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Joseph Otero, 38
January 15, 1974

Julie Otero, 34
January 15, 1974

Josephine Otero, 11
January 15, 1974

Joseph Otero, 9
January 15,1974

Kathryn Bright, 21
April 4, 1974

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Shirley Vian, 24
March 17, 1977

Nancy Fox, 25
December 8, 1977

Marine Hedge, 53
April 27, 1985

Vicki Wegerle, 28
September 16, 1986

Dolores Davis, 62
January 19, 1991

The Survivors

Daniel and Charlie Otero were 14 and 15 when their parents, sister and brother killed.  (KSN)

Kevin Bright was 19 when he was shot in the head  during Kathryn Bright's murder. (CNN)

Steve Relford was 5 when he witnessed his mother Shirley Vian's murder.  (CNN)

Bill Wegerle was suspected of murdering wife Vicki (center).  Daughter Stephanie was 9. (CBS)

The Evidence

Letter mailed to the Wichita Eagle March 17, 2004 containing pictures of the body of Vicki Wegerle

The BTK Signature

The PJ doll wrapped with a plastic bag tied around its head found in park Dec. 14, 2004

Cereal box found in pickup truck at Home Depot marked "bomb" January 8, 2005

Doll simulating hanging of Josephine Otero found in cereal box by rural road January 2005

Postcard mailed to KAKE-TV Feb. 3, 2005

The computer disk that was analyzed and traced to Dennis Rader's church.


Actual cords used in the Otero Murders


On August 18, 2005 at the sentencing hearing for Dennis Rader, surviving family members of the BTK victims were permitted to address Rader in open court to testify against him and his crimes.  They gave profound statements describing their feelings toward him and the impact on their lives.  The court decided to impose the maximum penalty on Rader allowed by law at the time of the murders:  175 years to life.
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State's Summary of the Evidence
The complete prosecution case against Dennis Rader (pdf)

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