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A Visit From a Nice Man Today

Posted by Fluffy on January 8, 2013 at 8:15 PM

Thank goodness there are those in this world who care deeply about animals and take matters into their own hands when they know animals are suffering neglect or abuse. 

Today, while just putting on my boots to go to town after finishing the last of the chores, there was a knock on the door. I bid the person to come in and he opened the door. Donning my last glove, I said hello. I could see he had an emblem that I was familiar with on his coat. He quickly explained that the SPCA had gotten quite a complaint about me and the farm and that he was obligated to investigate. The poor fellow drove all the way out from Edmonton as it seems there is no officer working this far north. 

So, I left the truck running and began the tour for him. I did not want to miss a thing. We started with the horses. He petted both Willa and Zeb, observing that they seemed in great shape. I told him that the farrier had just done their feet and also said the same thing about them, as well as remarked on their quiet demeanour. Our next stop was the ram lambs. We observed the lambs, fresh hay in the feeder, fresh straw in their shelter and clean water to drink. The goats showed the same treatment as well. We observed the new baby piggies and the doeling who is keeping company with the new Flemish Giant buck. I explained that the does got out through a hole that the dogs may have created and met their demise. He could see I as upset by that and told me that on a farm with many animals, there will be casualties no matter how diligent we are. 

We looked at the chickens and noted that they sure appeared strong and healthy. I did tell him that during the cold snap a few were lost as well as two ducks. I guess we were fortunate, because many had losses during that very frigid spell in December. Onto the ducks and geese, we noted that they had fresh green hay on the pen floors and were busy chatting to one another in their quacky language. There was clean water in all the pens. The final stop was the sheep pen with the large white breeds and dually noted were the fresh hay and water and new straw in their shelter. 

The officer was very pleasant and said that if all farms were run as well as The Fat Ewe, he would be out of a job. Then he was off to the next call. At first, I was upset. I understand that people do not like change or others who do not follow standard procedures. It frightens them. The Fat Ewe is run a little differently than some farms. The ruminents only eat hay, no grain. The water is hauled in buckets and hay is forked over to the animals to promote physical interaction daily. The animals are calm and friendly, as I showed him when I petting Karin llama and rubbed noses with her. If only those who had complaints dared to come to the farm and speak to me face to face, their perceptions of how it is run would vanish and they would be assured all is well here. I allowed my anger to dissipate and resolved to work even harder to dispell negativity in my life and be grateful for people, even those I find it harder to understand. I thank the Creator for my blessings and for people who love animals enough to look out for their safety. Amen!

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