How to Sell Gemstones

The Concise Guide To Becoming An International Gemstone Dealer

How to Become An International Gemstone Dealer

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How to Become An International Gemstone Dealer, WITHOUT previous experience and NO Start-Up Capital! Nada. Zilch. Zero!

The Online Entrepreneur's Guide to Selling Gemstones!



The NEW Edition Gems Report for Social Media Marketing & Prospecting!

A Special Report by International Gems Broker Anthony J. Namata Presents... The Home-Based Business Opportunity NOBODY Knew Existed!! In just minutes you could be on your way to starting your very own Gemstones e-Business from scratch --  right here, right NOW -- and begin trading Diamonds, Ruby, Emerald, Tanzanite and much much more from the comfort of your own home with our very own EXCLUSIVE Social Media Network, bringing you events and gem finds as they happen directly to your mobile phone via WhatsApp & Instagram!

Dear Friend,


For the very first time ever, an industry that has until now remained accessible only to those privileged few within the trade, is now available as a work-from-home opportunity to those bold enough to get their hands on a NEW digital product that will show you How to Become an International Gemstone Dealer.


Product Description


This is a special report that shows you how to sell gemstones -- without previous experience, from the comfort of your own home. It can also be described as an ideal non-MLM business opportunity that enables you to set-up in business as an International Gemstone Dealer where knowledge about stones, as in being able to identify them individually, is important but not an absolute ESSENTIAL. Our objective here is to teach you, at your own pace, how to earn lucrative commissions as an online broker, dealing with 27 different types of minerals:


1.         DIAMONDS

2.         TANZANITE

3.         GOLD

4.         AMETHYST

5.         ALEXANDRITE



8.         BLUE SAPPHIRE

9.         SAPPHIRE


11.       ZIRCON



14.       RUBY SEMI GEM

15.       RUBY GEM

16.       PERIDOT

17.       GREEN GARNET


19.       AQUAMARINE



22.       EMERALD




26.       IOLITE



This is just the beginning! I will also show you how to set-up in business from anywhere in the world, from scratch, without experience, and with absolutely no start-up capital. I will show you how to gain the competitive edge to build a lucrative, ongoing business. It is so easy, anyone can do this!


Table Of Contents


In this report I will also cover;


  • Introduction
  • How to Start
  • List of Stones
  • Direct Mail Sales letters
  • Advertising
  • A brief overview of stone terminology
  • Pricing
  • Testing the waters
  • How to reach a master dealer
  • Travel shop & Carry

Can I really travel shop & carry? Did you know you can travel to the heart of mineral country and buy at rock bottom prices? Exactly how to do this is revealed in the report.

  • Where to find gemstone mines
  • Gemstone trekking expeditions
  • Export formalities,
  • Collecting samples

Can I really collect samples? Did you know you can collect valuable samples (the genuine article) from suppliers to show to your prospective buyers - absolutely free? This report will show you how to do this.

  • Buying cut stones
  • Where to find Books on gemstones
  • Negotiating your commission
  • Collecting your commission
  • In Conclusion, I will Connect you to my cousin Moses, a gems dealer who travels extensively around Tanzania collecting stones for his clients, and the deal is--with this report--I bring him on board to give you a bird's eye view of all of his fascinating activities so you get to see the merchandise as he discovers it on the ground, with images and information thrown up on Instagram & WhatsApp in real-time... AND you can buy or broker your deals through him. 

I have been a gemstone broker for many years and I have traveled extensively around the world. With this report, I bring you the experience I have gained in this field in one comprehensive package that covers everything from advertising to collecting your commissions. Not only will you benefit from the resources I have listed herein, you will have a ready-made business with a clear path, devoid of all the pitfalls associated with starting a new business with limited funds and little or no experience.

Can I test the waters before I get started?  Yes you can. Did you know you can start this business without going in through the deep-end? This report reveals the best way to play it safe and still be successful.


What I'm going to show you is what works. Full stop!


I started out with zero capital, and I will show you how you too can do this from the comfort of your own home:  with just a computer, NO capital, but well equipped with tried and tested tools to work with. With the vital information at your fingertips, you'll be off to a good start in no time.  I will not brag about how much money I've made, that has all been done before, every sales letter these days is laced with income testimonials to entice you. Well, I'm not going to do that. But I will tell you this: It doesn't cost anything to connect people, and yet the rewards can be quite phenomenal.


Do I Need to Advertise?  Word of mouth and researching online is good enough, but you've got to know how to do it, that's where this report comes in handy. And if you still want to run adverts... are you aware of the best places to access and be on worldwide newspapers simultaneously - under one roof? Most search engines don't list this. All will be revealed in this report.


The buying market is out there. I will show you how easy it is to connect with suppliers and to prospect for buyers. It may sound like rocket science, but it isn't.  It really is very simple, and it can all be achieved at little or no cost to you. The digital revolution (and the internet) has made it all the more easy to trade. When I started out, we only had the telephone and the fax machine! Imagine the possibilities today?


It gives you a unique opportunity to earn as you learn. Yes, it can be done!


There is a great demand for bricks and mortar home-based-ventures. This digital product may well be your ticket!


For just US$28.95 not only do you get to learn the secrets to becoming a successful international gemstone dealer... you also gain FULL ACCESS to our NEW and EXCLUSIVE Social Media Network on your handset with WhatsApp & Instagram!!!


This UNIQUE report and social media connection is worth a lot more because it is the ONLY one of its kind in existence, and furthermore, what you will learn from it can fetch you thousands of dollars.


How do I Collect my commission?  Not only will you get to earn VERY lucrative commissions in this business, you may also collect your commissions from both the buyer and the seller. We will show you how to collect a cut from both ends. Buyers & sellers will be more than willing to pay you! It's all in the technique. All will be revealed in the report.



Marketing gemstones and making money in the process is really quite simple IF you know how. Today, you are just one step away from turning gemstones into a lucrative non-MLM home-based business.


Here's what people have to say about The Gems Report...



I found your report very informative. I've been stock-piling gemstones over the years (which I couldn't push), your report has helped enormously. Thank you.


Jason D (USA)


Not only did I enjoy reading your report, I found your spirit of sharing amazing. Keep up the good work.


Loraine C (Netherlands)



I enjoyed reading your report. I learnt a lot from it. I have access to stones out of Africa, and now I know how to sell them!


Mohammed K (Tanzania)



I was searching for home-based business opportunities via the search engines when I came across your site. I'm glad I did. I was looking for a unique product, your report delivers all of that and more.


Margaret L (USA)

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Anthony J Namata

How to Become An International Gemstone Dealer

The Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Gemstones


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