The Ferret Hotel

boarding and advice Given

Due to the destemper out break(not here) we now ask all ferrets that want to stay at the hotel should be vaccinated, and proff will be needed with the ferrets vaccine card, and thats for each ferret, we hope you understand, but to meny ferrets have lost there lifes over the last two years to this.


Hello and welcome to The Ferret Hotel.

We have been caring for ferrets for about 18 years now and decided to open a hotel. As when friends of ours were going away and would ask us to look after them. We now have many people coming back each year to board their ferrets. We take in small or large groups, all the ferrets get play time in the yard. We also offer bathing and nail clipping. We get very busy now in the summer time, so please if you would like to use us book when you know your dates. we do also have no problem if you would like to come a visit us before you deside to use us.

We are a family of 3, we have between us 85  ferrets,there is my nana, dad, mum, me(clare), . We have up to over 160 ferrets in our care in the summer time, with our own and boarders that we care for. Ferrets have turned out to be a big part of my life and they bring us as a family closer together and naw we spend more time as a family with the ferrets, doing p.r and ferret shows.

There are many people out there who have been told ferrets are nasty and smell. Please don't listen to others. Go and look at a ferret and make your own mind up. Ferrets are just the best.

The best way to see if you will like ferrets is to go and visit an owner who will let you handle their ferrets, or go to a ferret club or show. You may be surprised just how many clubs there are about. We are associated with the "Ashfield Ferret Club" which is based here in Nottingham. But there are many more clubs out there and rescue centers that will be more than happy to help you with any questions you will have.They will also let you hold and play with them so you can see if a ferret is the right pet for you.

Street map of were we live. If you need a more detailed directions please ring.




This is Spritz, he's my half angora hob, he's very handsome and he knows that.



By owning a ferret, you are responsible for their health, quality of life, training, and interactions with people and other animals. This takes time, patience, a financial commitment, and lots of information.


You can e-mail me, Clare, at

Or John at

Or give me a ring at 0115 8548783

please ring only at time's shown

Pick up and Drop off time's

9:00am-10am and 6:30pm-8:30pm

Last updated 20th March 2012