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BTK Killer Dennis Rader born March 9, 1945  Height 5 feet 11 inches  Weight at arrest 190 lbs
Guilty of 10 counts of first-degree murder   Sentence 175 years to life

1st Grade

8th Grade

1962, age 17

1963 High School Yearbook

Air Force Photos 1966-70

Dennis Rader, Butler County Community College

Dennis Rader at ADT Security

Rader waking up


ADT Security 1970s

Early 1980s

Rader as Boy Scout leader

Rader in Scout uniform

Boy Scout Leader 1980s-early 90s

2000 Driver's License

2001 KSN Interview



 Compliance Officer

Busted, February 26, 2005



In court, June 27, 2005

Mugshot, 2005

Mugshot, 2009


Mugshot 2013 (Kansas Dept. of Corrections photo)

Mugshot 2013


BTK was once reported as having a gap in his front teeth by an eyewitness.  See photo.

Link to find Dennis Rader's prison description: Kansas Department of Corrections

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