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Baby Piggies are Home

Posted by Fluffy on January 6, 2013 at 7:20 PM

The two little piggies, born at mid October, are weaned and eating solid food on their own. They are not too shy, but in their new digs, they were hiding. They have never seen a dog, let alone 5, so that was something to be afraid of. Hopefully, the dogs will leave them alone. They are in the pen that they broke the wire to get the rabbits out, but I have fortified the problems with logs and a straw bale. Tomorrow I will get some plywood to cut a low wall so the problem is not an issue and will not be in the future. 

I had been saving some vegetable scraps for the little guys, brother and sister, and mixed with some dog kibbles, it will provide and interesting meal since all they have been fed is some whole grain. Pigs can actually die of malnutrition if that is all they are fed. Fortunately these little ones are strong and healthy. In another week, two other piglets will join them, Tamworth/Yorkshire crosses. The two that arrived today are high percentage Berkshire. By spring they will be large enough to rototill the sheep pens for me, yay. I am fortunate to be able to collect food from a restaurant for the pigs, so their diet will be varied and healthier. My major concerns raising them before were fencing and feeding. Now one of those is addressed so I have only to work on proper fencing so they can begin to clean the underbrush in the bush. Good little piggies.

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