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My How Fast They Grow

Posted by Fluffy on January 11, 2013 at 7:00 PM

The puppies are 5 months old. They were small for their age when they arrived, but it appears that they were not fed well if fed at all. They would eat the grain that I gave the ducks and chickens. I suspect they learned to eat grain from the sheep they were born with, because they were hungry and had no offers of other food. So, they were not as big as Maremmas should have been, but they appeared healthy in all other ways. 

They also had no human contact since they were born, but it does appear that if a human did speak to them, they ran away. Finally, yesterday, Jenna, the shy one, no longer ran from me when I called her. Jade has been coming for a month now, but not Jenna. Jenna also barks indiscriminately, so I suspect she is still unsure of herself. She will bark at something she hears even when no other dog is barking, when she should be following the big dog's example. Jade does. She sits and watches Harley. If Harley does not bark, neither does Jade. Last night, Jenna was barking at whatever and would not stop. I told her 'no' and she looked at me, ran the other way and continued to bark. I finally took the broom to her, not to hit her, but to give her the message to stop. I did not even make contact with her bottom, but she did finally quit and went to lay down with the rest of the pack. I would never strike a dog anyhow, but I am glad she thinks I might and that got her attention. 

So, with good food, clean, fresh water, and lots of pets and love, the puppies are flourishing. Finally they both come when they are called and they wag their tails non stop. They prefer to sleep outside on the straw instead of inside in their houses. I suppose that thick fur of theirs is adequate to stay warm. They do not even curl up unless the wind is blowing. I tried to pick each one up yesterday and I bet they weigh at least 40 pounds or so each. They sure are growing quickly, but have not yet lost that cuteness of a young pup. So adorable, my little girls. Sweethearts!

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