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The Carsons Carry On
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Bring Maddie Home.


I will start off by saying thanks for visiting my site, and of course, welcome. I'm Sammi, and of course, I am addicted to Sims, which I guess you are too because you are viewing my site. Anyway this is my first webpage on my Sims legacy so don't be too harsh on me. Haha. At the top you will see the toolbar  that takes you to each page. I will update as often as I can and hopefully you can see the Carson family grow. I should probably mention that this is a matriarchy, so the women will carry on the Carson legacy. I was only allowed to have twenty pages on my other site, so I needed a new one. Enjoy! Anyone who knows anything about Maddie's whereabouts please call. She is so young and she deserves to be with her family. I pray for Madeleine and all those who love her. God bless Maddie.


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