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About The Mighty KinkleTM

Kinkle is my nickname AKA The Mighty Kinkle. I got this name some time in 2000 when apparently my friend called me it when I was at school on the school field, and I turned around and the name stuck. And I am just so mighty. I am named Kinkle after Harvey Kinkle off Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

 Sergeant PunishmentTM

What is Sergeant Punishment I here you ask well it is what I invented just recently in about November 2006. It is the next level up from Corporal Punishment (beating children at school). It involves Cadets of all forces (Air Training Corps, Army Cadet Force, Sea Cadet Corps) going around school or any public event that needs security. They go around in their DPMs (Disruptive Patterned Material) with a cadet general purpose rifle, a pistol and one grenade per week, with webbing and supplies when patroling. When they are not on duty they carry their pistols with them at all times, even in airports through the security gate. Whilst patroling, or not patroling, they spot out for bad behavior and take action, either by shooting them or beating them. They are allowed to kill one person per week without trial, and one person per month for no reason whatsoever. Because most Cadets hate Chavs (except the Army Cadets, because most of them are Chavs), Britain's population of Chavs will soon decrease. The Cadets as Sergeant Punishers are highly respected. And oh yeah if any of you will be thinking you can take our firearms from us and shoot us, that will be impossible, they are biometric, only we can use them. We are highly trained in survival skills and all forms of hand-to-hand combat. I cannot wait until it comes into force and it will be great for Britain.

TMK ProductionsTM 

This is my media i came up with in November 2006, currently i have one offical TMK Production (Jumping Off Trampoline Onto Garage, Youtube) The logo is pictured. I am in production with another movie, called Silent Assassin, it is about the assination of a Soviet General but it does not go according to plan. This is for my Media Foundation Production at school. Watch this space, should be on Youtube before the end of March.

UPDATE 19th April 2007: It will be on Youtube within the next few days.

The ChiggabooTM

This is a creature I invented on Benetton Play originally. See picture. It was supposed to be a cow. I started saying the word Chiggaboo so I decided to name it that. But recently I typed it in on Google and I come up with the dictionary definition on Urban Dictionary and it means any person that is not Chinese but is in love with Chinese people. Strange but true.

Kinkle's Ltd.

Kinkles Ltd is my fake company i made up in 2003. it is this huge company like Walmart but it does Logistics, Distribution, Commerce, and Media. It has its huge headquaters campus in Kinklesville (My fake Metropolis) which has hundreds of amenities, like a small city, within a city itself. Anyway it is a huge company with 1000's of vehicles: Cars, Trucks, Ships, Aircraft, and can do any job you need.

Interesting Things/Trivia

If you type Kinkle or The Mighty Kinkle in on Google, practically all of the things are me

I invented The Fart Logo in 2003 and it is in the middle of the TMK Productions logo.

TMK Productions is my Media Company I invented recently in November 2006.

On nearly everything I do, I write: , , and sometimes Pat. Pend. Even though I do not actually have real copyrights against them.

I have joined: Bebo, Myspace, Benetton Play, Youtube, Gamespot, IGN, Google Earth, And Many More

I absolutely love Nintendo, and think Sony & Apple/Macintosh are GAY.

I am ranked 25th out of 19869, Items:6053 on Benetton Play.

I want Sargeant Punishment to come into force.

On The Simpsons episode where Bart becomes Nelson's friend, they go to the beach on a school trip and Principal Skinner says Look at The Mighty Winkle, huh huh, it rhymes with Kinkle and I am The Mighty Kinkle. Im Famous.

I have movies on Youtube.

On Benetton Play me and my brother have the record of the Freestyle rap with the most replies (40)

Kinkle's Ltd. used to be called Kinkles Trade back in 2003, when it was first invented.


Kinkles Ltd & TMK Productions 2007 All Rights Reserved

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