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My exhibit is a 1 hour show and tell of the many different ways of how things get fossilized,with examples from my own collection. There is a 5 minute slide show of different collecting areas and trade shows etc.I also bring along a binocular microscope that the kids can veiw amber with insects in it or a carbonized insect. My exhibit fits into the grade 4-6 curriculum and the kids are spellbound by the interesting and beautiful fossils. The kids may touch the fossils but not pick them up just in case they were to fall.                             
I have set up my fossils in the Library or the gym or even in the classroom if there is enough space. Also I have enough fossils to fill 4 - 7 foot tables, and if you could let me know if you have a projection screen that would be great if you don`t have one I have one that I can bring.
 New Pricing effective 9/15/15 
For 7 years my exhibit fee has all ways been the same price but with the ever increasing gas prices and wear and tear on my vehicle my fee is now the following.
My fee is $85 per classroom size of 30 students ,and if out of  London there is a gas mileage charge that works as follows, .30 cents per km return trip starting from my address on google maps to your address return trip in kms

Fossil Display At Pond Mills Library

When I have some free time ,I sometimes put in a display for a Month for the London Public Libraries due to all the support given to my fossil program over the last 14 years.
Shown in the picture are my friends Sarah and Doug at the Pond Mills Library In London Ontario.