Some RAF Pictures 1957-59.

Some RAF Pictures 1957-59.



Anyone alive out there?

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A little about myself. And Pictures from RAF West Kirby, Yatesbury and Topcliffe.


My name is Gerald Finlay. I was deferred from National Service because of college,

 and was called up in July 1957 at the age of twenty one. My first port of call was good 

old Cardington where I and many others  got our first taste of military life.

After being kitted out with uniforms, and having had various lectures I was dispatched to                                 

 RAF West Kirby for Square bashing etc.

I think West Kirby was probably one of the better training camps for the Royal Air Force.

 I survived okay.

                   West Kirby Pictures.                     


                     Anybody there?  I am on back row Extreme right.


Anyone remember the Meteor at the camp entrance?


 Passing out parade 1957.

1957 was the year of the Asian Flue epidemic. I think I was the only guy on camp who didn't catch it.

 I had a very comfortable break from hostilities for about a week.


                                                                                                                 Our Training Team.

I remember the Hospital at West Kirby was considered to be one of the best military hospitals in the country.

It was a good  job it was large, because most of the camp had to be admitted with the dreaded Asian Flue.


                                                                 Two Yatesbury BODS...  

After passing out from West Kirby I was dispatched to RAF Yatesbury for electronics training.


                                                                    Some inmates of X4 All Crazy.

I was then posted to RAF Topcliffe in North Yorkshire where I worked in the 'Air radar/wireless flight'.

RAF Topcliffe  was a navigator training school. The aircraft at Topcliffe were Varsities-Vallettas-Marathons

 and the good old Vampire Jets.  

        A Motley crew at Topcliffe (We kept the Vampires flying) 

       Anyone recognise themselves ?


The Electronics Boffins at Radio Service Flight--RAF Topcliffe. 1959. Yours Truly centre back.


Yours Truly with a Varsity Just in from Malta.


After my two years were up I went back into electronics. 

This was an interesting time as electronics was moving forward a-pace. 

I returned to college for further study, and in 1969 I  changed direction

and went into Medical electronics engineering. 

I worked as a senior engineer in that profession until I retired in 2000.





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