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Rader at sentencing

During the sentencing hearing for BTK killer Dennis Rader on August 17-18, 2005, prosecutors had their only opportunity to demonstrate some of the evidence they had accumulated against him in open court.  Included were crime scene photos, graphic pictures of how BTK left his victims.  For those willing to see some of the photos available, you can do so by clicking the links below. 

Disclaimer:  these photos are of a graphic nature and you are advised not to view them if you are sensitive to such material.  Each photo is accompanied by an explanation of the crime involved.  The material is a matter of public record and is not intended to demean the victims in any way, but to demonstrate why Dennis Rader is entitled to the harshest sentence available at the time of the crimes, which was ruled to be 175 years to life in prison.

Thanks to web designer Anubis for allowing the use of the photos.  His work can also be seen on the Serial Killer Central site.

The murder of Joseph Otero
Joseph was strangled by Dennis Rader on January 15, 1974 along with his wife Julie and two of their five children.  They were the family members who happened to be home when he invaded their home at gunpoint.  Rader ordered everyone into a bedroom where he tied them up.  The idea was to dispose of Joseph first by tying a bag over his head.  Joseph fought by tearing holes in the bag, but Rader succeeded in strangling him afterwards by means of a ligature.  Photo looking into the Otero bedroom, Joseph is on the floor.

The murder of Julie Otero
Julie was the second victim to die.  Rader claims he had never strangled anyone before, and was surprised how much effort and time was involved.  His first attempt at manual strangulation didn't work, as Julie revived after a time.  The second attempt was successful.  She begged him to not kill the children and told him, "May God have mercy on your soul".  Photo of Julie on the bed, after being untied.  Photo of the bedroom, Joseph and Julie.

The murder of Joseph Otero II
Joseph was only nine years old when "BTK" Dennis Rader strangled and suffocated him in his bedroom. 

The murder of Josephine Otero
Josephine was eleven years old.  Rader first attempted to strangle her, then brought her to the basement of the home after she revived.  There he tied a noose around her neck and hanged her from a pipe in the basement. Partial photo. He then ejaculated over her legs and a pipe behind her.  Photo of Josie's bound hands.  The DNA he left behind was later matched to other BTK crime scenes and Rader himself.

The Vian bathroom

The murder of Kathryn Bright
Rader bound and stabbed Kathryn to death on April 4, 1974 after she heroically tried to fight him off.  She died in the hospital some hours later.  Her stab wounds.  Her brother Kevin survived despite having been shot by Rader in the head.  Kevin's wounds.

The murder of Shirley Vian
After invading their home on March 17, 1977 Rader put Shirley's three young children in the bathroom and then bound her up.  He told her he was only going to rape her and let her go.  He then proceeded to strangle her, and left semen on panties found next to her body.  Photo of Shirley's bound legs.

The murder of Nancy Fox
On December 8, 1977 Rader broke into Nancy's duplex apartment by a rear window and waited for her to come home from work that evening. He told her he was only going to rape her and tied her to the bed.  He then strangled her with a cord after revealing who he was.  He left semen on a nightgown that was found next to her body.  Photo of Nancy's feet.

The knotted pantyhose

The murder of Marine Hedge
On April 28, 1985 Dennis Rader broke into Marine's home, located on the same street where he lived with his wife and children.  Afterwards the 53 year old widow came home with a male friend while Rader hid in a bedroom closet.  He waited for the friend to leave and for Marine to go to sleep before strangling her manually in her bed.  Rader then took the body to his church, where he posed her for photographs in the basement.  He then dumped her in a roadside ditch and returned to a Boy Scout outing he was attending.  Knotted pantyhose was found near her body.

The murder of Vicki Wegerle
Rader posed as a telephone repairman on September 16, 1986 and entered Vicki's home that morning.  He then attacked her and managed to strangle her with a ligature after she desperately tried to fight him off.  Rader then posed her dying body and took several photos.  Photo 1Photo 2.  Photo of panty hose at neck area.

The mask

The murder of Dolores Davis
After slipping away from a scouting camp, Rader invaded Dolores' home on the night of January 18-19, 1991 by tossing a cinder block through a rear sliding glass door.  He posed as a criminal vagrant seeking food, money and a car before binding and strangling the 62 year old to death.  Rader dumped her body under a bridge before returning to camp that night.  He returned to pose the body and photograph it, leaving one of his masks on or by her face.


Dennis Rader in a grave he claims he had dug for Dolores Davis, wearing mask

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