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The Turkeys are in the Freezer

Posted by Fluffy on November 17, 2012 at 1:25 AM

Try as I might, I could not like the turkeys. They stalked me, tried to get in the windows and the door of the house, flew on cars and on top of the roof, would not go into their coop, oh I could go on and in the past I have, but today, with gratitude and apology, I offered my thanks to the birds as I waited our turn at the processor. Some of the turkeys had not grown very much, girls, I suspect. Three were about 18 pounds, but the smallest was only 8. 

Economically, the store bought birds are cheaper. Each turkey poult cost $20.00. Mortality rate is fairly high for turkeys because they really need a mother to show and teach them things, like not to stand outside looking at the sky in a terrible cold rain storm. More than once I had to carry them one by one into their shelter. The processing for 8 poults, 2 died as little ones, one from pneumonia due to standing in the rain instead of staying inside and the other because it had deformed legs. The seller should have noticed, but neither she nor I did until a week after the birds were home. Turkeys need different food too, which costs more. So, $200. to buy them, and $100 to process them, plus feeding and the resulting 8 birds were at least 40 dollars each. I won't be raising turkeys anytime too soon again, unless I kept them penned in an area that I do not have to deal with them. Now, I do not find myself rushing to cook one either. I see their faces looking at me and I am sorry that I raised them to die. What a farmer I make!

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