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The Turkeys are in the Freezer

Posted by Fluffy on November 17, 2012 at 1:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Try as I might, I could not like the turkeys. They stalked me, tried to get in the windows and the door of the house, flew on cars and on top of the roof, would not go into their coop, oh I could go on and in the past I have, but today, with gratitude and apology, I offered my thanks to the birds as I waited our turn at the processor. Some of the turkeys had not grown very much, girls, I suspect. Three were about 18 pounds, but the smallest was only 8. 

Economically, the store bought birds are cheaper. Each turkey poult cost $20.00. Mortality rate is fairly high for turkeys because they really need a mother to show and teach them things, like not to stand outside looking at the sky in a terrible cold rain storm. More than once I had to carry them one by one into their shelter. The processing for 8 poults, 2 died as little ones, one from pneumonia due to standing in the rain instead of staying inside and the other because it had deformed legs. The seller should have noticed, but neither she nor I did until a week after the birds were home. Turkeys need different food too, which costs more. So, $200. to buy them, and $100 to process them, plus feeding and the resulting 8 birds were at least 40 dollars each. I won't be raising turkeys anytime too soon again, unless I kept them penned in an area that I do not have to deal with them. Now, I do not find myself rushing to cook one either. I see their faces looking at me and I am sorry that I raised them to die. What a farmer I make!

Beltsville Small White Turkeys

Posted by Fluffy on October 10, 2012 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

The turkeys are growing up, finally. They are two different ages, a month apart. It is still possible to tell them apart by size because of course the older ones are larger. It appears of the 8 turkeys, 5 are male and 3 female, boo hoo. The male turkeys are agressive with the roosters on the farm and they often fight. An unusual aspect of turkey mating though, is that the tom turkey displays himself hoping the hen will allow him to breed. It is the hen that has the last word in that. If she is not interested she will not squat for him and simply walks away. They are slow growers too. At approximately 4 and 5 months old, they are not quite big enough to eat. Anyhow, these are not for dinner; they are breeding stock and hopefully will produce many little turkeys that they will take care of themselves. One thing I love about a broody momma is that the trouble with heat lamps and temperature, as well as feeding, is all managed by the moms. Hopefully, I will not have to hatch any eggs and the hens will do all that work naturally for me.

Now, are the toms beautiful or ugly?

Turkeys, Turkeys, Turkeys

Posted by Fluffy on September 1, 2012 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (0)

My goodness! I sort of like turkeys. They are interesting because they are very curious, but I do not like them following me around. I have to hide from them at times, like when I go to the bed and breakfast house, or they sit on the front step or porch waiting, and you know what turkeys do when they sit and wait. Their reminders are everywhere and I am not so pleased about that. 

They were on my daughter's car, the only time she was not so enamoured with them, but otherwise she loved them because she could pick them up and pet them. They were on the John Deere lawn tractor (so I turned the seat up, yuk!). There were in the huge elm tree, way up near the top. They were at the front door, in the dog house, on the hoop coops, on my workbench, in the ducks' night shelter, well; they were everywhere! And so are their reminders. Boo!

A Day on the Farm

Posted by Fluffy on August 19, 2012 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

The little goat made it through the night, but she has a long way to go to recovery. She is paralyzed on her lower jaw, likely blind in the right eye and her right ear droops. That whole side of her face is out of commission. She got another set of shots this morning and electrolyte solution, then later milk replacer. When I went to give her the night bottle, her tummy was very full. Perhaps she is able to nurse from her mother? She is very thirsty and seeks water but cannot drink because of her jaw. I think her tonue only half moves as well, but she can swallow. It is a 10 day recovery from listeriosis and only 30% survive. 

Let's see...we had chickens in the dog house which is now the cat house. The kittens found the basket I installed in the tree to keep them away from the dogs. The sick little goat was happier with her herd, though she cannot play. I finished a goat feeder. It is rather crude, but none the less, it will work just fine. I want to get 4 wheels so I can move it around since the sheep do not stay in one pen forever. I will make a smaller version for the goats. Right now it is almost midnight and the coyotes are outside the farm gate to the south. I have two dogs inside, because Robbie would jump the fence. He is only a year old and not vaccinated for rabies, so I would just as soon not have the dogs get into a coyote fight. The rabies shots are 90 dollars per dog here, but I did find one vet who would give me a bit of a break to 70 dollars each for all 5 at once. Still, that is a lot of money, yet, they are the forefront protectors and I am responsible for their health. 

And that is today on the farm. Whew!

Oh, and as usual, the turkeys did not want to go to bed. Silly twits.

Turkey Stalking

Posted by Fluffy on August 14, 2012 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

OK, Maybe I am getting a little paranoid, but these turkeys must think I am their mother or something. They follow me wherever I go to the point of being totally annoying. They jump up to sit on the sill and look in the windows of the house to see me. I do not feed them except outside in their feeder and I do not pick them up or cuddle them or anything strange like that. They just follow me around. Turkey stalkers....hmmm.

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