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I Survived BTK (aka Feast of the Assumption - the Otero Family Murders)

UNSUB films, directed by Marc Levitz
This is a moving documentary film that chronicles the life of Charlie Otero, one of three offspring of the Otero family not murdered by BTK killer Dennis Rader on January 15, 1974.  Rader strangled the Otero parents, Joe and Julie, and Charlie's youngest brother and sister, Joey and Josie.  The film starts thirty years later in 2004 in the time period after the BTK killer starting sending communications to media once again after not being officially heard from since 1979, but before the identification and arrest of Dennis Rader as BTK.  With flashbacks to the 1974 crime, we are taken through the major events of Charlie's life as BTK is arrested, arraigned, pleads guilty and is sentenced to life in prison.  It is a strong story of a man who refuses to be destroyed by traumatic events in his life.  Most films about serial killers don't go much into the impact of the crimes on the surviving family members.  This film gives us a front row seat into a how a major crime affects an entire family and beyond, and one brave man's determination to prevail despite overwhelming events and obstacles.  It is genuinely interesting and insightful, and we recommend the film highly. 

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The Hunt for the BTK Killer

CBS made for TV movie (2005)
Filmed in the aftermath of the Dennis Rader arrest and sentencing, this TV film is interesting though partly fabricated in terms of real events.  It does give the viewer an idea of some of the basics of the case, focusing on the time leading up to Dennis Rader's arrest and subsequent sentencing to life in prison.  Gregg Henry plays a believable rendition of the real life Rader.  The detective characters are fictionalized, as are some circumstances of the case.  Rader is seen plotting and creating his bizarre packages sent to media outlets in a workshop at his house, even though his home had no workshop and not even a garage.  The film does move along and keeps one's attention throughout.  Was originally broadcast on CBS in October 2005 and is now available on video.
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B.T.K. Killer

Released on video only, directed by Ulli Lommel (2005)
Absolute rubbish, is currently one of the lowest rated films available.  Absolute waste of time, has nothing to do with the BTK case or anything else for that matter.  Cheaply made, poorly filmed, stupid throughout.  Total fiction and nonsense.  Please don't rent this video, should never have been made.
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Released on video only, directed by Michael Pfeiffer (2008)
While not as horribly made as "B.T.K. Killer", this is a largely fictional story "inspired" by the BTK case.  The events depicted are not necessarily related to what actually happened and the characters are fictionalized throughout.  Is receiving fairly poor reviews and isn't recommended as a good source of real life information on Dennis Rader or the crimes committed.
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