your inner self, a depth of worldly charms

Living taught you all you know, and war too make you pray
Your turn shall pass, and may you last, at least another day
21, a skinny boy, a corporal over men
Who look at you with every shell, from fifty down to ten

The awful stink of rotting flesh climbs high above your trench
The dead lay cold, the wounded still, a horrid, awful stench
War they say, a young mans game, more loss but less to pay
The generals thanks, do praise all ranks, just words the sargeants say

For men of war, have just one wish, to go back home to love
There souls set free, by molten lead, shall rise to heav’n above
And all that’s left on foreign fields, are memories blood and sand
The last remains of a million men, who went too lend a hand.


Killoch Glen waterfall Neilston.

Spring returns but he shall return no more

Now Crystal runs Glenkillock Burn And sweet Gleniffer brae

Where laverrocks hails the springs return and wakes the dewy day;

The lintill trills his happy note the eurwhat wakes the glen

In gilded noon the open buds smile bravely once again;

His Blithesome song the mavis pours from under yonder thorn

The heart of nature thrills with joys but mine with grief is torn:

The merry flow o`muirland stream to me no joy can bring

Nor smile o` flower nor all the songs of happiness and spring.

O` Come dim autumn darkly dreat in mournful robes of grey

And Speak to me of budded hopes that knew no summer day;

And come Dark winter pour thy tears O`er youths untimely Urn

For why should spring return to Earth and He no more returns.

"M"  Barrhead news 24th March 1916:



 Spring returns but he shall return no more

I discovered this  poignant sad Poem  while researching the archives of the Barrhead news and Telegraph from  the WW1 period  looking for local soldiers details from the Paper.

 The poem describes local beauty spots in  the district of Neilston  and the wondrous  joys of spring.

 During the early 20th century poetry was prevalent in local newspapers written by readers.

 The Poem was  not signed, Only accompanied by  a letter  “M”  at the end of the text.

 Who “M” was will properly remain a mystery, an unknown local, lost to time.

 Reading the outpouring of Grief contained within the text, Its most likely this is a grieving mother, wife or lover.This local lass must have been bereft with sadness and grief at the loss of a local soldier and  one, once held so dear.

 Poems like this bring the stories alive and remind you these people where once just villagers like you and me, who walked though Killockglen.



Soldiers going over the top in WW1

A Mill house Neilston 1914,  homes that never recovered from the great loss to our Village.