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Remembering Summer

Posted by Fluffy on January 12, 2013 at 8:40 PM

At minus 28 with a good foot and a half of snow cover on the ground, it is hard to think about summer. In this land, there are 4 distinct seasons: slush, construction, not much time til it freezes and winter. Because it can get so cold, animals only go into survival mode in winter. They try to eat enough to generate warmth and they sleep. During extreme frigid conditions , tender animals, like goats and chickens, may not eat enough and become sadly undernourished, then they cannot generate enough heat to keep themselves warm. 

But today, the green pastures, tall trees, wild flowers, sun ripe berries, and warm air pictured in my mind, bring memories of summer; days that are long into the early hours, days that are sweet smelling and full of the humm of insects busy pollinating our food souces, days or running in the bush with the dogs, days of hot sun on fresh faces. It is good to remember these days, especially today, when the cold chills the bones of all who dare to challenge it. Winter is beautiful, with white jewelled trees covered with snowy gowns, clean pristine meadows crisscrossed with the tender footed deer tracks, and crisp air that bites the nose. How beautiful the Creator made this world! How amazing are the seasons? Ah, summer...

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1 Comment

10:26 PM on January 13, 2013 
That description of the seasons is priceless and I am sure the local Chamber of Commerce will not be considering to use it to entice tourists to the area. If it was possible to feel sorry for the goats and the chickens I certainly would. The animals with the heavy winter coats will be happy with the extra food rations and the human can put an extra log on the fire and blanket on the bed.
Oh for the vivid mind and it's ability to transport us to a better time and place. Thank you Lord for your blessings and that you have given us a fluid mind that binds us.


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